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What Ever Happend to Science?

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 28, 2016, 5:39 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Well..... um......  JeRaid? Like....... It's really hard to explain, I was just looking around on DA and like Portal 2 came to mind and CG Labs.

Whhhhyyyy!!*Intense Stress*

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 24, 2016, 8:02 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Q_Q" *twiddles fingers *  Lack of content here is my big problem and I can't help it 'Three network ' have blocked most of the important things on Deviant art such as Submitting and etc. The story's that a promised aren't getting made because of School because I'm In 5th Year and next year will be my final school year so school for the first time is pressuring me and I don't like coming home so yea. I just... No one is commenting on what you want?! Like?! The stuff I do I'm guessing us what you want. If you read this you must comment. Please ;-;.

I'm sorry for the lack of content and I did have art made but --" it's gone destroyed I made art for our one month anniversary together last night but..... It's gone.

I'm also aware my age and name are public now so. Please don't call me by my real name unless I myself told you it. Also Personas, You can see me in my iconic paper bag or as AmiiCommissions draws me.

Crazy General

ShynDeath of the General Chapter 2

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 12:15 PM
Your Title - version 2.0


Shyn was in her bedroom reading a book called "Red Queen". She is sitting down beside on the carriers many window's wearing a yellow dress, Taylor her tail lying down beside her sleeping.

She had always pondered what life could be like if she didn't meet the General  that fateful night on the island, she didn't regret what they "Did" that night with that her and that Pegasus. But she is happy being queen of the most powerful and prosperous Empire's in Reality.

She was happy, she was a mother and a loving and devoted wife and always wanted to be with her Husband. 

After reading a few chapter's of her book she decided to see how Håkon was doing in his room and without further thinking she got up and proceeded to his room. 

The Royal Guards were greeting her as she walked such as "Hello my Queen" and "Ma'am" as such she was their queen after all and she was even to the Empire "Odd" as she was a demon but still the General loved her even with all her differences she was still perfect to him. As she got closer to Håkon's room she felt cold, she shivered and walked closer down the hallway as it got colder and colder till she was able to see her breath as a cloud and the hallways were darker than ever and she saw the shadow's and their white eyes gazing at the lifeless body of James.....


Update, Skype and more.

Wed Sep 21, 2016, 11:30 AM


I'm sorry for the lack of content as I mentioned in previous journals to why.

I'm busy with school work and life is stressing me out and I don't talk about my feelings so I don't do vent's.

Next. My art has improved apparently?


 Crazy General persona? by Detective-Bat-Dude
? by Detective-Bat-Dude


So yea, if you need help please contact me on Skype CGCrazyGeneral as DA I can't use often!! 

I also if I have time later will be doing a thing on OCs and how I make backstory's

~Crazy General 

Everyone has been unblocked as promised

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 16, 2016, 4:18 AM

Here' the list of all the people unblocked as promised


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Important Announcement.

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 13, 2016, 10:45 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


I want to address the lack of content on my account.

My Network provider "three" or "3" have recently updated their "Adult content automatic blockage system" and for some odd reason.

- Log in

Are all blocked on Deviant art.

Notifications well, I can't reply or even see anything, notes comments art I cant see them.

Searching art is blocked.

Uploading art is Pffft gone, I wanted to show you I was improving.

Settings, I promised I would unblock everyone and I can't now.

I'm sorry, I just needed to get it out.

I'm not ignoring anyone.

Crazy General

The Future Of This Account

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 3:42 PM

This account will only work if its community takes part.
Writing is a difficulty job I've asked a lot of people and they say a lot of the same things which is they can't write so like me giving weeks of time into a story and in return I would like feedback and support.


I'll be doing story's on this account and Ill put time and effort into them but I want you as a community to tell me what you want to read from me. If you have an idea tell me which I just want to say while I remember, two things actually, If you wish to do a Collaboration of a story just ask I'll help you word it and what you need to add and remove to get a real immersive experience because that's why I love reading I like feeling that I'm in the book, second, no idea is a stupid idea right? Express your opinion I won't laugh if you say 'Have a cat dress as a princess and have it fight against a ninja army' that's your idea and I'll help you with that.


I'm a traditional artist, but I'll upload maybe once a month to show I'm trying to improve and when I upload I want people to comment telling me if I'm improving or be honest, your art is shit burn it. Tyime will be doing the digital art I think it will three days? I'm not to sure, she's fast asleep in the call I'm in with her and I'm not going to leave her in case she has a night mare <3.
But hopefully its every three days she will upload here some Crazy General Trash

Now, I've changed a lot over the summer and the people I've blocked I'll unblock them when I can as if anyone who use's 3 knows that 'Settings, notifications and the fucking ability to log in' are blocked for some reason so I can't unblock anyone till I get to a Wifi hotspot. Please don't bring my past up like just don't I really don't like my old self I was very emotionless and I felt in charge.

I'm sorry for my past actions.

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50+ Watchers : T

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 10:45 AM

Wow, 50 + watchers in less than 24 hour's.

I don't really have any word's except

Thank you ;w;  

especially you Tyime  and your shout out 

<da:thumb id="633725432"/>

Thank you all, I will now try my best to upload story's and my attempt's at art, I think Tyime will be uploading Crazy General digital art here or anything related to him or just random art because her account I think is for specific styles of art so my account will be her trash account as she is.
CG TRASH |F2U| by Detective-Bat-Dude  Yes you may use this UvU

I will try to fit in story's onto my account and I might try to write my own guides to helping story's as I have much more different style to writing than what they teach you as I focus more on Sci-Fi and Military and I do long and I put a lot of work and detail into my story's as I love the idea of immersion and I keep the main characters a mystery in the story's so you feel like your in the world (s) of the CG Empire/ Conscripted Government of Martial Dictatorship of the Imperial systems.


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Update and Future of the CG Account

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 10, 2016, 12:05 PM
Right So, Hi.

Now the last time we had a proper talk was what? Two ish months ago? 

That's not important! What is, is that I'm back and with Core  Tyime  and I just feel like now, I should really use the :icondetective-bat-dude: account. 

Now, if you check my page I am with :icontyime: for a few weeks now as we both have skype and what not! 

I have not a great past in all honesty ^^" I still kinda live up to the hatred! 

Art! Well, I have been practicing A LOT and I am improving and all Digital art has been by Tyime and she uploaded on my account because why not?

Crazy General has been shipped with Shyn. V…

And yes it's cannon and that's what he looks like.

A fucking teenager XD

I will now start making long story's but I will be honest, this year in school is going to be hard unlike last year were I had free time 24/7. I will be devoting my time to my lovely Girlfriend while trying to stay top in school and such so writing will be hard but art will be done as I am back in Art class and I'm getting help from, you guessed it Tyime.

I hope you all enjoyed your 3 months off school or more it depends and another year of the mad house and well : ). Looking forward to the hate I'm destined to get because it's so common. JK JK. Please don't hate me I'm just a mad guy who wants to succeed and actually get famous because writing is really hard. 

Another thing, I might change my name as I think people get me mixed up with my Character Crazy General

Crazy General |Pagedoll| |F2U| by Detective-Bat-Dude This is Crazy General

Evil but yet fancy by Cipher-Psycho            This is me.

I will address more on the name change later.

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Elite [Pre Crazy General Laboratories Story]

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 14, 2015, 1:54 AM

The Elite.


The Empire has expanded beyond the borders of reality. Its infinite quest to conquer all of reality has brought the destruction of countless lives and planet’s and entire star system’s. Wars has broken out on the empire’s own worlds….When this start’s the Elite are sent in to ‘deal’ with the problem. The following events took place on Hercules 16, a small mining colony on the outskirts of the CG empire border line.


0543 Hour’s. 7526.

Planet: Hercules 16



The Drop ship was flying at an altitude of 5000 feet exactly, it was buzzing with the sounds of the Engines. It was a bumpy ride down but the drop ship held in one piece. The other Elite were sitting down checking their own ammunition and some of them were just passing the time by playing poker amongst themselves. The pilot said that we should be at the drop off point in 3 minutes. We came roaring down and the hatch opened. We jumped out, Sgt Mcree a Veteran from the first Human CG infantry, Cpl Verana and J the Silent twins who were part of the Shadow Division, then me Pvt first class frank. The four of us had a mission and we will complete our objective.


0621 Hour’s. 7526.

Planet: Hercules 16



We had set up camp in a small cave about 3 miles from the nearest settlement. It was early in the morning, the little town was so hard to spot even with 16X scope attached to the sniper. After we checked out supplies we went down the hill. We didn’t talk during missions but we knew we all had a mission to complete so we all knew what we were thinking. I was near the edge of a cliff when the floor gave in and I began to plunge, my gun’s strap was caught on a branch, Verana quickly grabbed me a pulled me up. Though I was thankful, she always gave me the chills, her helmet had a smiley face sprayed on to it and her brother had a sad face sprayed onto his. They never spoke to us only to each other.


0854 Hour’s. 7526.

Planet: Hercules 16



We were walking down a narrow road, we had become under fire just south of the town. We were whizzing between street corners and parked vehicles. We needed to find out who shot at us and were they got weaponry from. As we headed down the street was quiet, we saw the odd animal every so often. We had out M16’s at the ready, anyone armed or with a motive to kill us was to be put down.


1032 Hour’s. 7562

Planet: Hercules 16



As we made our way to a small warehouse we noticed some people loading some SPNKR Rocket’s into an armoured vehicle. A SPNKR Rocket could be used to take down a Phantom Drop Ship. We had our evidence that the planet was armed and was hostile to members of the CG Empire. We took some old warehouse parts and started bordering the building up. We were spotted which meant they knew where we were and they would be coming for us. After a short while of blocking all but one entrance which we lined with explosive’s we then piled up the ammo. Mcree then spoke ‘We need to prep up for combat, the Insurgent’s spotted us and they are coming to hunt us down we will fight to the last ounce of lead and steel, we have the ammo to tear them to shred’s, I radioed for air support and they responded with this “They are under heavy assault from Insurgent Battle Cruiser’s, This hole dam thing was a trap” so they knew we were coming. Verana take a window and pick of any one you see in your line of sight, twin’s guard the entrance and private stay with me near the radio’. I headed with the Sarge and began prepping for combat.


1142 Hour’s. 7562

Planet: Hercules 16



The armoured car’s smashed through the defensives only to be devastated by the explosives we lined. The twin’s tore through anyone who ran in bravely and dropped to the ground. Verana reported sightings of light armour approaching down the road. The wall exploded as a small tank drove in and started blindly shooting up the place with its 50 cal machine gun strapped to the barrel of the tank. I ran slid 2 HE grenade’s underneath it’s tracks. The Grenade’s went off and devastated the tank to scrap metal. More soldier’s streamed in nearly over whelming us. My M16 jammed leaving me to use a M1911 pistol which I rarely used. I then noticed that all my other squad member’s had reverted to hand gun’s as well as their weapon’s had ran out of ammo or jammed. I could hear the round’s in the gun empty as I fired upon the men who were charging me. CLICK as the pistol went dry….I threw the gun at the crowed and drew my Knife. I charged them and stabbed and sliced my way out of the crowed. Mcree was punching and kicking as they pulled him away, the twins were going mad with machetes and Verana had climbed onto the roof only to be shot by enemy snipers. I fell to the ground in pure and utter confusion.


1921 Hour’s. 7562

Planet: Hercules 16



I awoke to see hundreds of dead soldier’s scattered around the warehouse. It was pitch dark outside as the sun got blocked by the massive space station around orbit of Chiran 7. I limped over to the badly built M16 rifle covered in spray paint. I slung it onto my back grabbed a med kit and some ammo. I walked out into the empty street. The town was abandoned. I walked out and spent a few hour’s heading to the pickup point.


2132 Hour’s. 7562

Planet: Hercules 16



I arrived at the point and found the twins sitting down and just watching the sky above. I asked how they survived and they just stared at me. In that second and CG Battle Cruiser came out of Slip space. A Phantom Class drop ship whizzed to our location just when the cruiser bombarded the planet with plasma. I watched as the planet burned. I wondered if Mcree escaped. I was sent to AE to only hear that I had a broken leg and a collapsed lung. I was then told to take a 4 month break from military service till I healed. As I walked out Commander Rugnof stood there. ‘Pvt you have shown honour to the face of death. You held your ground against all odds. You have proven your leadership to me and when you return you shall not be a Pvt no more.’ He handed me uniform that was commissioned or Sergeants. I got the first drop ship home.


---- Hour’s. 7565

Planet: ----- Battle Cruiser Osiris



In the years that followed I had climbed the ranks and had been given the honour of being part Of Crazy General’s personal taskforce on the Cruiser Osiris. I led my men with honour as Mcree did before.



Prequel to  Crazy General Laboratories.






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