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Transgender: An umbrella term covering all gender identities or expressions that transgress or transcend society’s rules and concepts of gender. To be trans usually means to identify as a gender other than the gender one was assigned at birth. The category of transgender includes people who have the binary gender identities of female (transgender women) or male (transgender men). The transgender umbrella includes people with nonbinary gender identities. However, some nonbinary people don't call themselves transgender.

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I'm not trans, but transgenders are really nice people.
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Can I ask what is the difference between transgender and transsexual? Sorry if it's rude, but I just don't know the difference.
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I'm an ultra feminine agender person assigned male at birth and I am uncomfortable with my body.
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Hopefully this doesnt come off as attacking

Transgender isn't an umbrella term, the word you are looking for is non-binary.…

That's the definition of transgender. Yes, it does mean not identifying as your biological sex, but it isnt the same as an umbrella term.
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except all nonbinary people are trans, since we're not the gender we were assigned at birth. 

all nonbinary people are trans, not all trans people are nonbinary. the dictionary definition you linked actually affirms that trans/transgender is an umbrella term.
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that comment was from 2017, sorry for my gross opinion back then
Current opinion: some nb people are 100% fine w labeling as trans, while others may not be. How you choose to label as an nb and/or trans individual is up to you, not anyone else.
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that's fair; though nearly every enby i've talked to has also id'd as trans. 
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Transgender is an umbrella term. Transexual is not. They’re two different things haha
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Saturn-Stardust is right.
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