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April 5, 2015
A merry song by Detkef
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A merry song

Sleepless Espen circled and circled 
in mist and sprigs and stumps, 
a treeless bank where they had cut, 
for hulls, his favorite trunks. 

The branches Espen knew would rise 
dark smoke as once they raised 
to eat the sun, to drink the moon, 
and give a nut, give shade. 

Give heat they would now to men, the 
men and their wrecking deeds, 
who’d circle round some crackling birds 
to eat and drink and eat. 

Espen carried with him a box black 
with shiny silver studs and clasps. 
He opened this with thought to mourn 
but hot as the sting of wasps 

he burst, ”Damn this wooden fiddle, 
damn all the wooden things, 
damn  the builders and the carvers” 
and cut his fiddle’s strings. 

He walked and walked and walked until 
he sat beside a pine, 
the one remaining pine, and sat 
until he heard a whine, 

It was the crow in branches black, 
who had once bought some words 
with nuts and bugs in famine years. 
Awh, Espen,” whined the bird, 

“Give us a nut, give us a nut, ” 
but Espen shook his head. 
Awhawh, a nut, a nut, a nut ”
the crow said, hopping then. 

And Espen took a tiny stone, 
he cast it, but cast wrong. 
The crow moved not a step, then said, 
“A song, awh, song, a song, ”

and Espen lifted his slackened strings. 
The crow looked, tilted beak, 
and opened it, and closed, and jerked 
with a strange and harsh creak. 

The crow then flew down to 
the rock, and in his beak 
there was a silver thread so fine 
it barely seemed to be, 

and Espen took the strings, so cold, 
and wound and tuned them well. 
They gave a sound unlike, unlike 
and pure, uncomfortable. 

“Awh, awh, song a merry song, 
a merry merry squawk,
the crow then did demand. He put 
the fiddle to his neck, 

and raised his bow and played and played 
a merry swift song played. 
The crow with a flutter went up 
and there, quiet, he stayed. 

From bushes came the squirrels in pair, 
who’d lost their ancestral tree, 
they bounded up and stood hind legged, 
and danced and were merry. 

Then came the rabbits four with ears 
alert, who’s burrows trees 
once roofed. They paired and stood on hind 
and danced and were merry. 

Then came the scarred lone wolf who smelled 
sweet sweat of dancing beasts, 
who once had been his hunting there. 
He stood and danced so merry. 
(He was a sight to see!)

Then came the bear the fearsome bear. 
who once had marked the trees. 
He raised himself and roared, then bumbled
and took a paw and danced danced merry. 
(Oh what a sight, a sight to see! )

The crow was still up in his branch, 
and there a little shine 
in the pit of his little black and beady 
his strangely still eye. 
(Oh, what a sight to see.)

Poem by Joshua Hebburn


So I'm kind of making it official that I am indeed making a new webcomic. I have been developing and working on pages since January, and at this point I feel comfortable releasing some content about it.
The comic is based on a Peter Pan re design project I did for school last semester, but I ended up falling in love with the project, and mourning the fact that I lost interest and ended my previous comic Zombie Waffe, I'm very eager to start a new project.

The project was Peter Pan set in a Norwegian fairy tale setting, but since then I have changed so much with the plot and characters I believe I can break away from the fact that it's based off Peter Pan, while it still is a big influence overall. If you look though my gallery you can see my earliest development of the project.

I won't reveal much of the plot, but if you are interested in seeing more art and hearing more about this project as well as get notifications when the comic starts updating, please follow the comic's tumblr page here:

I am super excited to share this with you, and the comic is set to start updating in May, and will then update 3 times a week!

The lovely poem attached to this illustration is written by a good friend of mine, Joshua Hebburn. He is an amazing writer and he will be helping me write for the comic

Oh oh, the drawing is based of a illustration by Theodor Kittelsen, who is a big inspiration for this comic.


Comic is out now! Go here to read it:

If you can and want to, please like and follow the comic on these social media websites:

Twitter ----- Tumblr ----- Facebook

new page will be updated every wednseyday, Friday, saturday and Sunday!
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this is so beautiful. can I use it on youtube?

NewAbrahamicRepublic's avatar
Caught my eye, just had to click on it. A click well worth it. Boing! Boing! 
Fail-Seeker's avatar
Will this be in the comic? :excited:
PrincessAlayne's avatar
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SuperdragonFeuragon's avatar
awesome work. i love the bear in this.
Lunnika-Horo's avatar
Oh my God!!!! IT IS SO CUTE AND ADORABLE))))) Awesome kind art! =)
veyeone's avatar
so much talent
HakichoArt's avatar
It's magical. :)
jbmonge's avatar
Nice Mood Well done!!!:) (Smile) 
Bethyani's avatar
:happybounce: I just found your website that has the comic! I'M GONNA READ IT!!!:happybounce: 
KosmoKOYOTE's avatar
This is so wonderful! I love the moonlight and the way it sets the scene.Everything
is just so magical. The poem fits so well. Congratulations on the Daily Deviation.
Hazelgee's avatar
Wonderful! Such a lovely piece :)
TheFurryCosplayer's avatar
This is beautifully stunning :3 Instant fave >^-^< Got room for an otter to join in the dance?
ventimocha's avatar
What a masterpiece! The lighting effect is so dramatically realistic. 
RedRoronoa's avatar
Turned out incredible, story is a nice touch. Well done and congrats on the DD. :)
MissChibiArtist's avatar
This is beautiful~~! I love the atmosphere. So calming and peaceful. ~<3 And your painting is lovely!
OraTheRebelKitsune's avatar
Magical and wonderful pic! I love how ya did with dancing animals, especially with two foxes and a wolf XD
busik's avatar
Simply magical. I love the atmosphere, the colours you chose, but also the poses of the animals. I really gives good vibes.
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