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Dakotas/Claire's backstory preview
One dark and stormy night a young mobian woman draped in a brown cloak, enters a room that she had reserved for her purposes that night. She goes to a desk in a dark corner takes a seat and begins to write.
There were once two sisters, they were as close as can be. But not many know the tale of how this sisterly bond came to be so strong, and those who do never tell another soul. But I know this tale well. Now just who were these sisters... They aren't famous in any sense of the word, but if you knew them you were blessed for you had made friends for life, ones who would stick with you through thick and matter what the cost to themselves may have been... This is the tale of the fox sisters Dakota and Claire. Now their tale begins in a busy town which was once known as Mobotropolis.
:icondestinyhunter77:Destinyhunter77 1 0
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Can't Change The Past: Chapter Five [DISCONTINUED]
Link's P.o.V
I exit Southern Castle Town, nervousness tingling throughout my entire body. I'm going to see them again, the two people who I missed for nine years... I shake my head, clearing my thoughts. The setting sky bathes the area in different shades of red, pink, orange, blue, and purple. The grass bends gently in the warm breeze. I close my eyes, enjoying its caress before letting out a sigh.
They won't be here for at least a couple more hours... Might as well make myself more comfortable.
I head down the extravagant staircase, the fountains around it creating a peaceful aura. When I get to the landing, I turn right and start towards a tall pillar of land, the top only accessible by climbing a series of vines that have grown on it. I chuckle. Ever since we were little, (Y/n) loved high places, so I guess that's why she chose to meet here.
I climb up the pillar with ease, sitting down when I reach the top. I lay down, closing my eyes. A little nap can't hurt, rig
:icongreenzebra00:Greenzebra00 9 8
Everlasting Snow: Chapter 1
The fire crackles before you, telling you its history in a long-forgotten language. You sit on the floor in front of it, staring attentively back into its dancing flames, hypnotized by its tale that you can’t understand. It pops and bursts at moments of excitement, making your heart skip a beat even though you can’t quite figure out why.
Your fantasy book lays forgotten beside you as you listen, clutching to your hot chocolate and drawing your blanketed knees up as a makeshift table.
It’s quite talkative, really. But that tends to happen when you’ve been around for a very long time and someone finally sits down to listen to your story, even if they can’t understand you. You see, that’s the thing with fire. It can never quite get through its tale, whether it’s because it gets put out by the impatient or goes out because someone gets bored and neglects to fuel it.
All in all, it’s very excited that it has an audience today.
As the fire paus
:iconlegendoffullmetal:LegendofFullmetal 492 136
August Hero Challenge
:iconreneedicherri:reneedicherri 677 879
To Love Alicorn Part 23 by vavacung To Love Alicorn Part 23 :iconvavacung:vavacung 620 205 Base 210 by SparBases Base 210 :iconsparbases:SparBases 125 12



 i ask this because today at school me and 3 of my friends were playing FNAF, and we noticed something. that when i played i was always killed by freddy(i still have power btw) foxy never shows up, chica pops up every now and then and bonnie shows up and doesnt leave till im in the single digits.
while with my first friend chica always kills her and bonnie always shows up right before foxy or chica then leaves almost immediatly after she closes the door.
with my second friend bonnie always kills him and chica never shows up while freddy and bonnie only come everynow and then.
and with my third friend foxy always kills him none of the other animatronics ever show up.

this has led me and my friends to a create a head cannon; that the animatronics like some people and will try to help and hate others and try to kill them.

we belivev this because the pattern listed above for me and my friends stays the same each time we play no matter what device its on.

head cannon for friends:
me: foxy likes me freddy hates my guts
1st friend: bonnie likes her and chica hates her guts
2nd friend: chica likes him and bonnie hates his guts
3rd friend: freddy bonnie and chica fear him foxy hates his guts(we say thay fear him because when ever he stands behind us watching us play nothing shows up except for foxy.)

so how about you guys who hates your guts and who likes you?
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