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Rotational cannon steampunk

Final image of a historical steampunk style mutli-barreled weapon i did as part of a tutorial explaining my concept process.

The steam boiler encases the main length of the rotating barrels, and after an initial heat-up by the underslung heating elements, uses the heat of friction generated by firing to maintain steam pressure and fire the caseless powderless projectiles.

You could whoop some Victorian ass with this puppy I think.
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Nice concept, man :)
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Wow, this is very well-thought out and even a bit scientific sounding. I really like this idea.

The pioneer of fan fiction ~+~
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This looks and sounds awesome!
Very awesome, man! :)
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Goddamn I'd like to use this in my story.

But I need to learn more about it and ask your permission first, could I use this in a story?
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Thats crazy cool.
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This is a work of beauty. Never before have I seen a more thought-out, realistic, just utterly outstanding steampunk gatling gun. Sure, it would weigh a ton, but this could actually work, in real life, as in, firing actual bullets at a decent rate.
You are a true genius. Da Vinci would be proud.
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You sir are a genius ^_^
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That's kind of the best thing ever.
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The very concept of "kicking ass and taking names" in physical form, I see. Nice work here, man!
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hey im writing a book can i use this?
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If you are willing to pay 50 usd for the non exclusive right to, sure.
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yeah let me think about that ummm ill pass
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I suspected as much.
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The gas jet heating system and the giant flywheel are definitely my favorite parts. On the chainsaw grip, is that a brake lever? I imagine having a way to slow the thing to a stop after you're done leveling Holmes' townhouse would be useful, since it sounds like once you've started the thing up, it'll keep spinning even when you're *not* firing, and that could lead to unpleasant flywheel accidents. (It's hard to wear a suitably awesome scarf if you have to worry that you'll get it caught in your rotational cannon whilst stowing it.)
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The mental image of scarf related flywheel accidents is GOLD to me.
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Capes and turbines, turbans and pilot lights, scarves and flywheels. Every fashion decision a villain makes has to be weighed against the likelihood of some kind of horrific mechanical mishap.
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haha that is an awesome gun. I like how you have thought it through.
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Thanks! I wanted to try and make it look like it could work. XD
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Now THIS is what I call a fantastic steampunk design.
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