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Back in psychiatric hospital. Just thought I'd show my messy face and give you real life appreciation:

Love you guys, I'll write more when I'm in a bit more of a stable place, :iconblueheartplz:

Peace, Love and Strength,
Blue xx
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happystarry Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2019
I'm so sorry you've been going through so much. You're really strong to have gotten through all of it. Your art really speaks of your struggles and your passion. They're so beautiful.
I trust things get better. Thanks for everything you do for us.
thepozcat2 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 31, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hope you get better soon. Hugs 
kmkibble75 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi. I just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about your art, and I hope you're doing well. 
Lily-1984 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
hope all the spooky ghosts turned into silly fairies. 
Nymphmare Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You have the strength to be just as beautiful in the mind as you are on the outside and in your art.
Holding on is the hardest thing to do but only makes us more of who we are. Without it we just become 
less of the pieces that make up what we become. Nothing we say will change what is inside of you, the struggle
and the pain, but we will all say it anyway :)
  Nymphmare, (these are the pieces of me.)
egergo Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2018  Professional General Artist
Healing will  come from
from inside.

I am sure you have special abilities, seeing what you draw...

You have to learn to take care of your own consciousness.
For doctors its just a work.
For you its your life.
They do not understand what you see.
Only a few people does.

Learn to ride your horse....


keywords for youtube:

"5 Tips For Empaths To Prevent Anxiety And Depression"

"Empaths Take Back Your Power (5 Tips)"

learn breathing techniques

best wishes

MochaRoses Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Love you Blue💙💙💙
Oneironautika Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
*offers comforting and encouraging hugs if they'll help*  :comfort: 
peanutman27 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
if you ever need to talk I myself as i am sure many others here would be happy to listen, you have given us/the world so many beautiful creations and i would love to return the favor if you need. you are a magical soul inside and out, even in the dark corners of your mind that don't often see the light.
MurcuryPoison Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2018  Student General Artist
I'm starting to go through the same sort of thing in my life. Or at least something of similar elements. I was wondering, is there a better? If you never been happy and you want to be happy and you can't be happy, can there be a happy? Will I be happy or am I doom to feel unhappy and I should just give up? The circumstances I'm in doesn't allow me to do much about it. I can't do any significant change to my life. I just have to wait until I can do something. Or maybe I'll never get the chance to do that something. Or maybe when i do get the chance it won't change anything. It's feels like it's not worth waiting for. I feel nothing, while everyone around me have such lively emotions and excitement. I keep trying to emulate these emotions and fake my feelings. Feelings like sadness when someone you know dies. Or happiness when your favorite book is about to come out in movies. But feel nothing inside. I feel isolated and unrelatable. I try to be normal which I'm good at faking at but it doesn't change me. It doesn't change the inside. I don't feel happiness. How can or what is there to wait for? Is there a better?
MochaRoses Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, my dude. You aren't doomed. I can tell you from personal experience that you can feel. happy again. It just depends on what you do.
Now, you say your circumstances prevent you from doing anything. But there are still ways. Talk to a family member or a friend. I know it can be hard to say how you feel. But you shouldn't mask your pain. Covering up the scars don't help them fade. To deal with my mental issues, I talked to my friends and occasionally a counselor. I personally don't respect therapy but I know for some people it makes a huge difference. My closest friends struggle with the same issues I do. Your friends can make a difference in your life. There's so much to wait for, but no need to wait.

If youre ever feeling like hurting yourself:


I hope you feel better :)
farzmatin Featured By Owner Edited Nov 14, 2018
Sweet Destiny, i hope all is better now. You are Loved Profoundly. I get the neuroleptic (anti-psychotic) medicine Fluanxol (R), 15mg of flupenthixol decanoate (?) Depot, injected into my Deltoid (shoulder muscles, left alternating with right side every 2 weeks) IntraMuscularly (IM) every 2 weeks and it has stabilized my mood and sleep patterns (circadian rhythm) and increased my positive outlook. Also, whenever i feel my akathisia coming on (uncomfortable feeling of having to continuously move my body, severe restless body and thought pressure) i take by mouth (P.O.) 2 or 3 tablets of 0.5mg clonazepam (Rivotril(R)'s  generic tablets) to calm down my akathisia, sometimes adding 1 tablet of 1mg benztropine (of Cogentin(R) generic brand) for more efficacy. if you find you are having trouble with akathisia or any kind of dyskenisias, feel ok to ask the doctor's clinicians where you live to try them. They work well. If you are doing well with what you are on right now, then all is good and please ignore this message. Sending you Lots of Divine Love and Light and Protection and Healing <3 <3 <3 Also, if this comment or any comments trigger or cause you distress, please feel ok to delete/remove it Hug  
XxMaxxiTategamixX Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
We love you :heart:
8-0-8 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2018

Vivyi Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Take care Blue! And I hope you begin to feel better soon! I just got out of the psychiatric hospital myself 2 days ago, so I know how it feels. It does get better fortunately and I hope and wish for a safe recovery for you.

You are an amazingly strong woman with a heart of gold, and I think you have the strength to overcome this. :heart:
Zalloy Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2018
Hope you make a strong recovery and feel better soon, much <3 back!
Mangagirl18 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018
Darcy-2017 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2018
I wish you all the best.

You work has something special in it.

Remember to take care of yourself, and not just everyone else.

SheenaUrbi Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2018
Take care of yourself DestinyBlue! We're all praying you recover quickly, but we know it isn't easy. Please know that you are in our thoughts, and we'll be here waiting for you when you are ready. 
DeadlyCookie98 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2018
I'm really impressed by this, it must take quite a lot of energy and willpower to give even such a small thank you message, so I think you deserve all the support you get, in whatever shape it may be.
LordSia Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2018
Take care of yourself! I hope you feel better soon!
grinkat Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Take care of yourself and stay strong. We're here for you, and we'll be right here waiting for you, too.
MetalPorSiempre Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hope things get better soon! Take care!
ymmijofmyself Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018
I hope everything turns out alright!  Remember there's always someone out there that care for you!
LaEnigmaDama Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018
CLANNAD AS - Ushio Worried/Concerned Oh dear. I'm so sorry your going through this. I pray your recovery be as smooth and quick as possible. We'll be here for you when you are up to returning. Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] You can beat this.
Spectral-Amnesiac Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Best of luck with your recovery! We're here for you Blue! 
LS-Illustration Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018  Professional General Artist
Heart  Best luck with the recovery Hug 
NoHB Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wish all the best, may your recovery be fast ! We are all with you ! 
Myst-Enjiru Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018
Hope things even out for you soon. We'll be waiting for you :)
ShadowRoadz Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Take the time you need to get yourself feeling better <3
Ready2Create Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018   General Artist
I wish you the best recovery, Blue :thanks:
Whatever happens next, know that you are a wonderful person :hug:
alvringer Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good luck with your recovery, I wish you all the best <3
nighthawk81 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018
Everyone has already said it ... but this old man had to chime in.

I love you, Blue ... and so do a WHOLE!LOT OF OTHERS.  Get well, darling girl.
whoknewboo Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018
I love you and your strength!  It is truly an inspiration.  I wish you health, and you are in my prayers.

You are never alone.

Cheers, Beautiful Blue.
DarqueThoughts Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018
Thank you for that lovely video, Blue! Blue Heart Emoji 

I wish I could give you a real-life hug right now! :tighthug:

You are a beautiful person!!! Hang in there, and get well!

Remember, we are here for you, and we love you!

Be well,
zarasque Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018
HenriJonesJr Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018
Get better! We need you back safe and well!
HoshisamaValmor Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018
fast recovery
ChalkArtist1216 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Best of luck with the recovery, Blue; we're here for you. :hug:
Star-Waves Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
We love you Blue!!
mdchan Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Absbor-J Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
username465 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] 

Much Love, and much llamas
liselotte41 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Vyamester Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Professional Interface Designer
I know how hard itis when the world is not the brightest place, but always think about those who supportyou and send their love for you. You are never alone. We are here, right next to you, even if phsically thousands of miles aways. Keep up!^^ 💙💙💙💙💙
Skullgrin-140 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Professional General Artist
Take care of yourself Blue, all the best. 
AKikkaKikka Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018
We will be awaiting for you here! Expectantly! Love Bounce 
Xender1500 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I wish you a speedy recovery. We understand that you can't be available because sometimes life just gets in the way, even if not in the way we want
ActeriaArts Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Eclipse Change Log: March 27, 2019In this week’s change log, we’re excited to announce a series of updates and improvements, including many bug fixes! Change LogBy popular demand, the comments section on your Profile can now be removed!Fixed issue where deviants could no longer add new profile sections if they’ve removed all of them from the left column of their profile. (Thanks to everyone who reported this!)Error (404 and 504) pages now have a brand new design!Every section of Watch and Feedback now has its own URL.Fixed issue where clicking the back button on your browser during or immediately after browsing Feedback would not bring you to the correct page. On notifications dropdown, the “See All” button is loaded instantly so you can quickly access the Feedback page before your notifications even load.The “Select All” button to mass remove Feedback and Watch messages is now clearer and easier to access. Removed Google+ from social media buttonsFixed issue where buy button on deviation pages would not work in Firefox.Added text to submit page to clarify that additional details (tags, categories, descriptions, etc.) are optional.Fixed issue where a bio could not be saved if you completely removed everything. Improved the look of Watch and Feedback when any of your sections are empty.Profiles now show a prompt to add header art when you haven’t added one yet.Improved performance of browse and search pages.In addition to these updates and bug fixes are smaller improvements we’ve made as we continue to develop larger features in Eclipse. Share Your FeedbackFollow these steps to share your feedback:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseHover over your avatarSelect “Give Your Feedback” to access our official formJoin the Waiting List!Haven’t received access to Eclipse yet? Join our waitlist today! Eclipse is steadily rolling out to deviants, so we’d love for you to start exploring the next phase of DeviantArt!
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Over 4,000 deviants have already tried Eclipse and many have shared their invaluable and much-appreciated feedback. We’ve received nearly 1,700 individual Eclipse feedback reports — including 407 bug reports, 532 feature requests, and 748 pieces of general commentary. Our team has read through and triaged over 60% of these reports and has a goal of completing all of them in the coming week. Thank you to every deviant who has taken the time to share feedback. Whether you’re someone who provided a few words or several paragraphs of candid response, we appreciate the passion you have for helping us ensure Eclipse will meet the needs of our diverse community.

This Is Just the Beginning of Eclipse

As with most Beta releases, we launched Eclipse knowing there were bugs and highlighted a handful of the most obvious in our release journal. We wanted to release sooner than later so we can begin this journey together – gathering feedback and insights and applying it into our development, fixes, and improvements. Plus, as Beta Testers, this is what you signed up for! We need your deviant-expertise to help identify bugs everything from baby bugs to elusive, exotic bugs.

Based on feedback, it’s clear there are certain areas of Eclipse that are leaps and bounds ahead of the “green site.” It’s also clear there are some things that need to be improved. We expected this and continue to welcome your feedback — the good and the bad. We’re in this together and want to hear from deviants every step of the way.

We're Exploring More Ways To Customize Your Profile

Eclipse provides new ways to personalize your Profile, including the ability to select Header Art for your page, linking to your social media platforms, and stating your commission status. However, with the removal of Custom Box, we heard, loud and clear, that deviants want more options to display content.We’re also in the process of exploring other ways you can customize your Profile.We’ll be sharing tips and varied examples of ways you can really customize Profiles. In the meantime, here’s one example of how @katy-l-wood is testing Eclipse’s current abilities to enhance her Profile.
Many deviants asked for the ability to showcase a single deviation on your profile. This is something we are already working on. We’d also like to clarify that, for the foreseeable future, Custom Boxes within Groups will remain as they are. Groups will eventually be redesigned with Eclipse in mind, but that process won’t be complete for many months. We’ll provide advance notice about any removal of Custom Boxes in Groups.

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The new Feedback allows easy viewability of your most recent and unread notifications; however, we’ve seen concerns about Feedback needing improvement as a whole. For example, deviants report it’s cumbersome to remove notifications and it’s hard to remove notifications in bulk. We’ll be making the “remove” button more accessible so that you can one-click remove (or one-click save) just as you could on the “green site.” We’re still reviewing the experience of mass removing feedback and hope to have updates soon.We are currently working on issues regarding Header Art and avatars – specifically, their size and quality. Icon codes and plz accounts will be coming soon to Eclipse. :iconlaplz:The new text editor makes it easy to write Literature, with the option to add formatting and illustrations to your work. That said, the Literature experience in Eclipse is still a work in progress. As we mentioned in the Beta journal, using Literature and journal thumbnails is not yet finished. Literature thumbnails in the sidebar (under “More Like This”) are also not yet finished.Improving the display of Literature thumbnails is something our Product and UX teams are already actively working on improving.Having a “Show More” link on deviation descriptions and comments allows for a cleaner viewing experience; however, based on feedback, we've removed "Show More" from deviation descriptions and comments.While search in Gallery, Favourites, and Journals didn’t make it into the Beta version of Eclipse, it’s our aim to bring this functionality to Eclipse.Several deviants brought up that the ability to include thumbs by pasting a URL (or thumb code) is not currently possible. We mentioned this in the original announcement, but we want to reiterate this is not working as intended and will be implemented in the future.

Of course, this isn’t a complete list. It represents our first step at addressing some of your top concerns and we’ll be sharing more responses and updates — including bug fixes — in the weeks ahead.

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We also want to give a shout-out to the amazing deviants who’ve produced really thorough Eclipse reviews:

Re: Eclipse by @rotane Eclipse by @katy-l-wood Review of Eclipse + Suggestions @nominee84 @senshistock’s video and documentEclipse Glimpse and Thoughts by @lexidus @taitrochelle’s videoMy Deviation Submission Journey in Eclipse PLUS by @ilantiis My Thoughts on the New Watch/Feedback System by @iingo Eclipse: WhatIsRight, WhatIsNot, HowToFixIt @ashclad-shade

Again, thank you to everyone! With your feedback, we’ve filed numerous bugs and our developers are working on them continually.


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