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Happy Neapolitino BB! by destructoPop Happy Neapolitino BB! by destructoPop
This is my entry for the CUTEST LITTLE NANINE BB!
I love the ice cream theme of this bb, so I went nuts with it and added individually shaded sprinkles.

This cutey has helped me get over my depression a little since my niece died, and it's been amazing working on this bb.
I literally woke up one morning like "OH MY GOSH I WANNA WORK ON THIS BB!" and I started working around 7am a couple of days ago, but I only spent about four hours total on this bb despite that, it's been hard to work consistently on anything with all the sads in the way! BUT this kiddo helped a LOT.

Nanines are a closed species, owned by the amazing Najti!
I love Nanines, I love how relatable it is that seeing darkness in the world permanently changes them, if you noticed that one of their eyes is dark, with a glowing iris, that's the baby's Eye of Sin, which means this kiddo has seen something terrible in the world that changed them in this way. I wonder what they saw?
I wish I had a Nanine's cast iron stomach, mine has been a mess lately. Haha.

If you wanna join, this bb is for the DTA here:

Nanine Draw to Adopt!

Please don't copy my lineart or colouring for your entry, though! I was so thrilled with my addition of the mulberry for this kiddos tongue and claws, I can't believe how much it popped with the yellowy light shading!
I'm already working on my second entry, but hilariously it's not even a drawing, but a craft project. Haha. We'll see if it's allowed!
Okay, that's enough babbling for now, I hope I win!
destructoPop Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Here's the unshaded bb just for giggles!
Nanine DTA 1 unshaded by destructoPop
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