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UT2k4: Damarus - a

"Damarus hails from the Mobeth tribe of the Gen Mo'Kai where he's the son of their leader Gik Ma.
Being the leader's son might mean a life of pampering for some, but Damarus won't have any of that and he's dedicated his life to winning the tournament.
Quick and agile, this guy is more about making the finesse kill rather than overkill with heavy weapons. Still, a kill is a kill."

ok, in the first version i wrote i'm proud and happy, well that was not really true.

after quite a month of building NOW i'm proud and happy to bring you this one ^^;
and i'm glad that i can share it with you

Model specifications:
pieces: about 370 pieces
height: about 40 cm (printed on A3)
pages: 19

File specifications:
file size: 61 MB
the download file contains three different pdo's
-one without texture and the folding lines
-one with texture and no folding line (for experts ;) )
-and one with the texture and the folding lines

a more ore less detailed instruction
and a package with 14 different textures

the package also includes the sheets for the lightning gun (you can see it on the picture)

i don't added the pdf files, because every file would be 20MB big, so you need the Pepakura Viewer which you can download here

the pdo files are not protected so if you have the Designer, you can still change the size of the model

to download just click the download button :P


anything else?
ah right, i promised you something
why this model is so important for me?

well, let me tell you
let's go a little bit back in time
since the first Unreal was released, i'm a big fan of this series
the story was stunning and something complete different to the other stuff out in this time.
Unreal Tournament, the great competitor to the quake series, was the next step.

in 2002, UT2003 was released and it was overwhelming.
the model design was mouthstunning and never seen before. But there was one race that stood out against the others.
The Gen Mo'Kai
and i swear to you, i never played other chars :D

hm.. i currently noticed, that ut2004 is wrong
but not really, i used the 2004 model
so what else

in 2003 a news drove through the scene
that one guy, you may know him as "radioactiveclown" build some action figures from ut2003

you will find some images here in the DA gallery

you can imagine, as a fan this is "that" thing
but without any creditcard ore other opportunities
no chance
but I've never given up

quite month ago, i registered myself in the nintendo/pokemon papercraft forums and found a thread about converting models from 3d games.
i ask if it would be possible to get one out of the unreal engine
and they told me "yes, but they don't know how"
well, i took the chance and you can see the result ^^;

now, after seven years of waiting, my own Damarus figure stand beside me on my desk and is watching over me :P
even if it's only paper, it's worth more than it could a purchased ever be :)

to download the model
click on the download button on the right side
you can thank dA for, that i can't write the direct link anymore

other shots:
UT2k4: Damarus - b by Destro2kUT2k4: Damarus - c by Destro2kUT2k4: Damarus - d by Destro2kUT2k4: Damarus - e by Destro2kUT2k4: Lightning Gun by Destro2k

send me a picture ore the link of your build version
and i feature it here :)
© 2010 - 2021 Destro2k
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Awesome work!!
Slick-Adventures's avatar
that is impressive!
how tall is it!?
Destro2k's avatar
thank you very much :hug:
it's about 40cm high :)
Destro2k's avatar
defenitly :aww:
glad you like it :)
Sly-Mk3's avatar
Simply l33t! :D
I saw it once in a UT Art thread at the Epic Games Forum / UT2003/2004 / General Chat and just thought "WOW!". :D
And just as staceyc already said, become a member! ;)
Destro2k's avatar
even it's a heavy loaded buggy model ^^;
well it was my first :D
i'm trying since two years to build Enigma
i hope i can finish her this year
maybe then i will join ;)
glad you like it :)
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This is awesome! You should be a member of [link] :D
Destro2k's avatar
thank you :)
i will think about it :)
FL4K's avatar
Please do! Thank you :) We put in some requests to add you to the gallery and join the EpicGamers group
Destro2k's avatar
not yet, not yet ;)
Qzurr's avatar
wow man you are awesome!
Destro2k's avatar
lol thanks a lot :D
Zelwyn's avatar
No words it´s awesome
Destro2k's avatar
thx a lot, the photo is not the best
but i have some plans with this model ;)
OEVRLORD's avatar
That's really impressive.
Destro2k's avatar
thanks a lot :)
Yoni-Danziger's avatar
Brilliant work my friend!! :wow:
Destro2k's avatar
Shokuto's avatar
Holy Fucking Shit !!!!!
Destro2k's avatar
haha, funny, that's quite the same what a friend of mine said as he saw this the first time :D

glad you like it :)
Borruen's avatar
this brings so many good memories x(

awesome work!
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