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Jungle Tour Pt12 by ShoNuff44


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Character  Ember (Dethmetal)Character  Hula GirlLocation  Coconut Island
‘Once again, Hula Girl saves the day!!’

‘My hero,…’

‘I swear you are a Quicksand magnet,…’

‘Quicksand, huh? I thought it was just ‘a little mud’?’

‘I,.. ….’  *Scowl* ‘Didn’t you promise me a lava bath earlier?’

‘Yeah, that sounds pretty good right now,…’


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The August Patreon picture from :iconshonuff44: brings the muddy ordeal of Ember and Hula Girl nearly to a close,… with the girl emerged from the muddy quicksand and floating on Ember’s surfboard, seemingly safe and on the way to finally getting out of this ‘little mud.’ ;).

So after all that tension drama, and cliffhanging, it’s good to see the girls finally getting out, albeit in desperate need of a bath at this point. The mud coating on the two of them is just spectacular, so thick and gooey and oozy, as it clings to their lovely curves, showing off their forms quite well beneath it. I love that even covered in mud like that it is easy to tell who is who,… from the wider hips on Hula Girl, to the slightly bigger chest smooshed under Ember, to Ember signature hair tips curling out,… then having Ember holding her hair flower and Hula Girl her spear simply confirms it. And their expressions here are just great, when I saw those the dialogue above just sprang to mind, I hope others think it fits as well. The muddy quicksand bog around them continues to look magnificent and treacherous, I love the darkened churned up portions behind them to show their path through the muck, and just the expanse of the mire all around them, quite impressive. I really like how Ember’s surfboard ended up being their means of escape,… it’s almost like it was planned that way by someone. ;).

Things seemed to have calmed down, but this series isn’t over just yet. Stay tuned and find out what happens next. ;).

Yet another beautiful picture in this amazing series. Thank you very much, ShoNuff. :)

What do you think? :D

Artwork by, Hula Girl and Coconut Island belong to :iconshonuff44:
ShoNuff44’s Patreon:
Ember belongs to :icondethmetal: Please do not copy, use, reuse, repost, or redistribute without permission, thanks.

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SakiraRhyme's avatar

Haha! Quicksand Magnet, But they've gotten out of the mud! Nice! I love the stories where the girls survive! Again, love the mud's texture on the girls, and even their hair! Hula Girl indeed saves the day! Nice job by you and ShoNuff44! Keep up the great work!

Dethmetal's avatar

Well, quicksand does have a way of finding Ember it seems. ;). Glad to hear it, and yeah, the mud coating on them really looks great, so thick and gooey and heavy. Indeed she does, Hula Girl to the rescue. Thanks, I'm glad you like it. :)

To add insult to injury for Hula Girl and Ember, someone starts playing the song Wipe Out by the Surfaris.

Dethmetal's avatar

Lol. That would be insult to injury, though I think that suits an earlier picture in the series better. ;).

Wipeout by ShoNuff44
rambobrosreloadit's avatar

And they are out of the mud! :D. They may be exhausted from their ordeal but at least they're out of danger :). But it is true, underestimating that "Little bit of mud" was the main reason for this entire ordeal. But..........I don't think anybody is complaining ;). Another great piece from Sho. To see these two and how exhausted they were really shows the ordeal and struggle the two of them went through to get out. But this whole series has been a really funny and nice roller coaster from beginning to end. Great pic regardless :)

Dethmetal's avatar

Indeed, exhausted, but out of danger, and yeah, definitely more than 'a little mud', despite Hula Girl's earlier claims to the contrary, and it was indeed the cause of all this. ;). I'm certainly not complaining. ;). Indeed it is, and yeah, they do look really worn out from all this, that is for sure, which does show off all they went through. I'm glad you've enjoyed it. :)

rambobrosreloadit's avatar

Exactly it ;). Though I don't think she would admit that lol. Neither am I ;). It really does. And I did :)

LittleRed11's avatar
Dethmetal's avatar

Indeed, glad you like it. :)

They made it! it took them MONTHS to get out of that bog. ;-)

Awesome as usual.

Dethmetal's avatar

Haha, yeah, this series has been going for awhile, but they finally made it out. ;)

jurgenblue's avatar

And they are out at last, coated in mud, but out. Lovely look for these two, they both look really nice with that nice thick mud coat on them, and I do like how it seems like Ember has wiped the mud out of her eyes. You do also have a point, while they are coated in mud, you can clearly see that Hula has wider hips, while Ember has larger breasts, gives a nice difference between the two. Not to mention the drag in the mud ground and all the mud details on their stuff, truly a great pic. Not to mention the fun little banter these two have, Hula calling Ember out for always finding her way in quicksand, while Ember teasing her about how she claimed it wasn't a big deal, good thing these friends both ended up agreeing that a bad would be good, and oh boy do they need it ;). Great pic as usual man! :)

Dethmetal's avatar

Indeed, very muddy, but they are out, and it is a great look, and I think that is a nice touch to show that she wiped her eyes clean abit. Exactly, even covered in mud the differences between them in hip and chest size are obvious. The drag in the mud and all the mud details are really nice, and I'm glad you think so. Heh, I'm glad you like the banter I came up with, it seemed fitting, especially given the expressions, but yeah, no doubt both would want a bath after this, and yeah, they really need it. ;). Thanks, glad you like it. :)

jurgenblue's avatar

Indeed they are, and yeah, it's just a small, but fun little extra on her. Indeed, defiantly shows that they aren't just a copy of each other. Indeed they are. Indeed, it fits well with their personalities, but yeah, that's what they can at least agree on. ;)

What's that sports saying? "Let's hit the showers!"

Dethmetal's avatar

Something like that, and quite fitting here indeed. ;)

Angelissa's avatar

I heard mud baths are good for the skin, but these girls are overdoing it. ^^

Dethmetal's avatar

Heh, yeah, maybe a bit. ;)

Dethmetal's avatar

Yeah, Hula Girl and Ember are both fire-proof, and Hula Girl is know to take lava bathes.

Cool. Will we get to see the lava bath?

Dethmetal's avatar

Only time will tell. ;)

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