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Update and Future of the CG Account

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 10, 2016, 12:05 PM
Right So, Hi.

Now the last time we had a proper talk was what? Two ish months ago? 

That's not important! What is, is that I'm back and with Core  Tyime  and I just feel like now, I should really use the :icondetective-bat-dude: account. 

Now, if you check my page I am with :icontyime: for a few weeks now as we both have skype and what not! 

I have not a great past in all honesty ^^" I still kinda live up to the hatred! 

Art! Well, I have been practicing A LOT and I am improving and all Digital art has been by Tyime and she uploaded on my account because why not?

Crazy General has been shipped with Shyn. V…

And yes it's cannon and that's what he looks like.

A fucking teenager XD

I will now start making long story's but I will be honest, this year in school is going to be hard unlike last year were I had free time 24/7. I will be devoting my time to my lovely Girlfriend while trying to stay top in school and such so writing will be hard but art will be done as I am back in Art class and I'm getting help from, you guessed it Tyime.

I hope you all enjoyed your 3 months off school or more it depends and another year of the mad house and well : ). Looking forward to the hate I'm destined to get because it's so common. JK JK. Please don't hate me I'm just a mad guy who wants to succeed and actually get famous because writing is really hard. 

Another thing, I might change my name as I think people get me mixed up with my Character Crazy General

Crazy General |Pagedoll| |F2U| by Detective-Bat-Dude This is Crazy General

Evil but yet fancy by Cipher-Psycho            This is me.

I will address more on the name change later.

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September 10, 2016