City of Okram
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Okram, which is the capitol of the nation state of Okram sits on a branch of the Ferrel River. It is nestled at the feet of the the great mountains which divide the border between Okram and Koldar and Morania. The ancient city is built on, and carved into the bluffs high above the river. Many paths and roads, lead down to the water; their ways weathered and worn with ruts from eons of wagons and animals. One of the main features is the aqueduct which supplies the water to the city and sends a steady stream of excess plummeting over the cliffs and into the river far below. The city itself was built by civilizations long past, but the reclaimed buildings and monuments still serve the new occupiers well. The region was conquered from Sorak by invading Northmen in the last age, but the majority of the population bears little cultural resemblance to either. The languages and customs of the common folk, draw their roots from the forgotten dust of a long diminished civilization and find more in common with the Istari and Sunari cultures far to the west. The architecture of the cities and network of sunken roads all point to a fallen empire that once spanned the continent in long forgotten ages. The great statue of the praying woman was once known to the commoners as "Amalia Thulia", but the Northmen have rename her after their own "Mara".
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Wonderful art and historical background!
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desuran|Professional General Artist
Thanks mate, I truly appreciate the encouragement.
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nehab16|Professional Traditional Artist
Amazing fact and mesmerising painting
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desuran|Professional General Artist
Thanks :)
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nehab16|Professional Traditional Artist
Most welcome
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