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Tails the Fox - a

oh man, that took long ^^;
but finally i can show you and share the final model of Tails :dance:

before you now download the model, print and start to build it without any background informations
i have to warn you, building this model was just a pain is the ass and it was probably the hardest model i build so far :faint:
and in my case that should mean something :blushes:

even the editing was hell and meanwhile i know my job, but had i known that it would be that hard, i had edit the model much much more
there are still a few issues in the mesh but no worries, i will explain everything in the building process shots. :)

i can't really say why it was so hard, there are not much pieces or rather, not more then other model
i also cut the sheets in the best way i know, but to combine all the stuff, specially the wiskers, the chest and the tail pieces, was just ugh :doh:
maybe because this time it was just something special
the model is flying, the tail is quite the same size as the rest of the model and to find a working method to combine it with the torso took me a whole week
but hey, it is working as you can see and that's part of the job, to find and solve issues of the own models ;P

i also made a lot of photos this time, that you shouldn't have that much problems here :meow:

model description:
the model will come on 37 pages with 265 pieces and is 45cm tall
again, the model has a flying pose and will not stand anywhere
it is very hard and has a lot of weird looking pieces

the difficult level this time is 10
so don't underestimate it
and take a look at the building process gallery

file description:
the file contains as always three pdo files
one with texture and folding lines
one with texture and without folding lines
and one white version with folding lines

so you need again the Pepakura Viewer what you can get "here"

all three pdo's are not protected
so if you have the Designer, you can edit the sheets in the way you want :)

i didn't made any pdf files yet, because with 70mb each, they are just huge :(
but maybe i find an other way to upload them :)

the package also includes original texture

if you have any problems ore questions
feel free to ask :)

to download the model
click on the download button on the right side
you can thank dA for, that i can't write the direct link anymore

some word to the bloggers

you have the permission to use my photos
this model is a Deviantart only download
so do not upload this model somewhere else
and the most important thing

this model is free and should it be
so let it be!

and trust me, i search for my stuff ;)

feel also free to write a critique :)

other shots:
Tails the Fox - b by Destro2k Tails the Fox - c by Destro2k Tails the Fox - d by Destro2k sacle test by Destro2k
© 2013 - 2021 Destro2k
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Amigo puedes pasarme el archivo en mí correo porfa

friend can you send me the file in my mail please

I'm completely new to papercraft and made a huge mistake of printing this out, at the time, I was just looking for something fun to do but now I realize this is super advanced and it's gonna take me over a year to actually put this thing together. Does anyone have any guides or a video tutorial for this specific build, I'm confused on the images and don't know what I should do.

На Ютубе естт

i still havent started lol

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[Serious comment] Do you need to make his.  tail with those 2 pieces that are shown outside of the papers on pepakura?
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Thanks now I can use this model in my christian Minecraft server
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* ¡Fantástico trabajo! Lo hemos destacado dentro de la carpeta "Featured nº2 o Destacados nº 2" en Special-Groups. (Es la carpeta donde se exhiben los mejores trabajos del grupo).
¡Por favor, queremos ver más trabajos tuyos en el grupo!


* Fantastic work! Featured in Special-Groups in folder Featured nº 2. (Best works of the group). 
Please, We want to see more works in the group of you!

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😍blown away..!
Hi Destro:
I tried to download the pdf but only have images and not the actual pattern for download, is by any chance that you can send me the pdf to my email address?
My email address is
Many thanks
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você foi terrivelmente fera em seu trabalho de extrema perfeição e profissionalismo obrigada por compartilhar seu talento para todos queria tanto ter a oportunidade de aprender a fazer esse tipo de trabalho.
parabéns continue assim.
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Tails looks cute, excellent job.:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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How long did it take you to make that?
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The impossible has been accomplished.
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Wow, that's amazing
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Hi destro 2k, I building this model at the moment. I finished the tail part and the hair part, I would like to know which part should I do next?
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So is he held up in the photo by string? Also if I try this, I'm going to use wire inside and cover him with some sort of craft glue to protect the paper and the wire might add some strength but I'm busy with another project atm. Are there any more poses available for Tails?
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......He's flying?
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what kid of paper do you use? regular paper? 75g/m² of density?
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whats the made out of?
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