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this Digimon has a long story
i had this model meanwhile since a really long time
but wasn't able again to edit the mesh
so i was again happy that this time :iconmichelcfk: MichelCFK started the work
but as i ask him when he will start with it, he told me that there is so many stuff inside the mesh, that it is impossible to build :'(
and if i could try to build it
so i started the work and i can tell you, it was more like a pain in the ass to remove the mesh and collissions :doh:
it was really confusing and i still have a lot of shitty faces in the sheets
so do not wonder that there are some triangles at the grey zone ;P

anyway, after a lot long nights i finally can give you Wargrowlmon back
i hope you like it ;)

the model itself isn't really that hard as it may look
it has just other dimensions ^^;

build the lower torso, lower arms (blades and claws) and shoulders seperated
combine the shoulders and the head with the pages 28 and 29
and continue to the chest
when you are done you can combine lower and upper torso with each other

for the other stuff
how to add the antenna or how the claws are working
please take a look at the building process gallery
i explain everything there

if you still have any questions
feel free and ask me anytime :w00t:
you can also ask me over facebook in my Profile ;P

file description:
the file contains as always three pdo files
one with texture and folding lines
one with texture and without folding lines
and one white version with folding lines

so you need the Pepakura Viewer what you can get "here"

all three pdo's are not protected
so if you have the Designer, you can edit the sheets in the way you want :)

the package also includes the original texture
and a few screenshots what i used
specially for the hair :)

model description:
the model is really huge this time and comes on 47 pages with 350 pieces
and is 50cm tall, 45cm width and has also a depth with about 45cm
but the cool thing
it stands without any weight in the legs :D
i would count the difficult level this time at 7/10

to download the model
just click on download above on the right side
(i can't link the link anymore, dA generate a stupid url :( )

some word to the bloggers

you have the permission to use my photos

this model is a Deviantart ->>only<<- download
so do not upload this model somewhere else

and the most important thing

this model is free and should it be
so let it be!

and trust me, i search for my stuff ;)

feel also free to write a critique :)

other shots:
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