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My Kingdom Hearts Tattoo

I LOVE kingdom hearts, I don't care what anyone says, so I got this tattoo ^_^
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Wow, so far best and different idea for a kingdom hearts tattoo. It's lovely and designed beautifully! Man great job!
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That's pretty bad ass!! I'm getting mine soon :D heartless!! lol
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its so beautiful :D did it hurt?
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Nope :) but I have a high tolerence for pain. some people say that ones on your wrist, ankle, and chest (bony areas) are the worst, but this was nothing!
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kay thanks :hug: I really want to have one on my wrist but I'm so sensitive to pain >.<
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Hi there again. I'm getting a Kingdom Hearts tattoo and this is just perfect. Would it be possible to get a higher resolution picture of this to take in to the artist?

Please and thank you.
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Honestly no. I don't have a good digital camera at all. What you should do is what i did. Take the blank heart and crown to a tattoo artist. Tell them what you want, and have them draw one for you. If they can't do that, BELIEVE ME you don't want them to tattoo on your skin. I have one that i completely regret because of that very reason.
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You're right, that would be a good idea. Thanks for the insight.
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Do you have the original artwork for this ? I'm totally in love with it :o
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Unfortunately no =/ i came in with something that looked different than this. And the artist who did it said "when i put a tattoo on a girl, i try to think how it will look in an evening dress" and drew this.

I can say that i am still in love with this tattoo today :) Whereas the first one i got was a mistake lol.
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Oh alright. Thank you though! This will be my inspiration still :P
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tats pretty badass lol its cool^^
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Awesome tattoo. Awesome game.
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Thanks very much! ^_^
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