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SVG file : [link]

There is my second Deviation ! Took me approximatly 6 hours while my first one, Rarity, took me about 12 hours ! I'm very proud of my improvement ! Give me some feedback ! Thank you !
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Used your Octavia in my semi-animation here:…
Hope you don't mind, and thank you for the great vector!
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To be honest, it looks very similar from the original show. If you did it by yoursefl, let me tell you did an awesome job!
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Thank you and I did it by myself but its a vector, so I trace all the lines to make a "copy" of the original character (from any screenshot from the show), so you and I can use it for every thing you want, its like a kind of stencil.
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Excellent job. If this is how you start then wow. Keep up the good work
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Thank you very much !! I follow some tutorial in the begining and i'm kinda perfectionism so for my first vector I spent a LOT of time to understand the software (inkscape) ! I get used to it and I will probably make more vector of the main 6 and other background character !! Thank you again for your feedback !
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You can never have too much Tavi. Nice job :)
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Thank you very much !!
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I wish she was real. I'd go to every Octavia concert.
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Me too ! I decide to draw her because she remind me my girlfriend and she's also playing cello in an orchestra !!
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