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Papercraft Tutorial Part 1 of 6



as you may know
shit take long ;P
and after the first poor and lazy try of a papercraft tutorial
i'm proudly present the second better version, where i'm gonna explain every single step what i do when i'm build a papermodel out of a 3d mesh :dance:

after meanwhile three years of papercrafting i still can say, it is one of the best hobbys i've ever had and with this little series i wanna show you
that it is not that hard as it looks :)
but also that there is much more work behind as you may know ;)

About the Tutorial:
This tutorial is ground basic
specially the first part, where i am explaining the first steps in Metasequoia
what means, it counts for beginner and also professional 3d desinger
the only thing what you should have is some knowledge in papercrafting
where you start
what is possible to build
and what not

for this tutorial i'm using Metasequoia, a great freeware 3d editor what you can download "here"
if you are allready using an other programm like 3dsmax, Lightwave or Blender, you can of course use one of these
it doesn't matter because the method is the same

i also use Photoshop but every other image editor should do the same
the only thing what you have to purchase is the "Pepakura Desinger"
because only the Viewer is free

About the 3d models:
there are a lot of model sources out there
google is your best friend here
but i will NOT explain how to receive or where you can download 3d game models
that is not the meaning of this tutorial and here starts also the illegal part
to recieve 3d meshes out of games, you have mostly break or rip them and you can imagine, the most developer don't really pleased by that

but as i said, google is your best friend here ;)

ok then, enough talking
let's start with the first picture where Metasequoia is allready installed

Tutorial Overview:
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Thanks for taking the time much appreciated dear sir.