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Transexpressive Stamp

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Transexpression is similar to genderfluid, except instead of one’s gender changing, their gender expression changes while their gender stays static.  The individual would feel they couldn't accurately express themselves with the presentation traditionally assigned to their gender so they would switch it up!  How one interprets certain clothing and whatnot is up to the individual.

author's note: Just because somebody is transexpressive, does not mean they are necessarily trans or in any way part of the LGBT+ community. (Side note "not part of LGBT" means cis, het, and NOT on the aro/ace spectrum)
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This applies to tomboys and fem-boys, right? I'm a FtM femboy, my expression is usually androgynous or feminine, I'm trans. 
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This sounds a lot like one friend I have in particular :0
He's trans but doesn't necessarily give a fuck what he wears, he will actually come to school in a bra and sit there looking like a chic xD
I really love him he is one of the greatest people I know