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Hellraiser Lemarchand Puzzle Box



Sic and tired about this stupid apocalyptic conspiracy theories what never happend? Worried
You have enough of annoying "so called" friends? Pissed
Or you are just bored of life? Confused

If the answer is yes
then we have something for you

after our remarkable Marker Statue
Dead Space Marker Desktop Statue by Destro2k
we proudly present our new toy of joy

:iconlawooplz: THE LEMARCHAND PUZZLE BOX :icondummywooplz:

Now you don't have to wait for the next best date of armageddon
Open the gates of hell when ever YOU want  ;) (Wink)
discover a whole new world and enjoy the halls of pain
our team of professional..... professionels are allready waiting for you to show
demonstrate all kind of pleasures Aww

invite some "friends" (which deserves it Wink/Razz ) to this event for more fun and see what out team is....*ehrm* can do to them

visit our store today and for only 67,96$ this very well handcraftet puzzle can be yours
you are a fan of piecring?
Great :dance:
order in the next 24h for our special gift of 200 steel nails
(you will know what they are for)

you think 67,96$ is too expensive?
why not choose one of our "outdoor stainless steel" version?
now you can invite a lot more victims people, in school camp, parks or at other events, to your ceremony even it is raining w00t!
isn't that great?

you want more?
you can have more

even you don't figured out the first time, how the puzzle is working
we deliver you a neat little stand for your desk, to hold the box in place
and that


so come on now
order yourself this great Puzzle Box
and you can see the end coming with a smile on your face w00t!

(by purchase the Lemarchand Puzzle Box, you agree that we can not be held responsible
for mutilation and other physical changes, damages of your interior and other apocalyptic end-time scenarios)

i guess a lot of you know this box
and i had this idea (even it's not new) in my mind for a long time

a couple of years ago i try'd to build that thing the first time
but made a huge mistake that i just build one side
what made the system just impossible to work

a couple of weeks a go, i thought about that cube in a new way
created a new 3d model and splited the cube
when i can say that
"gemoetric correct"

that means, except some small changes
both sides are the same and can be turend in every direction

after the first test, where i still had some issues
this should be now the final version
or rather versions
because i have a lot of stuff in the package

file description:
the package contains this time three different versions
-one simple with 6 faces
-one what is based on two pieces what you have to build
and what you can see on the photo
-and one what i build out of several segments

as always in three different pdo formats
so you need at least the pepakura viewer
what you can download here

one version with visible folding lines
without the lines
and one white
all files are not protected
so if you have the pepakura designer, you can change the sheets in the way you want

also the package contains
three types of texture packs
one golden/wood
one silver/steel
and the original black and white from :iconartist064: artist064

also a small stand, where you can place the cube on the point

model description:
the models itself are 10x10x10 cm big
what should be quite the size of the movies

every side of the models can be changed
so if you find/or created some other configuration
you can replace them in the way you want

even i made a small gap in the 3d model
you have to be very very precise and careful
i had a lot of problems to get the long faces straight that the two half parts fit together

that's why i made the other, segment version

building tips:
score every line and overbend them to 180° first
except ones from the wooden sphere
the edges have to be very straight

when you bulild the half/half version
start every half at the top and wrap the four pieces arround
combine the the inner and lower pieces with the wooden sphere and push it inside
glue the wooden sphere first
you will notice that you can't overpress the inner edges because of the tabs
then close the pieces and it should work

then segment version
has a bit more pieces
but it should be a lot more easier to build

when you finished both sides
don't be sad that you can't push them toghter so easy
because you just can't create every side so straight
you will alsways have some trouble to combine them
but when you spend 5 min more of quality
it should work

i made a video to demonatrate what i mean…

i also thought about some other configurations
what you can see in the second movie
like this one…
ore the Leviathan config

but first enjoy this one
and don't worry about that guy with the pins in his head
he just wants to play ;)

to download the model
click on the download button on the right side
you can thank dA for, that i can't write the direct link anymore

some words to the bloggers

you have the permission to use my photo
this model is a Deviantart only download
so do not upload this model somewhere else
and the most important thing

this model is free and should it be
so let it be!

© 2014 - 2024 Destro2k
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It's amazing. I like this piece of packaging boxes. You can also go for our "custom pillow boxes".