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I am really into mood of customizing my home screen lately :D

this is my last home screen before finally i will be at home.

- thanks for Noproop @mycolorscreen for sharing this wLocker theme that he / she got from xda.

- thanks for the artist of this icons, sorry i forgot where i got this icon but thank you.

- thanks for chrisbanks2 for his Ribbon Clock theme

tell me what you think :)
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Will be featured on androidbeautiful - [link]
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thank you very much :)
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Featured on Minimal Android [link]
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thank you very much :)
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Hey - cute! Where would I find the dock??? looks cool
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thanks :). Actually i didnt use the dock.
not my initial choice for a setup.......but, the more i look at it , the more i like it! something draws your eyes to just stare and appreciate the simplicity of it! great job!
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thank you very much, i really appreciate your words.
I like simplistic design.
Hoping you will share the wallpapers one day!
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sure i will :)
which one ?
i like both, can't decide which i like better!
Thanks for sharing!
do you pull the rabbit out of its hat to unlock? that'd be neat :P
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hahaa no.. its a nice idea anyway :D
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Verry nice! an you share the home wallpaper?
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Thank you very much!
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you re welcome :)
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Sure but please wait until I'm home :)
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I really, truly, honestly LOVE it. If I had a smartphone, I would like it to be like this (I'm on the minimal, kind of funny, side of the fence). And here I was thinking that I hate anything pink-ish. Ha!
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