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Remeber Magus from chrono trigger???? He was my fav to use and down right cool in my Opinion XD so from one of my fav games of all times here ya go!!! My best colring XD i now i always say that but i think my coloring sucks so...
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Magus was always my favorite character next to Crono, namely because I'm a big fan of magic and swords, but scythes are just badass. I was actually a little disappointed when they re-released the game but didn't do anything to expand on his prophetic abilities. Still, awesome game. 

Spoilers below: don't read if you don't want to know. You have been warned. 

For those of you who are confused, when you first meet Magus, it's when he's a child as Janus Zeal, basically remarking 'A black wind blows. One of you will die soon.' This shows he has some real ability to gaze into the future, if only terms of sensing things. But we see none of that in the adult Magus, which is why I found that disappointing.