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Artist // Digital Art
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I am an arty peep. History-loving. 80s/90s-movie-loving. Nonsense-loving. A Happy-cynic. Affectionate. Creative. Rationalist. Atheist. Elevatist Libertarian. Anti-SJW. Centrist. Individualist. Love Advocate (20th Century style Coupling Love). Freedom advocate. :D

Current Residence: Southwest UK

Favourite genre of music: Industrial / Metal / 70sRock / Orchestral Film Scores.

Favourite style of art: Characters, Comics, Digital art

Operating System: Win XP

Favourite cartoon character: Peter Griffin

Personal Quote: I'm not actually a full-time Otter-Spotter

Favourite Visual Artist
Michael Trim / Richard Elson / M.C.Escher / H.R.Giger
Favourite Movies
HEAT, BASIC, The Crow, Lucky Number Slevin, Alien.
Favourite TV Shows
Farscape, The Tudors, Red Dwarf, Hannibal.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
REM, The Stranglers, Teque, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, The Prodigy, Metallica, Teque, Sonic Mayhem.
Favourite Books
2010:Odyssey Two, The War Of The Worlds, BINARY, Time's Eye, SHRDLU.
Favourite Writers
H.G.Wells / Arthur C. Clarke
Favourite Games
Sonic & Knuckles, Grim Fandango, Diablo, Unreal1, X-wing vs. TIE Fighter, Jedi Knight, BF:2142.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Sega Megadrive
Tools of the Trade
A blank page, lots of pens, PainterIX and PSP9, various Digital Camcorders.
Other Interests
Art, PC Gaming, Warmth, Caffeine,Rationality.

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Eternity. Don't think about it too hard. 0.0

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It's so difficult when you bump into that 'killer thought' and start thinking about death. It's almost impossible to convey how powerful and terrifying that thought is when you let yourself think deeply about it. It hits sometimes and it wipes you out. It hit tonight. You find yourself looking at your hands a lot, and feeling the touch as you make yourself feel a senation of a scratch or pain or warmth, and then kicking yourself thinking "you're not gonna feel that one day." Your parents wont feel that. You won't even see the colour black because you as a machine that has eyes and can process colours or visuals or touch will have completely broken down, dispersed into atoms. You find yourself thinking about your earliest memory and knowing that the Earth existed before you, and there's video footage of it, and you try to remember what the nothing bit felt like to you before you were even born. Like I was born in the 80s - what did the atoms that would go to make me feel like to me in
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Mar 2021 - Spring, under IngSoc

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Still plodding through this 2nd Dark Ages that we're inside. Not being ironic or joking, btw (the only remedy ironically, is a Wild West 2.0). Things are pretty bad ever since this time last year. We've had 1 year of this shit. We're gonna have more as the Far-Left globalist technocrats ravage and continue destroying more of our world. The Lockdowns should have never happened at all. SJW subversion should have never happened. I've been fighting it for more than 5 years and I'm tired out by it now. I feel everyday now like death or imprisonment will come for me. To quote a line from a Kasabian song: "I see no future, so leave me alone in the past.". So much has changed and I don't recognise this world anymore. It's not the same one I grew up in. If you're raising children into this (why?) mess, you need to teach them that the way things are now, the state of the world they are being born into, - is not normal, not natural. Definitely a Dark Age, and people my age (I'm in my 30s) will
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Art 30 days challenge - Dec 2020

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Hi goons. Gonna be doing another digipainting month, painting per day. I should point out that I now Livestream on Some evenings, 2nd half of the week mainly, after 9PM GMT. Gaming usually - but these paintings might now make an appearance! -Des
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Thank you for the fave!

Thank you for faving! :)

Thank you for the fave!

Request: I personally don't like images posted on my comment board, only text/emoticons, etc - cheers. Preferably, I'd enjoy seeing comments more creative than "thanks/thankyou", but whatever.

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Thank you for the faves!

Thanks for faving!!

Vielen Dank !!:)