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Allrighty, hopefully I can do this and it all make sense. First of all, this is a good photo. Your costume, makeup hair, pose are all great. You never fail in that department. The photography is great also. Lit well, and interesting.

My honest feedback is that the touch-ups are killing the full impact of the photo. This was shot on a grey/dark background right? I use the technique in the photo ALOT in my work, and here it's not complete. Just a simple scene laid in the back, that's faded and funny looking. Its flat and makes you not feel a part of the scene. They grey background technique works really well for flat textures, like a wall or something. 3D scenes are much tougher. Not impossible, just here it looks fake. The BG needs to have more contrast and not so flat. Your well lit enough where it could be darkened/contrasted more and you will see look great.

You can see better result in the most recent photo of this series. The cracks look more interesting, and feel better in the photo.

I hope i'm helping out and its fair. Your as amazing as always, and the photo is well done, its just that background o_O

<3 Jesse of Destroy Inc
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TanyaSimpson Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009
This is one of those critiques that remind me why I don't untick the Critiques box in my Friends list.

It's awesome to see someone actually take the time to make practical suggestions and explain them in a way that is instantly useful, not only to the artist who's work is being critiqued but also to others who are lucky enough to find their way here.
destroyinc Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009
Ophelia-Overdose Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2009  Professional Artist
Thanks for being honest. I really appreciate it!
You are right. It was made in front of a black background and normally I use to edit some walls or something else.
I just wanted to try something different and there are some faults.
Maybe I will be better the next time.
I think the lightening of the picture is the greatest problem of all :(

Have a good night :)
destroyinc Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2009
One technique that works sometimes is duplicating that layer again with Softlight. It usually creates a better contrast. But sometimes its to much...gotta play it by eye.
Ophelia-Overdose Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2009  Professional Artist
I did work with this layer, but maybe I have to practise more or I have to use flat backgrouds :)
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