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Tutorial: Puffy sleeves

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Orz, I'll have you know this was done -VERY- quickly. I forced myself to do it because otherwise it would have been exactly the same as the Miki hat tutorial incident - it would have taken me MONTHS to complete the tutorial XD; *beyond lazy*

Somebody requested help on doing puffy sleeves, I was working on my Haine cosplay at the same time therefore I said I'd take pictures along the way and put up a tutorial for it~ So here we have it! It was done in 5 minutes at 1am therefore the wording may be a bit rough 8D;

Haine cosplay is totally in progress and that jacket is a mock up lolol. *needs longer wig*

Example of finished cosplay with puffy sleeves:

*will post clearer pictures once I take them!*
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Holy shiz thank you for this tutorial! I needed this to make the dress for my Five Nights at Freddy's Chica cosplay and these shoulders will definitely complete the dress! Thank you!!!
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OMG THANK YOU!!! I am cosplaying as someone with puffy sleeves, and all the other tutorials involved cutting weird slits and random stuff into the fabric and I was COMPLETELY confused. Your method is a TON easier! Thanks so much! :)
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Do you think that I can use this for Madoka's school uniform top ?……
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omg this is great! thank you :-D
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:iconcraiplz: omg!!!i've been looking for a tutorial like this for MONTHS!!!im so glad that you made this ;;u;; makes me soooooooo happy!
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Awwww you're so sweet :heart:
Thank you! I'm glad this tutorial makes you happy x)
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Ahh, so that's how you make the puffy sleeves! I'm surprised to find this kind of tutorial, thanks for sharing!
Great job! I fav this so I can come back to that tutorial in the future! Perfect! =)
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No problem, thank you for faving it! I'm glad you find it helpful. Admittedly looking back at it I don't think it's the best of tutorials, but the basic principals of gathering the fabric is shown in the photos so I guess people haven't moaned at me yet hah! Wishing you the best of luck for future projects :)
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It's quite basic but still pretty good tho. It gives me an idea on how to make a puffy sleeve. I thought it looks hard at 1st, but the instruction looks easy to follow.

Though I was quite confused on the gathering the fabric part. =p Do you mean like squish the fabric together, or something like that? :o Because when I tried it with scrap fabric, it didn't look quite the same as yours. =)
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Yeah gathering is basically where you take a length of fabric and squish it together (you can do this by doing a wide running stitch and then grab one end and pull it tight).
Say you want the poof to be twice the size of your arm. Literally make the sleeve twice as big and then pull it tight to the measurement of your arm and it'll poof out.
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Ooh ok I see now =D
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I finally find one! Ukraine accuracy, here I come!
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Yay! Glad it'll come in handy x) Good luck!
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Hm! ^.^ I'll just have to favorite this for quick access!
Destinys-spirits's avatar
Hehe, thanks for the fave x)
I hope it's useful!
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I'll definitely use it..... eventually.
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...I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
This helps me a great deal. Thank you ^^
Destinys-spirits's avatar
I'm glad it's helpful x) Thank you very much for the fave!! <333
Luna-RoxCosplay's avatar
XD WOOO Indeed :D
No problem! This is like the holy grail for me at the moment XD
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Oh my god I love you x3 I needed a tutorial for my Hitagi cosplay,and now I don't have to go buy a stupid pattern that I would screw up anyway xD
Thank you~
Destinys-spirits's avatar
Yaaay! Glad it's helpful x) *happydance*
Haha, I don't tend to get on with patterns myself, I very very rarely use them! Usually I just guess and hope it works LOL!

You're welcome~~ I'd love to see the finished results if possible x)
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Haha I do he same thing, but my mom is always bugging me with "Katie you have to use a pattern or you can't make the -insert cosplay thing here-.
Lol anyway thanks C:
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Thanks so much for making this! I think it'll be really helpful for future cosplays! 8D
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You're welcome! Thank you for the fave ^_^
I hope you find it useful : D
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