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Fluttershy Talking Snowdrop

Character  FluttershyCharacter  SnowdropLocation  Ponyville Equestria


Fluttershy: Snowdrop, Button mash, Rumble and Tender tap they just wanna helping you to Show Lightning dust and Go Super Snowboom Going to Fast Making Huge Tornado for overdo at 1500 Wing power That Too much for you, You Sparyed Snow and Ice all over Ponyville and delivering Cloudales overflow of Water from reservoir and Giant pile of snow  and you Almost Got Hurt We Happy your Saved.
Snowdrop: Well Fluttershy Reason is Tell  Button, Rumble, I'm Blind
Fluttershy: I know snowdrop, That You and I are how Hate Proforing just Before I did so is you but Let Twilight,Sunset,Rainbow Dash scolding those boys You don't have doing at I did That Tornado  But I can Train you.
Snowdrop: Really?
Fluttershy: Really indeed and your pet Coco Your Always Amazing Hearing. oh by a way you can have my old flight Goggle this for i did on Tornado power and I got Extra Goggle at will.
Snowdrop: Thank you fluttershy
Fluttershy: You're Welcome (Hug Each other)

Voice cast.

Ali Hillis: Snowdrop voice

Andrea Libman: Fluttershy voice

 :iconandoanimalia: Fluttershy Adorably Sure Of Herself 

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I always find them both very similar!