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musical seasons



from the vivid cello strings of somber falling autumn leaves,
to the cool janglings of frosty piano keys tingling the deep
rhythmic thumping of sparse bass strings shedding its winter
snow, to the playful harks of sparring violins waking to the
fresh chirpings of a dawning spring with youthful beginnings,
to the passionate duet of warmth afloat in dresses of shades
viola spilling summer fruit across glimmering fields ripened.

done senior year. right before the ap art portfolio deadline. right now it's hanging in john ramirez's home. done for a good friend, the awesome strings orchestra that i got to hang out with all senior year, and $200? i don't remember. i thought it was a lot of money. i still do.

it's a composition of four paintings that piece together (as shown above). from left to right/top to bottom: cello, violin, viola, and piano/bass. scanned from slides taken by campos photography. so these are quality transfers from actual painting to screen.

artisan water-sol. oil paint. sizes from 18"x24" to 30"x40", i think.
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Striking, I love the bold colours and disconnectedness, though it all goes fittingly together in a way as well feel wise. The caption is equally beautiful