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[UT OC/Reference] Zero by DetectiveBlur [UT OC/Reference] Zero by DetectiveBlur
So uh, my tablet died again halfway through this and I had to finish it with a mouse; I hope it's not too bad. Anyway, I'm sooo sorry for taking so long with this, 13-Lenne-13 and FreckledDancho! ;v; I know you didn't rush me but I kinda took way too long and-
aaa '>,> sorry. For those who don't know, the idea was that we all have OCs named Zero based on the different Pokemon games, mine being Yellow.
So, about Zero. I decided not to give him any deep backstory cause I don't wanna overdo it with the 'sads'.. :D
Bullet; Yellow His real name is unknown and he is not willing to share it so he sticked to an old nickname he's been given. "Zero" as in zero shots missed. However, there's one person who he did miss. (shh no one else knows)
"What was his name...P...somethin'. I reckon it's been 6 years since then anyway. Only thing that bugs me is how my magic didn't affect 'im. The ol' man said it's not gonna hurt anyone who's a rellie but ya see, I've neva met that bloke b'fore. Eh, only time will show." how to aussie oml, i'm sorry if it's too bad
Bullet; Yellow His weapon is an electric-based sniper or a gun(still haven't decided) with special bullets. He mainly targets furry monsters since they are the easiest targets. The bullets release an electric shock after hitting their target. He has multiple sizes of those, some so small they will go unnoticed in any case. They are made of his magic and disappear after the shock, leaving no trace behind.
He also suspects that that weird skeleton monster got away because bones don't conduct electricy. But who knows. :^)c
Bullet; Yellow Personality wise, he's a pretty chill guy, a bit flirty on the edges even if he isn't interested in whoever he's flirting with. Likes horse riding. Things like that. Also likes quiet places but is a regular at the town's pub to tell shitty jokes. 

I'll probably add more later since I'm in a bit of a hurry right now :D did I mention how much I struggled with the color choices?
Music for inspiration.
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July 1, 2017
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