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Tutorial: Newsboy hat

Another tutorial from myself!

This is how I made my hat, The patterning took trial and error but from then on it was simple.

I hope this comes in handy for anyone, please let me know if you use it and if you see something which you think is wrong, please do let me know.
Any other questions, feel free to ask!

My hat lacks a buckle I know, it's on my first version of the hat which was store-bought and modified (INACCURATE!) and I've lost it. When I find it I shall take the buckle from that and sew it onto this new hat, but for now - unless I find a cheap little buckle, this hat shall be buckleless!
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Questions: On the first step when your making the curved traingles, How would you draw the circumference of your head onto fabric. Also, Whats seam allowance?
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Your tutorial is really useful, and helped me make my hat for my cosplay. I've finished everything except for the peak, in which I have to ask: can you elaborate on how to make the peak stay up when you sew it on? 
BAMF-Legit-Cosplay's avatar
This tutorial is perfect! Can't wait to see how my own Naoto cosplay turns out now ^^
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I'll probably use this for Kotone's hat, but with more fabric, and I'm going to build it on the top of a baseball cap and stuff it with stuffing.
dontwistheknife's avatar
I used this tutorial to make the hat for my Naoto cosplay. Very easy to follow and it makes a good hat (even if it does like to pull on my wig from time to time)
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Thank you for the feedback, means a lot to me!
You did a great job, thanks for using my tutorial!
PrincessPiranha's avatar
Ooh! This is so handy! I'm planning to do a Letter Bee cosplay (Aria), so I'm going to make my own hat. Thank yoou!
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Thank you! Glad my tutorial is helpful! Good luck! :)
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Your wonderful resource has been featured in my latest journal here [link]

If you would rather not be featured please let me know and I will remove your image.

Much love
Shell :salute:
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Thank you so much Shell!! Lovely surprise of the day for me :D
XxDawnxRiderxX's avatar
Finally! Someone who explains how they made this hat! I'm going as Naoto for my first convention and the hat is pretty much a MUST. How much did the fabric cost you?
Destinys-spirits's avatar
Ahhhh that's awesome! What an awesome first cosplay, I highly approve :D
Uhmmm... That is a very good question... It should cost no more than $10. I made this hat before I started keeping track on costs so I can only give a rough estimate I'm afraid D;

Have lots of fun at your first convention :D
XxDawnxRiderxX's avatar
Whre, okay, great! Thanks a lot! =)
Secret-Night's avatar
I like this hat; I will make it. :3
Destinys-spirits's avatar
Awesome!! Do let me know how it goes x)
Cookiecat88's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial!
This is exactly what I'm looking for! C':
Destinys-spirits's avatar
You're welcome!
I'm glad it's handy :)
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If you had used a heavier interfacing on the inside of the cap before you sewed it together you probably could have got it as stiff as the one in the picture.
Destinys-spirits's avatar
Cheers! But I purposely used lightweight interfacing because I'm not really a fan of really stiff hats unless it's like a military hat or something! Personal preference I spose.
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This was definitely come in handy! :3 I was actually looking for a hat similar to this, but with a different color, but maybe I'll try to make one by using your guidelines :D
Thanks so much for making this tutorial! ♥♥
Destinys-spirits's avatar
Yay! I'm glad it'll come in handy :D Always happy to see my tutorial being used!
Please link me a photo if you really decide to make one x)
Kiki-ishtar's avatar
this is really hepful! thanks! :D
Destinys-spirits's avatar
You're welcome! Post a link if you ever use it! 8D
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