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Desert fox turn around

also for character design class. My concept is a Fennec fox clad in mad max inspired outfit.

I am working on making it a maquette for the second part of the homework.
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I think this looks awesome some.
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great work the character looks amazing
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Hi, could I use this a as a ref for a commission, I want to make an image of these guys from a game called Stellaris… and your pic was as close as I could find to what I picture a full-body version of them looking like (albeit with more modern clothing, a pointier snout and more upright posture). The person I'm commissioning is a little worried about copyright and that sort of thing, so I wanted to leave a comment asking if I could use this for a reference?
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yes, no problem at all! Knock yourself out :)
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Thanks! The person I was going to commission bailed in the end, but if I ever get someone else to do it, then I'll let you know, but thank you. :)
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This looks really cool!
Nice! I have a question. With character turnarounds, is everything supposed to stay exactly the same? The pose is obviously static, but I also notice that the cape swirls are exactly the same in the middle two images. The edge on the character's left seems to 'swoosh' the same in the middle two, but not in the one on the right. Is that intentional/okay? How perfect is a character turnaround supposed to be?
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For animation purposes I would not have chosen such a complicated pose and clothing, but since I am making this a Marquette I get consistency by default, so the turn around doesn't have to be extremely accurate.
Thanks for replying!
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"Desert Fox", huh? kinda like the nickname that Rommel got in WWII?
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that is the coolest looking fennec-anything i've ever seeeeen
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it's really cool!! :D
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This character has a character (?
Love the colors Heart 
Good luck with your homework!
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Ah nice turnaround! Love the pose and serious feel of this character :D Mad max with anthro characters? I'd watch that! I'm actually insanely excited for the new one to come out tho ahhhhhh ;u;
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awesome looking fox.
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"Mad Fax" ? Bad puns >_>

Nice. I like how you stayed true to the fox's color scheme and the loose minimalist clothing works well. Also reminds me of a Roman Legionnare scout... Might be the skirt kilt thing and cape. Well done!
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