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Ludo and Glossaryk in the Conscious Void
A small being floats around in an empty white nothingness. There is no sound, no boundaries, just infinity. It is a familiar yet different place for our old friend. But this time… things are a little different.
Ludo: Well… here I am again… floating around in an endless nothingness, such is my life.
From out of nowhere another voice speaks. It says “you’re not alone”.
Ludo: What? Whose there?
Glossaryk: Down here.
Ludo: Glossaryk, you’re here too?
Glossaryk: Yup.
The small blue man speaks matter-of-factly, he seems unconcerned by his predicament. Ludo is excited to see Glossaryk, he tries to swim spacially toward the small blue being who just floats in place. Ludo becomes frustrated as the lack of gravity and friction defies him.
Ludo: How are you doing that? Floating in a single space like that? I can’t stop floating around in circles.
Glossaryk grabs Ludo by the leg as he floats by, stopping his momentum and suspending him in place.
:icondestrox71689:DestroX71689 5 0


Ludo s Dream - By Request by br273k
Mature content
Ludo s Dream - By Request :iconbr273k:br273k 2 1
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Very much the most accurate, if a bit small, Discord plush I've ever seen. The face is simply prefect and represents his mischievous, h...




The Pain Within (Story In Description

The mother lay scorned in the bed of her own making, a husband dismissed and laying downstairs, frustrated and confused. He dared not tempt her, for one, he was tired, two, he was old, and three, he knew not what truly bothered her nor had he ever experienced such a reaction from the wife he thought he'd knew all too well.

Rain beat the windows hard, but it was not what bothered her. Lady Avarius laid there, folding the sides of the pillow and pressing them hard against her head.


It would not stop. The word echoed through her ears, bouncing and reverberating off her mind like a rubber ball.


The sound of her son's voice, it just wouldn't stop. It beat and beat and beat at her psyche. The truth will set you free you know.


Lady Avarius-”Shut up... I am not... just shut up!”


Lady Avarius-”I am not!”


Lady Avarius-”Stop!”


She held the pillow so close to her head but the voice just got louder.


She opens her eyes... both of them... the regular... and... the other one.


Downstairs he snores, louder than ever. A shadow slides over him in utter silence. Lord Brudo feels a cold wind brush over him as the figure slides by.

Lord Brudo wakes from his slumber, creaking and cracking as he stood up. Arthritis took a toll on his back as he shuffled into the bathroom, scratching his buttcrack. He turned on the lightbulb with a string, a roach scattered off the mirror, Brudo snatching it and tossing it into his mouth, a loud crunch as he broke the chitin chewing on the poor critter. He looked at his teeth, filled with cavities in the ones he did have, and yellowed. His breath stunk and his five o clock shadow left his face like a cactus. He made faces at himself. Sticking out his tongue at himself and chuckling at the mirror. This would be the highlight of his day.

Lady Avarius-”Breakfast time!”

Her yelling calls all the kids downstairs. They stampede into the kitchen like wild elephants. Lord Brudo was agasp!

Lord Brudo-”What is the meaning of this. Get out of the way! Move! What the?”

The dining table, which had usually had very little besides scraps had had a full breakfast laid out. Toast, jam, bacon, oddly enough, eggs, sausage, pancakes, the works, and it all looked delicious. The kids dove into it like wild animals.

Lady Avarius-”Well honey... aren't you gonna sit? I made yours... special. I wanted it to show just how much I love you.”

Lord Brudo sits down in front of his plate. His food looked like everyone elses' but to him, it looked different. He was hesitant. Staring across the table at him was his wife. She was nearly 15 feet across the table but he could feel her yellow orbs burning into him. Her one eye, the other eye, really caught his attention. She was different. Real different. Was this even the woman he married? One would think that the woman before him was a doppelganger, a shadow that had killed his real wife and cast her into a shadow. And well, that was only partially true. This Lady was more open, more free, the woman she'd always wanted to be, but the shackles had held her down. But not anymore. She bit through them like steel bars, breaking her teeth but ultimately, she would free herself, even at the cost of her own sanity.

Lord Brudo lifts up his fork, he slowly stabs into a sausage link, gravy bled out it as he lifted it up, sticking the fork between his fanged teeth, closing his maw and sliding the silver out against his teeth, making a light *shing sound. He chewed it very slowly, savoring the flavor, he didn't know what Lady Avarius was up to, but she was being very peculiar, and after the surprise whack across the face with the pillow, which he still felt, he wasn't taking any chances with her. He swallows the sausage.

Lady Avarius-”Well?... What do you think?”

Lord Brudo-”Honestly?... it's ok... could use some salt.”

She stared at him through her bangs.

Lady Avarius-”Kids, pass your father the salt”.

The salt slowly gets carried over by a wave of small to medium sized wings, reaching Brudo. He eats about half the meal, putting increments of salt on the food until it became almost disgusting to eat. His paranoia was starting to get to him.

Lord Brudo-”You know what? I'm full. I don't want anymore.”

This was the first time the man ever didn't finish a meal, let alone not ask for seconds or thirds. His shallow appetite shocked his kids.

Older Avarius kid-”Alright! I call dibs on dad's food.”

The jock-ish boy swipes the bowl from in front of his father and starts eating like a gluttonous wild animal.

Lady Avarius-”Now kids, what do you say to your father for providing us with this lovely meal.”

All-”Thanks dad!”

All the kids had food in their beaks, several of them projecting food out as the sentence left their mouths in droll unison.

Lord Brudo was very confused. What did she mean that “he provided”?

Lady Avarius-”Brudo you barely touched the food I made. What do you think I'd poison you or something? What would ever give you such a silly idea?”

Lady Avarius stretched a pointy grin across her face like a great white shark. Lord Brudo looked at her with great concern. He hadn't done anything wrong, but then, neither did she, not since last night. He was starting to feel frustrated and conflicted with himself and wanted to escape the awkward tension.

Lady Avarius-”Where are you going dear?”

Lord Brudo-”I'm heading out. I need some fresh air.”

He said the sentence with such a contemptuous tone it seemed almost like he needed to get away from his wife. He grabs a brown sports coat and since he couldn't find his crown, he settled for his favorite beat up old flat cap. He didn't want to attract anyone to his heritage anyway. He wanted to be alone out in the chilly fall Mewnan air. He decided to go to his local pub. Several familiar monsters hung there. His one buddy, good ol' Flat Face he called him, welcomed Brudo over. They had Mewnan ale and Brudo talked about his old ball and chain with the guys as he found himself becoming drunk. He ordinarily didn't get wasted this early but he just wasn't in the mood for Lady Avarius' new brand of weirdness today.

Lord Brudo blacked out, and was awakened by the bartender.

Bartender-”Alright your highness, time to close up, now get your butt back home to that “fish you shoulda threw back into the sea”, come on, upsy daisy! Man you weigh a ton your majesty!”

Lord Brudo-”Myehh get offa me you idiot! I can get myself back home.”

Lord Brudo stumbled drunkenly back to his house, miraculously finding his way back in the darkened night. He shuffled through his pockets for his key, taking it out and scraping the keyhole several times, cursing under his breath before getting it into the hole. This was an all too familiar situation with this man. Upon opening the door, Lord Brudo was met with utter shock. The house had been cleaned, spotless. Not a hair was out of place, all the mirrors were clean, no roaches. All the carpets had been beaten and were dust free, and in general, all filth was gone. It was spotless, something he'd never seen. Lady Avarius was surrounded by (nearly) all her children. She was reading them a story called the lost sheep, about a sheep that had wondered away from the family, lost its way, and about the mother sheep that was worried sick about the lamb, and by the time she found the lamb, it was a ram, and although it had changed and wondered why the mother took so long to find it, the lamb loved her unconditionally and was happy forever after. The kids loved the story, especially the youngest little girl who was now 3 and had just learned to talk.

Lord Brudo-”What now? Reading the children silly fables? What are you trying to do to our children milady? Turn them into weak little sissies? All of you, get upstairs and get ready for bed! I will have no more of this nonsense! And you, we need to talk!”

Lady Avarius-”Now Fludo, what do you say to mommy after she reads you a story?”

Fludo-”Thank you mommy. I love you.”

Fludo speaks in a small, squeaky child's voice, smiling innocently and twisting bashfully with a big smile on her face.

Fludo-”I love you too daddy.”

Lord Brudo-”Yeah uh huh.”

Lady Avarius-”I love you too baby, good night.”

She kisses the small child and the child skips upstairs. Waving back to them and Lady Avarius happily exchanges a tiny wave of her own. All the children have since dispersed. Her face turns to Brudo and all joy leaves the room. They're alone now. The mouse in the lion's den. Her smile dissipates as she sinks into the chair in the corner of the room, her weird eye still open, both of them fixated on Brudo.

Lord Brudo-”You don't think I haven't noticed do you? How weird you're acting, completely unlike yourself. Maybe I should remind you who you really are.”

Lady Avarius-”Oh really Brudo. Who am I? I don't think either of us knows anymore.

Lord Brudo-”You're my wife. My small, sad little wife. The wife I chose to bare my children and to rule my kingdom, who is to be quiet, and obedient, and to carry out my every command to a T. You're certainly no leader, no mother, not even a “mommy” as Fludo just called you. These children are to be my future soldiers don't you understand! One day they will march all the way through Mewni and take what is rightfully ours from that old fool and that white maned wife of his! I will not let you make my soldiers into sissies. You already damaged Ludo beyond repair.”

He struck a real nerve with this one. Lady Avarius wanted nothing more than to serrate his fat neck and watch him bleed to death on the floor, but with the tactfulness and grace of a lady, she remained composed, and while the words hurt like daggers, she was ready to dig her claws into Brudo where it hurt the most. She smiled, smugly.

Lady Avarius-”The cowardly woman you married is dead. I shed her and threw her to the ground. Good riddance. She was a fool. She married you after all. And I didn't corrupt my son, you did. You pushed and pushed and pushed without ever stopping to think that he would push back, and he did. Ludo is a real hero. He made me realize what a pitiful woman I truly was. So I reinvented myself. This is the new me. Don't like it? Well that's just too bad, because I'm not your fool anymore. I won't stand by and let you bully any of my babies ever again. And if you so much as lay a hand on me, or any of them, I will gut you like a fish you fat old bastard.”

With that, he lunges at her. Throwing her to the ground, beginning to strangle her. She grabs a lamp and smashes him in the head tossing him to the ground. They throw jabs at each other. Each hit landed on the other causing them to become weaker. Brudo had more brute strength, but what he had in that, he lacked in speed, and Lady Avarius was far more agile and keen than Brudo. He had to take advantage of her blind side. He picked up the chair she used to feed the young one and tossed it at her, smashing it to pieces. She soared towards him, cutting his face with her beak. The house was a wreck. The kids were terrified. Dennis and another tried to grab them and hold them back, but they were both set on kill. Only one of them was leaving alive. Dennis tried to reason with them but all they wanted to do was kill each other. Dennis had only one idea. He opened up a portal with his scissors and took all 50 kids with him, leaving only Lady Avarius and Lord Brudo in the house to finish each other off.

Ludo was watering his lawn when all of a sudden 50 birds come hurtling through a portal onto his front lawn. Startled, he jumps.

Ludo-”OMIGOSH what are you all doing here! Dennis do you have any idea how to keep a secret?”

Dennis-”Ludo, mom and dad are trying to kill each other we can't stop them I don't know what to do!”

Dennis was panicking and tears were filling his eyes as he'd never been so scared and confused in all his life. Ludo didn't kick them out as he was taken completely aback by the news of their parents fighting.

Ludo-”It's okay its okay. You all can stay here... for now. I mean, I never have this much company... We'll just wait it out Dennis. They're old people. They can't kill each other they'll just get tired and call it even.”

Ludo's vain attempt at humor didn't release any tension or stress, as all it did was exacerbate Dennis' desire to go back and find out what happened. Upon Ludo's request, he handed over the scissors and Ludo hid them to make sure he didn't make the mistake of going back.

Characters c. Disney and Daron Nefcy.
Story c. Me.

The Broken Facade (Story In Description)

In a quiet, dumpy house in the Forest of Certain Death lie the once proud family Avarius, sleeping and preparing for another day of misery in their broken household. The from the bedroom above, one noise broke the silence, the loud noise of a fat, washed up old man snoring loudly, drool rolling down his beak and into his double chin as he laid, his heart playing Russian Roulette with a heart attack due to his poor health. Beside him laid his wife: a thin woman with one eye gawking straight at the ceiling. It was not her husband's snoring that kept her awake as she had learned to tune that out many years ago, but it was stress. For weeks she'd been unable to sleep. At first it was easy, for she had no place for agony, as it was a hole that had been filled with anger over her son's betrayal of the family. Getting kicked out of your own castle, told never to return by your own son, cast out by a bunch of punks and thugs, it was enough to make her blood boil. For the longest time she felt the same as her husband, and for a bit, she thought she had actually held the same level of disdain for Ludo as her husband. But time had had been given time to think, and to reflect in quiet as she mostly spent her time, quiet and submissive to her husband's demands, just as he believed it should be in the patriarchy of the Avarius household. But soon, she felt difference come over her. Motherly instincts were kicking in, and she found herself, no matter how angry, wanting nothing more than for her child to come home. Lord Brudo could never know of this, for his will was iron, and it was highly unlikely that a proud, arrogant man like Brudo would ever drop his ego to bare so much as a sliver of remorse for his son. He had figured "good riddance" and thought not a word more of it.

Her eye stung from staring at the ceiling. She looked over to Brudo, who was so fast asleep it was almost like he had not a care in the world. She somewhat envied his ability to be so indifferent. She wanted to sneak away, so she lifted up the covers, sliding her foot onto the floor, not making even a peep as she slid out of bed, but just as she did so, Lord Brudo started to roll over. She slid out of the way of his arm as he wrapped his large wings around the pillow once beneath her, mistaking it for her, and talking in his sleep. "There's my beautiful queen", he slurs as he kisses the pillow, soaking it before burying his face in it and resuming snoring. Lady Avarius had stood there in utter silence, eye wide and hands over her beak. Her heart was beating rapidly. Daintily she sneaks out of the room, closing the creaky bedroom door as quietly as the door would allow her. Once shut, she lets out a small sigh of relief. Navigating the hallway to go downstairs was like a maze. Handcrafted toys by the younguns littered the floor. She tread over all of them as best as she could and managed to refrain from letting out any pained yowls when she stepped on them. Downstairs was even worse, as she had to navigate a small army of birds, her other children, sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor, and some without. A big, strong bird sprawled out on a ratty couch, with a tiny baby sister coiled up on his chest with his big wing covering her whole body and keeping her warm. As she makes it to the door she closes it and walks out into the chilly night. She stands on the porch, rubbing her hands up and down her bare, feathered arms. She felt slightly chilly, even with feathers, as all she wore was a long, thin, silky, white nightgown. She looked back at the house before turning and jolting into the sky in flight.

In the story above, another Avarius could not sleep. Dennis had been sitting in the window, staring out the window for a while, thinking about his brother as well. He notices a white glimmer. "Huh?" he says as he notices his mother flying away. He pushes open the window and pursues her, staying far enough away that she wouldn't know she was being followed. She flew a few miles away, descending upon a spot that was nothing but rubble where Castle Avarius once tortured the skies with its wicked black spires. She just stood there. Dennis lands behind her and she turns around.

Lady Avarius-"Dennis! What are you doing here? You should be in bed!"

Dennis-"I couldn't sleep. Then I saw you leaving and I got curious and a little worried that's all."

She stares at the site where the castle once stood.

Lady Avarius-"This is all his fault. He should have just listened to me and everything would be okay."

Dennis didn't know what she meant but he just stood there and listened.

Lady Avarius-"He just... he just wouldn't listen. I begged him to just stop and he wouldn't listen... he never listens."

She looks at Dennis.

Lady Avarius-"Dennis, go home. You saw nothing... neither of us were here. Do you understand me?"

Dennis says nothing

Lady Avarius-"Well?"

Dennis-"I miss him too."

Lady Avarius-"Go or I'll tell your father you were out in the middle of the night and he'll wonder where you were and I know you don't want that. Nobody wants that."

Dennis-"He's gonna wonder where you were too."

Lady Avarius-"Do you honestly think I would go and deliberately anger him? You remember what happened last time don't you Dennis? Well? Don't you?!

She swings at Dennis and he grabs her hands, letting her vent.

Lady Avarius-"You're looking at it!"

Dennis-"MOM!... it's okay... you don't have to pretend anymore."

Lady Avarius feels swelling in her eyes as she starts to sob into her hands. Dennis wraps his long arms around her, consoling her. She returns the gesture, desperately craving his comfort.

Lady Avarius-"I miss him so much Dennis. You have no idea. He's so small and sensitive and special. He's not ready for this world Dennis and it scares me to death knowing my baby's out there. I just want him to come home."

Dennis-"It's okay mom... he's doing fine. I'm sure."

Lady Avarius-"How do you know?... for all you know he could be... Oh my God!”

She starts to bawl even more.

Dennis-"He's not dead mom."

Lady Avarius-"How do you know? Have you been visiting him?"

At first it was merely a sarcastic suggestion, but after a second of Dennis looking avoidant and guilty she knew it to be true.

Lady Avarius-"You ARE seeing him aren't you? Tell me!"

She start's punching Dennis' chest again.

Dennis-"Oww! Mom, stop! Yes, fine I've been seeing him okay? I know where he is."

Lady Avarius-"You do? Tell me! Where?"

Dennis-"I... I can't."

Lady Avarius-"What do you mean you can't?" You're gonna tell me where he is or I'm telling your father what you've been doing and he'll make sure you NEVER see him again. So TELL ME!"

Dennis-"Ok fine, but, it's a bit difficult to describe... it'd be easier for me to show you."

Lady Avarius-"That's even better! Dennis... is he okay? Is my baby safe?"

Dennis-"He's fine mom trust me... but you might not like what you see."

He takes out his interdimensional scissors, cutting a hole to an asteroid out in space with a bunch of junk all over the place.

Lady Avarius-"My son lives... in trash?"

Dennis-"I told you."

From around the corner of the garbage house strolls a tiny little bird man, whistling before opening his eyes and dropping his beak in shock.

Lady Avarius-"Ludo!"

Lady Avarius shouts in joy as Ludo drops his drink and runs into the house, locking it and holding the door closed for dear life. She runs up to the house and knocks on the door.

Lady Avarius-"Ludo it's me. It's mom. Please. Let me in. I just want to talk to you."

He says nothing, pretending not to be there.

Lady Avarius-"I'm not angry Ludo I just want to talk... please?"

Ludo swallows his throat, and slowly, reluctantly opens the door. It slides ajar, just enough for the tiny bird to peer around the corner.

Ludo-"Hi mommy."

Lady Avarius-"Hi sweetie... may I come in?"

He speaks to her in a quiet, shamed tone, like a guilty puppy. Ludo looks at his trash house, and takes a deep sigh before deciding to open the door. He gestures for them to come in. She walks past him and he gives Dennis a dirty look. Dennis shrugs, washing his hands of all guilt on the situation.

Lady Avarius-"This is a nice place you got here. Did you build it?"

She speaks to him in a nice, almost condescending manner, but Ludo doesn't catch on."

Ludo-"Yup, I built it all by myself" He admits proudly. Oh, uhh, have a seat. I'll get you both some drinks.”

Ludo runs into another room through an arched doorway. Lady Avarius tries to sit on the tiny chair, bending her knees until she's almost on the floor before reaching the tiny seat. Dennis does the same. They both look very awkward, two tall birds sitting on very tiny, low chairs.

Lady Avarius observed the crudely made art on the wall of the family. While the proportions on each of the people portaited were exaggerated, Ludo could distinctly remember very subtle characteristics of the family's expressions, giving his mother a somewhat saddened look and his father a very stern look.

Ludo-”Dennis, do you like how I've rearranged the furniture since the last time you were here? It was rather ghastly before and I just needed to really move things around you know?”

Ludo was very poorly disguising the fact that he was so obviously ignoring the elephant in the room.

Ludo-”Here you go, mother. And for you, Dennis.”

Ludo had made tea using discarded tea bags he had found a while ago and the water used to make it wasn't the cleanest but he filtered it as best as he could and poured them in dainty little cups and served them on a small dinner tray. They accepted the offer and began to sip away and the very hot tea. It was very watery as Ludo had never bothered to make tea for others and made it to his own preferences. They didn't mind though as neither were particularly picky anymore.

Ludo-”So uhh... wow. I really wasn't expecting either of you. I'm sorry this place is just atrocious at the moment it's really quite embarrassing.”

Lady Avarius-”It's okay. I just wanted to see you.”

Ludo-”Why would you want to see me, especially after what I did”

Lady Avarius-”Oh honey I'm not mad about that anymore... I mean your father still is but you know how he is... stubborn.”

Ludo-”Is that why he didn't come see me too? What about the others? Surely they must be thinking of me right?”

Lady Avarius-”Some of them do. I'm sure of it.”

They didn't know what to say to each other next. There was a very long break between dialogue, almost like a Mexican standoff of words. She really didn't know if the others thought of Ludo. It just goes to show how totally disconnected from her children she really is. Lady Avarius does love her kids, but she's become an actress, never telling the truth, always living under the facade.

Dennis-”I missed you.”

They look at Dennis.

Dennis-”Well I do? Sigh, fine. I'll just shut up, pretend I don't even exist.”

Ludo-”And father?”

Lady Avarius-”He's still just as stubborn as ever.”

Ludo-”Ohhh, how did you like the gifts I sent? I became quite the celebrity a little while ago... well sorta. These things wouldn't sell so I had to get rid of them somehow.”

Lady Avarius-”I cherished every one. Your father did not. He threw them all away.”
Ludo-”What? So typical of him! Same old dad, can't do anything nice! This is why I don't do nice things for people! Nobody ever appreciates it! All anyone knows how to do is step all over anything I do! Well guess what? No more Mr. Nice bird.”

Lady Avarius-”You'd be better off not getting him anything, ever. Do you know what he did with the gift I got him for his birthday? I got him a girdle, so he could wear his old clothes again, because he'd never go on a diet. He accused me of calling him fat! And, yeah, he's fat, I'll admit it, but leave it to him to just... ARRGGH he makes me so mad sometimes?”

Ludo-”You didn't come here so we could rant about father did you?”

Lady Avarius-”No, I just wanted to see you, and see if you would-”

Ludo-”No. No I'm not coming home.”

Lady Avarius-”What? Why not?”

Ludo-”It's very clear to me that I wouldn't be welcome there. I kicked you out for a reason. I wanted you to see how strong and independent I could be. I'm living on my own now, and I'm doing fine as you can see.”

*Cue picture frame falling off the wall.

Lady Avarius-”You're right. You're doing just fine.”

Ludo-”Uggh what's wrong with you mother? Do you have to just be a doormat wherever you go? Grow a spine! I'm just begging for you to tell me I'm wrong for once.”

Lady Avarius-”I don't understand.”

Ludo-”Ever since the day I was born all you ever did was side with father about me. You act like you love me one second and then the next you pull some two-faced move and decide that whenever father says I need to do something on my own you don't have anything to say about it. You were never, ever, even once there for me. I looked to you for help. I asked you, pleaded with you to make him stop bullying me and never did! Well look at me now mom, all grown up, living on my own, no army or anything. I'm strong now, stronger than you'll ever be you weak, cowardly woman!”

Lady Avarius starts to sob openly in front of Ludo and Dennis.


Lady Avarius-”No Dennis he's right. I'm so sorry Ludo. I want you to know I still love you.”

She runs off

Ludo-”No, mom wait, I didn't mean to-”

The door slams as Lady Avarius leaves, forgetting she's stuck there without the scissors that Dennis is holding on to.

Dennis-”Maybe I should go.”

Ludo-”Yeah, maybe you should.”

Dennis looks at his brother as he heads towards the door. Ludo just stares towards the ground blankly, standing there motionless as Dennis leaves. He looks towards his mother, frustrated with herself.


She raises her hand, signalling Dennis not to utter another word. He understands, and with a great amount of disappointment and sadness in his eyes, cuts open a portal. They arrive at the front door of Castle Avarius II. They sneak inside and head up to their respective rooms without saying anything to each other. Thankfully, Brudo had not awakened to find her gone. She climbs into bed next to him and looks at him angrily as he's still in the same exact position as before. She pulls at the slobber soaked pillow that will not give way to his grip but it will not budge. She pulls harder only to have him cling even harder.

At this point, something changes in her, the final thread holding her composure snaps. The sadness towards not being able to see her son had lifted, a hole that was once filled with despair left her empty after seeing her son, and upon coming home, she had filled it with something else, a furious anger towards her husband, for driving the family apart, for pushing others away and taking all for himself, and for molding her beloved son into a remake of himself. She snatches the pillow from under Brudo with a deft swipe, his head landing on the pillow and jolting awake, only to be slammed in the beak by the soaking wet pillow he was sleeping on. He had no idea what sparked her to do this, but he left the room, confused and scared. Lady Avarius went fast asleep on her slobber soaked pillow. She was not afraid that her husband might retaliate against her. In fact, she hoped he would.

All Characters c. Disney and Daron Nefcy. Story c. Me.


8 were made, conjured by magic, meant to be loved. But one was lost, sucked into a black hole, forgotten by time, space, and most of all, his creator. Alone for almost a year, this pup drifted the void, the longest occupant of deep space to be challenged only by one other. It’s only inevitable, even in the vastness of space that they meet.

Ludo: I spy with my little eye… something ummm… I don’t know, black.– Is it space?– YES! For the forty-thousandth time yes!– Well you don’t have to yell at me– Well maybe if you’d listen for once maybe I wouldn’t have to!– Gee, I wonder why nobody listens to you– Oh don’t you give me that sarcasm!… You know, I’m starting to think coming back here was a bad idea.– Sigh, you came back here to find yourself remember? Well yeah, but it’s not just that. I feel like I’m supposed to be here for a reason, like something more important is out here.– Hey wait, what time is it?– How the heck am I supposed to know?– Well, you’ve been going by that comet that circulates about every once a day.– It’s late.– HOW DARE IT BE LATE I RELY ON THAT! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KEEP UP WITH MY BUSY SCHEDULE WITHOUT A TRACK OF TIME?… Oh wait there it is… waitaminute, that’s no comet… that’s a MOON!

Ludo could feel the gravitational forces on his body. He was getting sucked towards a massive moon’s orbit. As he descended, he toppled over a hill, bumping his head, knees and ribs before landing on flat surface where he fell unconscious.

A few hours later, Ludo is pulled back towards consciousness by a few weird sensations, first, pitter patters of what sounded like tiny little feet softly tapping against the moon rock, followed by what sounded somewhat like quick sniffing, all around his body, working it’s way from Ludo’s toes all the way up to his beak, the small creature sniffing his breath, Ludo could smell the creatures’ breath as well, not particularly pleasant as it reeked of the digestion of things that we’re once alive that Ludo wasn’t particularly familiar with. The being climbs on him, tiny, but sharp paws digging into his rib cage as the creature licks to taste him.

Ludo jolts awake, started and startling the small creature, a ragged, skinny, angry puppy. The dog stood there, gritting small but ridiculously sharp teeth at Ludo and growling at him. There was no love in this creatures eyes, only primal instincts.

Ludo: Pff, oh really? What are you gonna do pipsqueak? Nibble at my ankles?

Ludo mocks the dog only to receive a laser beam to the chest. Ludo falls right on his back, stunned by the laser. The ground starts to shake around them and out of a small crater at Ludo’s head shoots a purple tentacle. It turns out, the moon was ALIVE, and it was angry for being disturbed once again. More tentacles emerged. Angered by the fact that Ludo had awakened the beast in the moon. The tentacle grabs Ludo and starts squeezing the life out of him. The puppy shoots the tentacle with the laser, loosening the grip on Ludo causing him to fall to the ground. The dog grabs his ankles with sharp teeth, rag-dolling the bird against sharp rocks as he dodged rocks and tentacles. Ludo had greatly underestimated his strength as the dog drug him nearly a mile into a cave where the moon ceased it’s attack.

Ludo: You… you saved me from that thing. Thank you.

The dog ignored as it angrily began to groom itself and mend to the scabs all over it’s body. Ludo reaches out to touch him but is met with retreat and a savage rearing of hungry yellowed teeth. This was when Ludo noticed just how tortured the poor dog was. His gut as drawn from the water left in oases that was meant for the moon itself and nutrition he received by eating the tentacles he had to fight to obtain, his eyes, where once bubbly and pure, now weary. What was once soft fur had become overgrown, shaggy and dirty. By all nature’s rights the dog should have died long ago, but whether it was by magic, or sheer will of determination to survive and see it’s masters, brother and sisters someday, the dog trooped on every day for over a year. The dog approaches, as if ready to pounce Ludo and devour him when he remembers.

Ludo: Oh yeah!

From inside his own back he pulls another similar back of potato chips, filled to the brim. This was the magic bag Star had given to Ludo to feed himself. It would regenerate chips so that Ludo would not go without food once again. He quickly opens the bag and pushes it towards the puppies’s face. The dog pulls back, but then sniffs the bag, realizing it’s food. He lunges into the bag and starts devouring chips, eating faster than the chips could come back.

Ludo: Hey remember to save me some of those.

Content, the dog walks away from the bag.

Ludo: I hope you enjoyed yourself.

The dog ignores him and goes to sleep in the corner taking short, quick breaths as it sleeps.

Ludo: You’re quite a soldier there little fella. I get that. I’m small, and honestly after all I’ve been through I have no right to be alive, but you. You’re a whole another level aren’t you? How long have you been here? How long has this nightmare been your life?

Ludo goes to sleep in the cave, awakened only a few hours later by faint whimpering. The dog looks at him.

Ludo: What?

Ludo is generally confused. The dog runs outside, prancing.

Ludo: Well if you need to go, just go. I don’t care where. Your house… er cave… your rules.

The dog walks off. Rolling his eyes in frustration, Ludo follows. They tread with caution, trying not to reawaken the moon. The dog does his business, burying it, Ludo realizing how disturbing it must be to be alive and having smaller creatures release their excrement all over you. The puppy barks at Ludo, signalling him to follow. The dog trails Ludo to a river. Ludo takes a canteen out of his bag, filling it with the water from the moon, taking a drink before doing a spit-take, the water had an unnatural taste to it, but of course, it was weird moon water. The dog had grown accustomed to it. Who knew what the water held, but for mysterious reasons, Ludo felt invigorated even though he had no actual sustenence. The experience was weird, but could perhaps explain why the dog had not dehydrated, for he rarely ever had to go there, which really, was the only bit of mercy the Pup took from his stay on the moon.

A lingering smell caught Ludo’s beak. He couldn’t put his finger on it but it was amazing. Enamored by the alure, Ludo walked towards the smell, practically entranced by it. The puppy follows him, curious. The strange smell was leading Ludo to a small crater in the moon, filled with red liquid, and bubbling the ooze tempted Ludo. The puppy panicked, dragging at Ludo’s bag and barking as Ludo kept moving. he swayed at the dog’s face, causing him to release a laser from his eye by mistake and hitting the crater, spilling the red liquid. The moon was angry as it’s bait for Ludo had been thwarted, the tentacles burst through the ground once again, Ludo running in fear while the puppy stays to fight it with lasers. As Ludo flees the tentacles he hears a sharp yelp, the puppy is getting strangled by the tentacle. Angered, Ludo rushes in. The tentacle slaps Ludo, causing him to land near an assortment of rocks. Ludo scrambles for the sharpest one, finding one as edged as he could get, and rushes towards the swaying beast, letting out a blood-curdling warcry as he lunges towards the tentacle, stabbing it as hard as he could, the tentacle writhes in agony as the pup falls. Ludo leaps in to catch the small pup and grabs him just before hitting the ground. He runs with the hurt dog as far as he could. The angry tentacle grabs both of them. Thinking it’s their doom, they look at each other, closing their eyes. But instead of killing the two, the moon decides to toss the two as far out of the planet’s orbit as possible. The puppy looks in a state of half-despair as the bitter place he knew as “home” faded into the distance.

Ludo: It’s okay puppy. A home’s not a home if you’re not welcome. I would know.

 He reaches his hand out to pet the dog, and for the first time, it finally gives in and lets him.

As Ludo finds himself relieved to be away from the killer moon, the puppy continues to look distraught.

Ludo: You’re an amazing little puppy. Hey now, don’t be sad. We’ll find a place… together… you and me. We’re not that different. You had to learn everything on your own, so did I.

He looks at the puppy, smiling, but the dog returns nothing but a face of remorse.

Ludo: Why are you looking at me like that?

They make eye contact. Somehow Ludo feels like he can read the dog’s thoughts just from his expression. Ludo starts to sob, feeling somewhat rejected, but he draws back his feelings, taking one large breath.

Ludo: I get it. You miss your people. Who were they? I feel like I know you… but I don’t. It’s so faint… think, think… ow.

Ludo conks his noggin, before realizing.

Ludo: Waitaminute, normal puppies don’t have laser eyes. Puppies with laser eyes, cute and deadly. Deadly and cute… NO… it can’t be… are you… one of Princess Butterfly’s dogs? Well, only one way to find out.

Ludo lifts the dog, awkwardly looking outward, Ludo looks at the dog’s butt.

Ludo: Yup, a heart, I knew it. Of course… of all the goshblasted people why her! How could she?! How could that Princess be so careless as to leave a puppy alone in the void for all this time?… Ennhhh… I guess she misses you… If she even remembers you. I think she had like 7 or 8 of you at some point. So what do you say? Wanna go see your old master?

The dog lifts his head in curiosity.

Ludo: Now uhh… hmmm. How are we gonna get outta here?

Out in the distance, he sees a Star, golden bright, hurdling through the reaches of space.

Ludo: Wow what convenience. We’re gonna go see your master, puppy! I need you to do one thing. FIRE THAT LASER!

The dog smooshes his eyes together, preparing the most focused laser beam he could, it jettisons Ludo and puppy through space.

Ludo: Faster, puppy, or she’ll get away!

The puppy then fires a laser as hard as it can, cannon balling Ludo and the puppy through space towards Star, in her Butterfly form having one of her nightly travels through the void. She opens a portal.

Ludo: Hurry puppy! She’s getting away!

The dog can feel itself running out of energy, but then Ludo gets a plan, he plucks one of his feathers out his head and tickles the dog’s nose, causing it to sneeze, releasing one more burst of laser, and slamming Ludo and the puppy right into Star and she escapes through the portal, closing behind all three of them. Knocking Star, whose reverted back to regular form, face-first into the floor and waking Marco from his rather uncomfortable sleep on the chair.

Star: What the heck!

Marco: Who? What? No I wasn’t sleeping. Huh?

Star: Ludo? And uhhh… a scrappy looking puppy?

Ludo: I believe this is yours.

Star: Mine? But I have all ei-WAITAMINUTE! Lemme see that dog.

She picks up the puppy. Looking at him. She then turns it over.

Star: Awww It has a cute little heart on it’s booty Marco! It is mine!

Marco: Wait… we have all our dogs.

Star: OMG! Marco, you rememeber when we first met, and that one time I made a black hole in your room and it sucked one of the laser puppies in?

Marco: Oh yeah! I uhh… I forgot about that one. And then we just made another 8th… oh.

Marco looks at the puppy, feeling ultra guilty.

Marco: Ohh jeez we left a little pup out in the middle of who knows where and never went looking for him.

Star: Yeah… I guess he just fell off our radar, being as how busy we were with… you know… being teens.

Ludo: How could you two be so reckless?! Allowing things to get thrown into the darkness of space? Something so small, and helpless… and… scared.

Star: Are you ok?

Ludo: I’ll be fine. I’m always fine. I might as well just get going. I know I’m not exactly welcome here.

Star: You obviously care alot about this little guy. I think it’d only be fair if you get to say your goodbyes.

The dog runs to Ludo, standing on his hind legs pressing his paws into Ludo looking at him, begging him not to leave.

Ludo: Please don’t make this harder than it has to be.

The dog proceeds and he just can’t handle himself. He wraps his arms all the way around the laser puppy, weeping profusely. After nearly a minute in silence he puts the dog down and walks out the bedroom door.

Star: Ludo… thank you for bringing him back. If you’d like. I could give you another toss into the_

Ludo: No, I think I’ll make due here. It’s about time I stopped neglecting things too.

Star: Good luck.

Marco: Major props tonight Ludo.

He leaves by the main stairway, being sure not to be seen by the guards. The puppy approaches it’s brothers and sisters, all playfully bouncing small lasers aimlessly. At first he’s excited, but then it fades. He is worried. What if his sisters don’t like him, or they forgot about him too. He approaches, and the other puppies retreat, afraid of the more gruesome and worn puppy. The puppy looks as his brothers and sisters play. Tries to get in the action and play too, to be a pup, but he doesn’t feel it. After what seems like an hour with his brothers and sisters he just gives up. He’s just not the same dog as the others. His world isn’t the same as theirs. He’s become too much like Ludo, young at heart but far too old for his own good, an outcast, a freak.

Star looks at the puppy, watching him sit in the corner by himself, looking miserable, hoping all he needs is more time. But she too is in denial. Marco walks up to the dog in an attempt to play with him. The dog won’t even engage in so much as pounce at a toy. Marco holds the puppy close. It gives him a small lick on the nose.

Marco: You and I both know what you really want, don’t we. 

He stares at Marco. Marco takes off the dog’s collar and leash and Star looks at him like he’s gone mad.

Star: Marco? What are you doing?

Marco: The right thing. Go on. You know where you want to go little fella. The dog looks up at Marco and smiles before jolting at top speed, sprinting down the castle steps, skipping entire stairs on the way down. He never seen a dog run so fast.

Star: Puppy come back! I love you… you just came back…

Marco puts his hand on her shoulders

Marco: Star, let him go. This is what he wants.

Star: He’s just a puppy, Marco!

Marco: Never stopped him before.

Star wraps her arms around Marco, Star looking somewhat worried while Marco gives a proud smile.

The dog searches for Ludo, sniffing his scent for miles, the scent of Gold N’ Crisp potato chips fresh in the dog’s memory. Through forests he trekked, through insurmountable danger he did not fear he tracked Ludo until he could see a small golden glint in the corner of his eye. The moon reflecting off of Ludo’s laminated plastic bag was indistinguishable from any shrubbery that could be produced. Ludo continued to walk, aimlessly, thoroughly defeated and uncaring as to what happened to him next. In the distance he thought he heard barking, simply brushing it off as his imagination, or tiredness. But the sound grew louder. Believing he was going mad, he looked all over. He squinted, widening his eyes when much to his surprise the puppy came like a boulder towards him faster than those scrawny legs made possible. Ludo swelled with joy as the puppy drew closer. The dog leaps into the air as he gets near Ludo as he outstretches his arms. The dog totally pulverizes Ludo, knocking him to the ground and showering Ludo with more love than he ever received in his entire life, and returned to the pup in equal amounts. It was destiny. Two broken souls, fitting together to make something whole. Ludo wondered why the puppy didn’t stay with Star and Marco, but it didn’t last too long cause it was the happiest he’d ever been in his entire life.

Ludo decides he wants to try to build a house out in the woods, deciding in an almost gutsy way to build it within a reasonable distance from his awful family,  Thinking of Dennis. However. He wanted to try his hand at some of the newfound hope he’d received with his new best friend. The house he erected with the help of the puppy wasn’t a particularly perfect house. In fact it was rather flawed, but after three or four tries, he managed to make some chairs without them breaking under his rump, and even learned to eventually make a house that didn’t straight up fall apart just from opening the door. Ludo knew he wasn’t the best at particularly anything, but he didn’t care, and kept trying and trying to be the best he could be at being him every day from then on out.

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