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Ben10 - XLR8 - a

oh yeah :D
this was a must build for me
i'm a great fan of this Ben10 franchise
not only because of the story, more because of the whole alien design
specially XLR8 is one of my favorites :la:
as i saw on facebook that there exist 3d models from the games
i just had to do it ^^;

sadly, the one who posted the screenshot didn't or won't :roll: react at my offer to build this model for him
with full credits like i do when i make a collaboration
well, wasn't my problem because :iconodnamra22: Odnamra send me a message with the model
so you people can thank him, that you now can download this model :dance:

thanks a lot man :huggle:
i guess you saved the day for a lot people here :)
include mine :D

editing the model took my a while, specially the hands and legs were a bit tricky
and had i knew that the model is still that hard, i had edit it a lot more :blushes:
that's why i rate this model with 9 from 10
it's really something for experts
i swear and cursed a lot, just to tell you ^^;
there are a lot of backward foldings and tiny pieces which took a lot of patience

that for, please read the "building process gallery" closely before you start
i wrote everything down what could be helpfull for you

also, you can see it, i put a thin acryl pole into the tail
the model DON'T stand on it's own
but that's shouldn't be any problem :D

model description:
the model will come on 20 pages with 188 pieces and is 45cm tall
again, the model is hard and has a lot of tiny pieces
i rate it with 9 from 10
so don't underestimate it

build the tail, head, legs, and arms seperately and combine them later

file description:
the file contains as always three pdo files
one with texture and folding lines
one with texture and without folding lines
and one white version with folding lines

so you need again the Pepakura Viewer what you can get "here"

all three pdo's are not protected
so if you have the Designer, you can edit the sheets in the way you want :)

also for the non windows user
three pdf files
lined, lineless and white

and the original texture

that's why it is that big this time ;)

if you have any problems ore questions
feel free to ask :)

to download the model
click on the download button on the right side
you can thank dA for, that i can't write the direct link anymore

some word to the bloggers

you have the permission to use my photos
this model is a Deviantart only download
so do not upload this model somewhere else
and the most important thing

this model is free and should it be
so let it be!

and trust me, i search for my stuff ;)

feel also free to write a critique :)

other shots:
Ben10 - XLR8 - b by Destro2kBen10 - XLR8 - c by Destro2kBen10 - XLR8 - d by Destro2kBen10 - XLR8 - e by Destro2k
© 2012 - 2021 Destro2k
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Szopd ki a faszomat

It is beautiful

Beautiful men, don't you have an Ultra T model?

Alguien sabe como se descarga este modelo? Soy nuevo :'u

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One of the best aliens, hands down!
robowil's avatar
Was the 3D model from a game?
merdicano's avatar
Holy mother of god, and in the positive sense of the expression, this looks spectacular, brings me back the nostalgia feels of the show, brilliant at its best
OliverAntal's avatar
YOu should totally make Upgrade :D
OliverAntal's avatar
Looks cool but which pdf do we have to print out? Lineless or lined? ;s
where can i download it???
Destro2k's avatar
look at the right side under the "more like this" thumbs
henrydig's avatar
oh man so cool:) when will you make Four Arms, Wild mutt,Heatblast,Diamond Head,Ripjaws?:D
Priscilla19's avatar
WONDERFULL :DDDD excellent work!
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I have two questions:
1. What kind of paper do you use to make the model so... shiny and cool??!
2. What makes you want to work so hard for a model that you will give out for free??! Don't get me wrong, what you're doing is beyond noble and wonderful. It's just that I know some other DeviantArt members that make these really cool models but they won't share them no matter what and even ignore watcher's message.
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hey there
first of all thanks a lot :)
i use normal copy paper with 80gsm
the shiny look comes through the laser print
and the rest is patience ;P

then to the other question
the most crafters releasing there models
but not at deviant, mostly with a link to some other upload sources
but i know what you mean
to explain you have to know that i build the models basically just for me
i want them standing at my desk and it's still a hobby for me
i get no money or other things for building them
of course it's also that i see no reason to pay for something what i could create on my own
and when you work for weeks on one single model it has much more meaning as when you "just" buy it over amazon :)

that i later share the models is more or less just a side effect
why should i hide the stuff when others would like to build them too ?
and i would be quite an asshole if i would hold the sheets just for me ;P
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Oh you are just too adorable /)^3^(\ Your deviantart should be way more popular :squee:
superciliousmoron's avatar
This is fantastic. I love papercraft, and XLR8 makes everything better.
SilverLady7's avatar
Hi again.

As you know, I posted your XLR8 pictures in my page yesterday. Including the montage process. (you´re the Domnic who commented there, right? Just to confirm)

However I found out my Facebook account was blocked today. I´m just wondering if there was some misunderstanding and someone could have reported it, by thinking I commited art theft. Do you have some idea about who could have done that?
Destro2k's avatar
whut ? :o
i have no idea o.o
for me everything was fine
quite the opposite, i'm happy when people like my stuff
and i wrote it in the description, the photos are free to use
i'll take a look if they are there or someone post shit
SilverLady7's avatar
Really amazing! :clap: :boogie:

My group, :iconben-10-os-to-ua:, has a page on Facebook.
Ocasionally, I promote Ben 10 fans art craft, there and on Tumblr _with their permission, credits and a link to their accounts.

The Facebook album: [link]

So I´m asking exceptionally your permission to help divulging your art, because it deserves. If not, it´s okay.
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