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Hiccup and Toothless VS. Hiro and Baymax

By Detkef
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these guys have a lot in common, so I wanted to draw them together... fighting because why not.

this was originally going to be streamed, but the stream made my PS lag so I decided to save in progress pics and make a tutorial instead.

you can find the tutorial for this picture here

Tutorial: my painting process by Detkef
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It's the crossover we all need

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Toothless and Hiccup would obviously win because TOOTHLESS CAN SUMMON AN ARMY OF DRAGONS

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Baymax can't hurt a living being so that means hiccup and toothless get's the upper hand. My vote goes on How to train your dragon.

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How hot is plasma again and how strong is beymaxes armor? Just askinhgsince toothles can schoot plasma wich traveles at a pretty good speed. Like i said just asking.
Go hiccup and toothles!!!
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Next time on Death Battle!
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this is so iconic
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Go Hiccup & Toothless!
(Even if I love Hiro and Baymax)
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I just Fell in love sooo hard. Thy are my favourite movies <3 U are a god of happiness
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Fudge!! This is a hard one!
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Do you plan on doing more crossover art between these movies? Because this is really awesome, I never would have thought of it. Great job on this.👏🖒👌
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I support the Death Battle between the two of them.
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This would make an awesome cross over! Go Toothless!!!! 
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that looks awesome looking so well done this.
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I never saw BH6 but I'm still voting for Toothless. Pew Pew fireball make Baymax ded.
Really like this art, all of it fits really well and the sun-lit wing looks really good on toothless
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I would have to vote for toothless on this one :)
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Just amazing. I forgot how to breath
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