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Recruiting character artist/s for Project Aivisu

Project Aivisu is a [BxG, slice of life] visual novel in the making, I'm personally in charge of writing and coding and I'm looking primarily for an artist, but other positions, are also available if you're interested and would just like to help. For any games I've worked on in the past, check: At the moment, I have a full script for three character arcs, some backgrounds, music tracks and some voice-acted lines have been gathered, but there's essentially no character art or CGs. Synopsis: "Kyle Nakano is a completely average Japanese high school student, save for his half-English background,


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Days of Snow

Days of Snow Yawn, just five more minutes... I said to myself. It was relatively early in the morning, (or so I thought) and so, sleeping for five more minutes shouldn't be that unreasonable, right? But then I happened to take a look at the clock on my room's wall, which was when I realized it... Huh, 10am? I guess I should wake up then. And so began the arduous battle that I must fight every morning, when I don't have a real reason to force myself up. I'd toss around in my bed, refusing to get up, and the longer this went on, the heavier my eyelids would get and the more powerless my limbs would grow... In a last effort, I forced myself to


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