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Fantasy animals lineup
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Published: January 5, 2016
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finished project from a character design class. Anthropomorphic animals with fantasy trope roles.
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DracoPhobosStudent Filmographer
Glad to see another hyeen out there~ 
also goatmage
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These are seriously-cool designs!
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DigiwipProfessional Digital Artist
I love'em all but the goat wizard is my favorite!
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are we going to see these in the comic? that would be cool
Detkef's avatar
DetkefStudent Digital Artist
No, not these characters. They were just for a homework assignment.
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JalapenostarkHobbyist General Artist
Gillar ljussättningen! 
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YAMATA12Student General Artist
woww I love the details
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Uh... excuse me he says, pushing his glasses up his head, these are fantasy humanoids.
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Dream332Hobbyist Traditional Artist
adjective: anthropomorphic
  1. relating to or characterized by anthropomorphism.
    • having human characteristics.
      "anthropomorphic bears and monkeys"
adjective: humanoid
  1. 1.
    having an appearance or character resembling that of a human.
noun: humanoid; plural noun: humanoids
  1. 1.
    (especially in science fiction) a being resembling a human in its shape.

couldn't they be classified as both?

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I go by the Disney definition. If it wears clothing, it is a person. If it does not, it is an animal. I would add language and tool use. Pluto once used a record player by using his tail as the needle, I don't think that counts though.
In Dungeons and Dragons your creatures would be called monstrous humanoids. Even animals risen to human intelligence but retaining animal form were reclassified as magical beasts. The point being that however much hair you have, however long and sharp your nails and teeth are, however beastly seaming something is, people act one way and animals another. Beings that talk, wear clothing, use tools, and above all else, reason, ARE NOT and CAN NOT be animals.
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Dream332Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So to you, an animal could be called anthropomorphic if, for example, they had hair and were wearing accessories such as a watch, but they still walked on all fours. Correct? But, then they would also resemble a human which is the definition of humanoid: "having an appearance or character resembling that of a human." Or are the only humanoid if they stand like humans and are as intelligent as humans.
IvanRostoff's avatar
Well no, anthropomorphic is the the two arms two legs head at the top walks upright form. It is possible for unthinking creatures to look anthropomorphic.
Anthropomorphic and humanoid are not prerequisites for being intelligent.

On the other hand if a dog puts on a watch looks at it and goes oh my God it's two O'clock already I'm late for my dentist appointment jumps in a car and drives away it is no longer an animal. It is the putting on clothing, taking in sentences, and driving a car that makes the dog not an animal.

Animals behave like animals. People behave like people. Shape is irrelevant to the matter
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Dream332Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, I see. Thank you for the explanation.
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ChaoswolfstoneHobbyist General Artist
they all look awesome.
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Kairu-HakubiHobbyist Digital Artist
Woohoo!  hmm I just heard what a hyenaman is called the other day.. there's a name.. I know the goatman is a polevik.. and.. who doesnt love lizardmen?  THese are ever so great.
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MonoFlaxHobbyist General Artist
This looks like it would fit in directly into the world of Kung Fu Panda. Great job!
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the-b3ingStudent Digital Artist
Great job! Love the details you rendered in.
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