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Sophie Primson
Until the end.
When you feel like All the doors are closed All ways you tried And you're here alone Look again You may see that is you Who close you in one, little room And you're too afraid to leave it In this pain you feel so safe But if you have enough courage Open these door And see all the world Fight with this Which wants to kill you Find strengh Within you And one day Someone will come And walk with you Walk with you Until The End Until the end. I'm sure that someone will come... He will come for me... ...I'm sure one day he will...
She's a light, she's so pure She's an angel born on earth You want her You need her But you can't have her You're dark Your hands are dirty You're 'bad guy' When you look at her you pray You pray for her, you just want To hold her, to be with her You just want her to hold you 'Cause you love again When you thought you will never love someone that much, feel all these feelings right now And you will do anything to just hold her in your arms But your hands are dirty They are dirty, they are dirty Your wings are broken They are broken, they are broken You bleed, your heart bleed, but you're alive You will be alive forever and
02.Love. Writing Challenge.
Water and fire. Silence and scream. Light and dark. Girl and boy. Innocent little flower, So delicate and fragile, Don't hold it too much, But don't leave it alone... And strong man see the flower, Flower sees him. He had one flower before, But God take it away, And now he's afraid, Will sorrow come again? But he want to give a try. He want to learn. Learn how much water, and how much sun Learn how to look and how to talk Learn the touch, the taste, Learn how to hold... He want to learn how love it. And what love is.
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June 22, 1993
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~Requestopen1 ( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi there! :D To all who are intrested in my drawing 100 Theme Challenge...well, you must wait for it xD I'm not sure anymore how I want to do it, soo...xD I'm hope you're patient xD Aaaand, nothing really happend, life is boring like always, and tommorow school begin C: And I'm happy from that fact XD Sooo, that's all from me XD And some Tag: --Wrath-- [x]Sworn at your parents? [x]Hated them? [x]Been furious with a friend
100 theme chalenge
I decided to do 100 theme chalenge :) Requests, Art Trades and Commissions still open, so don't woryy ;) 001. Introduction writing: 002. Love writing: 003. Light writing: 004. Dark writing: 005. Seeking Solace 006. Break Away 007. Heaven 008. Innocence 009. Drive 010. Breathe Again 011. Memory 012. Insanity 013. Misfortune 014. Smile 015. Silence 016. Questioning 017. Blood 01


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just thought i'd drop by for a hello. miss ya :(
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Czy odwiedzisz może 21 lipca Balcon w Bytomiu ?
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You are a watcher on my old account, Twin-Sword. I deactivated that account recently to start afresh on this new one.

I'd appreciate it if you'd give me a re-add on my new account, *TwinSwordTrading.

Thank you! :)
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hap-hap-happy birthday!
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czemu tak zamulasz ? dodałabyś coś w końcuuu !;x

bo bedzie foch, zobaczysz ! u.u xD
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I know it's long ago, but I take finally the time to say:
Thanks a million for the watch ?? :iconcrazyblushplz: I really appreciate it!!! :love: