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Lost to Darkness

A foolish love poem... at the time I thought it was Sane.


Panel 10 is censored in the public version. I've put up the original as premium content. It has me prostrating nude in it. Yeah it's a high price just to see that but I frankly don't trust internet people. If you're serious about the art of it, show me with your money. If you just want to see me nude, sorry, stick to the white cut out. Also, before you get too excited, there are no boobs etc in the premium content, it's very decent, but I feel very vulnerable about it, especially being in such a submissive pose. Also it's a full quality PDF ready for printing, which makes me nervous too! O_O



Panel 1:…

Panel 2:

Panel 3:…
Dove by ~angeltouch1

Panel 4:

Panel 5:…

Panel 6:…

Panel 7:

Panel 8:…

Panel 9:

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To be honest I think the censored version works better in this piece, the line "My selfish ways. Must be erased."  has a much stronger resonance when you're visually erased, while still conveying the submission of the soul.

The uncensored version is an alright picture, just doesn't fit nearly as well with the thematics as the blanked image. 
The last panel is very stark and simple, the filled in image creates a sense of clutter that isn't present in the censored version.
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Hmm, interesting, thanks for the feedback :)

Of course, the uncensored version has different meanings for me. Revealing my nakedness in such a submissive posture was very hard for me to do, whereas blanking me out felt more like resisting, hiding, not giving everything that I am... it was too easy for me. The uncensored version is also what I printed and sent to the person who inspired this. Nakedness and intimacy... I was brought up in a strict Catholic household, such things are probably more terrifying to me than others.

Hmm, if only there was some way to combine both... exposed nakedness AND erasure...

Ooh you put ideas in my head!! :D

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:heart: Excellent work!!