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This is Blue's partner Joe. I have bad news to report unfortunately, Blue is currently recovering in a Suicide Respite House after another horrible mental health episode. So I've started this GoFundMe campaign to help get her the medical care she needs to recover long term. 
I love her so much, and know so many of you love her too, so I hope we can help her together.
Thank you 💙
Back in psychiatric hospital. Just thought I'd show my messy face and give you real life appreciation:

Love you guys, I'll write more when I'm in a bit more of a stable place, :iconblueheartplz:

Peace, Love and Strength,
Blue xx
I'm at New York Comic Con this weekend! Find me in the Artists Alley C24 :iconblueheartplz: 

Sorry I didn't post about this before, things have bee rough lately, but at least I made it out! :)

NYCC announcement by DestinyBlue

Who's gonna be there?

Peace, Love and under preparing,

I'm hosting a HUGE giveaway on instagram, where you can win a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium, 36 Winson and Newton pigment markers, and £100 store credit to my print shop ~together worth over £500! I want to give back to you and say thank you for all your support 💙

Giveaway-da by DestinyBlue

Many thanks to wacom who gifted the #intuospro which is a sweet piece of kit I use to do a lot of my work, and my local art shop in East London Atlantis Art Materials who contributed the (very special) markers~ (their store is huge and you should check it out)

To enter you must repost this image on instagram with the hashtag #destinyblue100k, and tag me DestinyBlue. You can also get bonus entries by posting your favourite of my art on there and tagging #destinyblue100k 

The rules and everything else is up on insta - so head over there!

Thank you and much love 💙💙💙
You are of course allowed to spread this around outside of Instagram, (if you do, you're awesome) but official winners will only be picked on IG 
You have until next Sunday to enter! :D :D :D

Peace Love and prizes, 
Blue x
Draw This In Your Style! by DestinyBlue
Almost 2000 redraws of my fish hair girl (!!) 💙💙 I feel like I've collaborated with so many of you! It was so hard to chose who to feature let alone winners! 100 easily deserved to be up here!

I know there'll be some disappointed people, so please keep in mind my choices are imperfect, there certainly some more technically proficient pieces which didn't make it, I had to go with my heart, and I wanted some variety too.

See the top 10 print winners on my instagram 

But I'm also awarding 2 extra DeviantArt print winners: Goldfish by PrivateCoppery and The Colour of Water by BirdyBlubecause they are both fantastic!

Thank you to each and every one of you who redrew - I was so happy to see you breath life into my girl ^_^

This is not the end though! You are welcome to post your redraws forever! I'll keep her up in my gallery so you can come and be inspired whenever you need it. 

Here are some more of my favorites:
Fish by jadoan20 DestinyBlue Redraw by Akoriel DestinyBlue Redraw by vulpinks Draw This in Your Style - DestinyBlue by Yseulta DestinyBlue-Redraw by Anorha-Nono Blue by GreyAreas DestinyBlue redraw challenge by Crok29 Destinyblue my style character redraw by llymphae [13] Luminous by Catstudio7 my blue space by Kittyillustrations Draw This In Your Style! - Destiny Blue Redraw by SilverSweety Draw this in your style | DestinyBlue by InvisibleKing DestinyBlue Redraw by KimberlyColors DestinyBlue Redraw Challenge by Prismo-Art Drew that in my style by Little-Caracal this was meant to be a warmup by ad--meliora destinyblue redraw challenge by ProspitFox deepsea by kyosplosion Lost in the Deep Blue | Redraw Challenge by birdielou Draw This In Your Style - DestinyBlue by JustNeus DestinyBlue by CleoNova DestinyBlue Redraw by mszsz Fishy by WildGuppy marine glow by emiiarryoux Destiny Blue Challenge by Scaevitas Destiny Blue Redraw by Czhe Answer 1 -draw this in your style- by Neko3935 Destinyblue's Redraw Challenge ~ by Luludia I drew this in my style! by Stairfell Style Meme | DestinyBlue by Luminene Destinyblue - Draw This In Your Style 2018 by Ejderha-Arts Inmystyle DestinyBlue by FoxPirate Out for a Smoke... by Desert-Carnation006 goldfish girl by LaurisWorld Goldfish | Draw This In Your Style (DestinyBlue) by xKittyblue [DTIYS] Goldfish Girl by RoseSpectrum Destiny Blue Redraw by Niihlus redraw challenge thingy by akaei Draw this in your style by Ameliasketches Goldfish Galaxy by elikapika Goldfish by 301cc #Drawthisinyourstyle Destiny Blue by Rumay-Chian DestinyBlue Redraw Challenge by Fieta Draw This In Your Style  by PSfreak2012 Water and Light by Mariipie Destiny Blue'd Draw This In Your Style  by PandoryArt [2018] Drawinyourownstyle III by IrisSeptim

I leveled up! Had a boss fight with depression over the winter, and while I had to restart a few times I made it! *Victory


Thanks for sending me power crystals in the form of your kind messages, they helped me vanquish the beast 💙 😊

33057535 1649765888405578 8091796489644277760 O by DestinyBlue

I spent my birthday around some of the most beautiful plants in the world at Kew Botanical Gardens. A a good reminder that I'm still growing too...

I can very happily say - yes - I will be at MCM London Comic Con! There will be some new drawings ready for you (one I should have online very soooon)

Come and hang out at booth DB1, yes, not even kidding, my booth number is DB1, how perfect is that! (very easy to remember 😉) It's near the Comic Village like usual.

I often have people tell me they're too scared to come and say hello, or they think they have to buy something to come to the stall. Please don't worry, I love to chat, and am just a strange blue girl looking to connect with others 😊 If the booth is busy, just stand there a bit, and I'll get round to you - it's kind of like a bar! XD

I'll be selling the usual prints; But this time (and this time only) I'm bringing some canvases of some of my older drawings. Some of you might remember, but in around 2014 I sold canvases of my work. 

Cann by DestinyBlue

While I loved the look of them, they turned out to be hard to transport to shows and expensive to ship. So I stopped doing them, and then depression came hard and I just had boxes of them collection dust for years... Well I've sorted them out! I'm not printing anymore, but selling what I have. They are fine art quality, 12 x 16 inches, 2.5 inches deep. Sold first come first serve at the stall (not online, sorry) for just £39.99. Below are the artwork available, and there are only 1 or 2 of each!canvasesDONE by DestinyBlue

I'm also working hard on an exclusive print for the show! With the success of the Timed Release exclusives last year, I'll be doing the same thing again this year. So the print will be available to order online for the same time the show it open (Friday 25th - Sunday 27th) So eveyone who is keen to get one can own them ^_^

So who's coming to say hello at MCM?!  Franziska  :iconblueheartplz:  

Peace, Love and Preparations,

So I was asked a week ago to have a spot in the NYCC Artists Alley -  how could I say no?!

Nyccsleep by DestinyBlue

So I've been flat preparing!

My body is not ready. Send tea.

Come say hello in the Artists Alley, table C8!

I managed to draw a new exclusive for you guys!

Happy Tears- Limited Print by DestinyBlue
which I really love - so I hope you like it too!

The release of this print is limited - so can ONLY be ordered from today until the 8th of October. Either bought at the show or ordered online (and shipped when I'm back home on the 14th) So you have from NOW until Sunday 8th Midnight to order via my store, and I won't be selling ever again after 😀

Order through my print store: 

(click on the size you want and it will take you through to a selection chart)


Are you coming to NYCC? :D

Peace, Love and Last Minute Things,
Blue xx
Should have posted about this ages ago - and now I'm in a rush to get to the show this morning! XD

Come find me at 1403 booth, in the dealers section - Looking forward to meeting you!

Saltlakephoto by DestinyBlue

Just me and my little booth ;)

And I have my Limited Release Print I'm selling at the show and online over this weekend ONLY: Growing - Limited Print by DestinyBlue
Order at my Parint Shop

See you at the show! 💙💙💙

Peace, Love and Conventions,
Blue xx
I went on a little cottage holiday to the countryside -
Readholi by DestinyBlue

It was a very traditional old English cottage!

Ruinned by DestinyBlue
The ruined in the ruins...

it was great great to have a little getaway, and I really feel like it was a bit of a reset :D

I'm now at Ja

panExpo this weekend - writing this from Paris! :D
Jexparismap by DestinyBlue
They put me in the fashion section for some reason this year *shrugs*
Fbparis by DestinyBlue
My name in cardboard! 😂

My Limited Release Sketch Print is available at the show - and you can also order it online over the date of the show!
Limitedtimesflower2 by DestinyBlue
I really love how it turned out ^-^

So I'm going to be super busy this weekend! Hope you're having a more relaxing time of things ;)

Peace, Love, and Pacing Yourself,
Blue xx
I'm another year older, but I feel a lifetime wiser, a lots happened in the last year, good and bad, but I made it, came out, and am at the edge if a new year, looking out into it's brightness.

So it's perfect timing for my first show of the year this weekend - MCM London Comic Con:

Booth 3111 - North Hall - Comic Village

~~Yes I will be there personally, giving out hugs and prints. Do feel free to come say hello! I'd love to see you there! :heart:

Mcmmapmay17 by DestinyBlue

I will also have an exciting exclusive print - but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about that! :dance:

Thank you sooooooooo much for your awesome birthday wishes! So kind :heart:
I had a great day - some of you may have seen - chilling out in a ballpit, so I don't feel too old ;)Ballpit by DestinyBlueBallpit2 by DestinyBlue

Some really kind people drew me some really beautiful art:

Gift for Blue by sporubyk Destinyblue - Freedom for Art by ChristianPrime1-Bot Blue girl by Narumi-Naru Gift Art to DestinyBlue by Absbor-K DestinyBlue by SevenSkyesofFire Happy Birthday DestinyBlue! by mangle142 DestinyBlue London Marathon 2017 by DoctorSenpye My favourite artists 2017 by JimTigerLily Keep Running Blue by Froodals

Thank you!


~~Hands up if you're going to be at MCM London Comic Con this weekend!

Peace, Love and Partys,
Blue xx

Sitphotoupdate by DestinyBlue

I often feel like apologising at the start of these posts: Sorry I've been gone a while, sorry I haven't replied to everyone.

However I'm trying to make a conscious effort to not apologise for taking care of myself; when I'm feeling low it's just not as possible for me to interact with the world how I'd like. Basic activities like making food, showering, and housework take up so much energy that all I have left I have to put into my recovery, engaging in things like exercise, meditation and therapy.

Things have been... well tough. I haven't needed hospitalisation again since my stay in February; but things have not improved as fast as I'd hoped. I am better in the sense that I am no longer suicidal, and I'm pushing forward, but the black dog seems to be keeping pace however fast I run.
Numerous time I've had few good days and think I'm coming out of this, but then am slapped back with another period of being disconnected and low. It's really frustrating. But each knock down I get a little stronger, and I get up a little quicker. I will get better. I will tame this beast.

Recovery is rarely a straight line, I survived and am still surviving. While I absolutely do believe I can overcome my illness and recover fully; the horrible things I went through a long time ago, attached this sickness to my soul, over years. Then the damage followed my every footstep for years more before I even recognised it: 7 years in total. And now I'm only just over a year into my proper recognition and recovery. I'm proud of how far I've come, but this is a huge beast I'm tackling, and it's really hard to communicate that online, especially when you're feeling like crap.

I've had a good 6 days in a row at the moment - which is super awesome! And means I can engage and write this, and say hello to you all *waves*
~I'm really hoping this lasts so I can enjoy my birthday on Sunday.

In good news I'm feeling well enough to participate in my first convention this year - MCM London Comic Con on May 26th-28th. I'll have my usual stall serving hugs and prints. Unfortunately I don't have many new drawings because the beast often robs me of the ability to draw...
But in the last few days of feeling better I have been drawing again 

I'm trying not to apologise for not having new drawings to show you, I prefer to say thank you. Thanks for sticking with me through the rough times. Thank you for staying even though I haven't been giving. It m
eans a lot. You mean a lot.

There'll be more happy times soon, I know. ~I'm ready to get stuck back into life again

Peace, Love and Beast Taming,
Blue xx

Thanks so much everyone. I'm trying to shake the feeling of letting everyone down because I'm not recovering fast enough. But that's the illness talking, telling me unhelpful crap. I much prefer listening to all of your kind and supportive voices - you really do make a difference - thank you! 💙💙💙

I'm running the London Marathon for Mind the Mental Health Charity :heart:…

Mindpoint by DestinyBlue
Trying to raise 5k for an amazing cause :heart:

Some of you will have seen this already>>

I'm Running the London Marathon! by DestinyBlue

It's only a week away now - and I'm super nervous !I'm not going to be fast, but damn I'm going to run my little blue socks off :heart:

I've never ran this far in my life before...

I wanted to do more fundraising type things, but I've been so up and down I haven't been able to commit to anything except training to make sure I can finish! Sorry about that :heart: As such I've lowered the total I'm aiming to raise, but I'm so amazed to have already made over £3,000 in sponsorship - thank you so much everyone who's been kind enough to donate to far! 

Read my marathon story and donate here:…

Anyone else run, or do you prefer a different exercise? 

Peace, Love and Chafing,
Blue xx
So I was super lucky to get tickers to go and have dinner at Warner Brothers Studio London, in the Harry Potter Great Hall set!

Growing up, Harry Potter has been a positive presence in my life. During my teenage years I had a really tough time in school with bullies (turns out if you dye your hair blue at 15, you get grief) But reading the books opened up a world for me, somewhere I could escape, and be part of the adventures; So I jumped at the chance to have Christmas dinner in the Great Hall set at Warner Brothers studio tour London! Tickets were £220, so not cheap - but there's no experience like it <3 Let me show you...

Hpdinnerinsta by DestinyBlue Untitled by DestinyBlue
Excited much! Many people were cosplaying, but I just went with looking a bit magical, my bag was a little nod as it looked like a Howler letter. Had a real flower crown made to match my dress - I feel like some kind of real life instagram filter! ^_^
Untitled by DestinyBlue
Opening the Great Hall doors
Untitled by DestinyBlue
Took my breath away!
Untitled by DestinyBlue Untitled by DestinyBlue Untitled by DestinyBlue 
Untitled by DestinyBlueUntitled by DestinyBlue
The doors of the Great Hall flew open, and these threatening lot entered our sanctuary.
Untitled by DestinyBlue
We battled to regain control (Don't worry, I left him stunned, not dead ;))
Untitled by DestinyBlue
We defeated the Death Eaters and peace reigned down once again <3

Fud by DestinyBlue
Okay. so the only disappointment of the night was the food... which is actually quite an important part for me (I love my food) Now I knew I probably wouldn't be that well catered for because I'm vegan (yep, one of those weirdos ;)) but the starter was just a few bits of lettuce... although for the main, I think I had better than the meat eaters! The smoked staked aubergine was delicious, but the serving was so small, and it didn't really fill me up.

Untitled by DestinyBlue Untitled by DestinyBlue
Time to leave the Great Hall - But on to the rest of the studio tour!

Untitled by DestinyBlue Untitled by DestinyBlue
Exploring the beautiful sets... what I would give for an office like Dumbledores!

Untitled by DestinyBlue 
Lest you think it's all glamour... here's me drying my phone after dropping it in the sink! XD

Untitled by DestinyBlue Untitled by DestinyBlue
Two of my fave shots of the evening, serene on the bridge, and g oofing about in Diagon Alley!

Untitled by DestinyBlue Dxcxcx by DestinyBlue Untitled by DestinyBlue
Platform 9 /34!

Untitled by DestinyBlue Untitled by DestinyBlue
Breathtaking Hogwarts in the snow...

The end of the tour... but the night wasn't over yet! :D

Untitled by DestinyBlue Untitled by DestinyBlue
We got to dance the night away!

Untitled by DestinyBlue Untitled by DestinyBlue

Going home with sore feet - but a letter to Hogwarts (Don't care if I'm too old ;))

15397713 10154651581516203 1707233885 O by DestinyBlue
On the train back, missing all the magic already.

The word 'magical' is often overused - but if I can't use it about this experience then when can I use it?!

Peace, Love and Magic, Blue x

Currently a bit freaked out as I'm trending on Reddit and Imgur... (Only a couple of hundred thousand views guys) as I posted this full collection (with more images) here:

Ahoy! :ahoy: So I haven't made a new journal since I went to canada in September!
So I better fill you in from there then... ;)

Well I've been running all over the pace...  Starting with New York for New York Comic Con :dance:

No one was in the seat next to me on the flight over - so I drew for 7 hours- heaven! :heart:
Flynyxc by DestinyBlue

The Artists Alley is juried, so super prestigious to get accpted into the show - even if you ony get one tiny table! XD
I'm so sorry that by sunday I sold of of pretty much literally everything! XD I will bring more for you next time, I promise 😘

Nyccbooth by DestinyBlue

Then I hopped back across the pond to Europe for FACTS in Belgium. Bigger booth to chill out in this time ;)

Srtt by DestinyBlue
I met the lovely loish who is as wonderful I ever could have hoped. She did a demonstration talk which I wish I could have watched - but alas - the Belgians kept me busy all day! XD

I got a little chance to explore Belgium after the show - such a beautiful country! I was sketching in this little cafe, and it was so pretty I asked the waitres if she would mind taking a photo - she got this great shot! So I drew her to say thank you :heart:

22222 by DestinyBlueWaitress by DestinyBlue

And then onto my biggest show of the year! MCM London!
Since it was the last show of my year - I let my hair down - and showed off my glowey shoes! :Old: RAVE RAVE 

funMCM by DestinyBlue

The super cool Amanda brightened my show by coming as a rather familiar image ;) ;) ;)

Warply by DestinyBlue

And I was innundated with just the most beautiful gifts. Thank you so much *happy tear cry*

Mcmgifts by DestinyBlue

But it's not all work for me, I was very lucky to get tirkcts to go see the new Harry Potter play!

Harrypotter by DestinyBlue

It was a blast! :D :D

With everything being so crazy and busy with shows, my self care has beena little on the back burner. Although I've been stable and generally mentally well.
My working year doesn't look like other peoples, it's all snowballed into one area.

So I have decided to do no more shows this year, and to make sure I look after myself and do really nurturing things.
Lots of self love and self care. And at this time, when the world seems to be turning in a different direction, it is much needed.

Previusly winter has been a low time for me, and it was this time last year when things started to go seriously downhill. So I'm trying to re-write the script and find a way of living where I not only survive but thrive this winter.

So, right, I'm off to hike the Rigeway National Trail :D

Peace, Love and Warm Coats,
Blue x
I made it back (mostly) in one piece from Toronto Canada! :heart:

So 4 years ago at the FanExpo Canada show I met this lovely girl Caitlyn, we became friends, and I invited her and her sister Juliet to help me out at the convention last year; this year they invited me to stay at their lakehouse before the show for a few days - how could I refuse an offer like that!?

A1 by DestinyBlue

I travel a lot, but an actual few days holiday - What a treat!

Although there wasn't toooo much time for chilling, as Cait and her family had many high-octane plans for me! Including 'tubing' which involves sitting on a giant rubber ring pulled by a speedboat! And ATV driving, which involves just as much clinging on for dear life...
A2 by DestinyBlue    A3 by DestinyBlue

The jet-lag got me up early each morning, so I went and sat on the docks to read my kindle (it's new and I am in love with it) ~~What a way to start the day, (reading about Cognitive Behavior Therapy implementation ;))

A4 by DestinyBlue

The trip was just what I needed, some time to spend chilling out, and some wonderful people to do it with.

A7 by DestinyBlue
I can't think of a better way to drink-in Canadan beauty than by the waterside!

I did have a go at waterskiing too: I didn't get up, but I did manage to partially tear my hamstring, and am still walking funny (I'm trying to pretend it's my London swagger) but I'll be okay, seeing a physiotherapist tomorrow :)

Who needs to see a Moose when you can see stars like this? :heart: 
 A5 by DestinyBlue 

All too soon it was time to go... So we built a campfire. And I lost my smore-ginity.
A6 by DestinyBlue
Without a car it's really hard to get out and explore Canada, so the last few years I've just roamed the concrete of Toronto, so I finally feel like I've seen some of the 'real' Canada. I'm going home with so many amazing memories, from such a kind and beautiful family, honored they opened their homes and hearts to me. So Caitlyn, Juliet, Jeffery, Randy and MaryAnn - Thank You!

I'll leave you with a sweet thought from MaryAnn, Caits mother said, about when I accepted their offer to stay in their cabin: "How did you know we weren't murderers" 
Sometimes you don't. You just gotta trust ;)

And then it was time to step up to the reason I went over to Canada in the first place... - FanExpo! :heart:
Stall1 by DestinyBlue
The show went great ~~ my booth was busy with stories and hugs :huggle:
Stall2 by DestinyBlue

After the show I booked into a nice hotel as a treat...
Lets just say I never thought I would post a photo of myself having a bath... until I found this bath! XD

Bath by DestinyBlue
Pretending my fizzy water is champagne ;)

So wow, what a trip! I'm limping but very happy :)

Part 3 of my story is coming soon (I know I say that every time XD It's sooooon)

Peace, Love and Mooses,
Blue x
The thing about getting better after your world falls apart... is that things don't come back in a predictable order; you get given bits and pieces at random, fragments of yourself here and there, you know it will all come together eventually, but you don't get a say in whats dropped back when.

I've got a lot back, thankfully. Not all, but I can function, leave the house, do the daily jobs, not want to die, that kind of thing :)

The drawing thing has been tricky though. Drawing has been such a huge part of my life, and that was taken away along with everything else I loved by the mental illness.

It hasn't come back fully yet. 
I can sketch, and I've been sketching a lot, but my focus and concentration to work on a full piece has been impaired. Its a fine line between coaxing yourself to do something, and forcing yourself from a bad place. 
It's hard because there is pressure; pressure to produce new drawings for my supporters, to make a new prints so I have an income, to not get lost in the sea of amazing social media artists, and the internal pressure, the want to improve, to have the full ability back to participate in something I love so much. I just want to get it back properly...

One thing I have got back is my organisational skills. I organised shows. Probably too many. But I will do them, they keep me busy, and out meeting people, and I fond them very rewarding. There is a lot of work which goes into these shows, so they do take up a large portion of my time.

One thing which has taken a lot more time than I ever anticipated, is recovery. I don't mean time waiting for it, but really -doing- it. Real active time participating in and facilitating my recovery.
I have come to learn I won't just 'get better' If I wait. I have to practice it, to earn it. We often talk about 'fighting', and in some respects it is like that, but in other respects its like understanding and forming a new relationship with myself and my demons. At the moment I'm doing a lot of 'openly meeting', meeting the negative thoughts, the dark cognitions and the mal-adaptive comping mechanisms which have taken hold over many years. I am learning new strategies, and implementing them. My cognitive arsenal is growing. But it takes a heck of a lot of work for it to not fall down. It can be like doing mental summer-salts some days, but just as our muscles get stronger as we exerciser, so my mind is getting stronger. 

Here's some sketching I did while watching the Olympics, never intended for anyone to see, but hey. This is what I've been doing a lot of:
Olympicskcthc by DestinyBlue

I have treated myself to a nice camera and have been taking photos with that to stay creative. Got a snap on myself doodling on a train! XD

Trraindraw by DestinyBlue

The good news is my sketchbook is full of doodles :) The bad is I don't really find them worth of presentation. Which is why it's all been a bit quiet from me recently.

I wrote this because I wanted to explain to you about the lack of new artwork recently. It will come back. Some of it is because I've been so busy taking care of myself first, some it it's busy with shows, and some of it is because my full facility for drawing is just not back yet. 

Part 4/5 of my mental health story coming soon. Thanks for your patience! :D

I'm fly to Canada for Fan Expo tomorrow, I'll keep you updated :)

Peace, Love and Sketchbooks,
Blue xx
So on the slowest internet connection everrrrr...(Don't stay in super budget accommodation guys ;))  I'll update you about my Aussie adventures :D 

Well I made it from England! :heart:

Even managed to get some work done on the plane (What else was I going to do for 30 hours ;))

Flightsyd by DestinyBlue

The awful food was more than made up for by the TWO amazing sunsets!

Bland by DestinyBlueFky by DestinyBlueSetsun by DestinyBlue

I've been here 5 days now, and haven't suffered too badly with jetlag this time thankfully. Physiologically it's still hard changing going though so many time zones. It's interesting, quite a few of the symptoms of jet-lag correlate with depression - tiredness, sluggishness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, co-ordination problems, so it's really been really interesting to observe these feelings from a different place and with a different perspective. Sure, it always takes some tole, and it's taken lots of concentration and self-kindness over the last few days, but I'm over the worst of and and feeling fresher than I've ever felt for the upcoming show! :D

One of the best things I've discovered during my recovery has been yoga. I found a great place next to my hotel, and got up every day for a morning stretchersize. Then went to the cafe next door to read - heaven!
Yoga by DestinyBlue
I love this idea - tubes where you can leave your own mat! :D :heart:

I'm so glad I am in Sydney at the right time for VIVID, their annual light festival! There are loads of light sculptures and events - it's beautiful! One of the highlights is a projection light show on the Opera House! 
Syd by DestinyBlue

And I was actually part of the festival ~~ Doing the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb during the event, and wore a flashing jacket so everyone could see us from the ground! There is a light up dancefloor right on the highest part of the bridge, and our group danced out asses off up there! :dance:
Bridge by DestinyBlueDace by DestinyBlue

Wish I could show you more drawings as well as photos - but I've managed to lose my Wacom tablet pen! Do'h!
Which means not only haven't I been able to finish the next chapters drawing, but that I can only make the crappyest of maps for Sydney and Perth Supanova:
Worstmapsyd by DestinyBlue
But you get the idea! XD 
Sydney I'll be in at stand 22, in the Artist Alley (next to the dealers area)

Worstmap by DestinyBlue
Perth I'll be at stand 41, in the Alley and next to the dealers table again :)

But seridipidously, Wacom have a stand at the show - so fingers crossed I can pick up a pen tomorrow! :heart:

I'll be there at the show all three days, signing and selling prints, please do come and say hello - you don't have to buy anything! and I'm happy to sign business card :heart: :heart:

Night night all, I need a good sleep before the beast of a show starts!

Peace, Love, and Lights,
Blue xx
Doing my first show this year after taking time off, MCM London Comic Con, I was nervous, but when it came time to do it, it felt like coming home, and also starting again. It was wonderful. I appreciate everyone who stopped by the stall. So many of you were warm and open and kind about my recent troubles, and many stories and hugs were shared. Felt very loved this weekend, and I love so many of you too :heart: :heart:

Managed to actually get a few photos this time:

Mcmmay1 by DestinyBlue
signing prints for one of my youngest supporters

Mcmmay2 by DestinyBlue
My booth all set-up! Blurry photo... but you get the idea! :D

Mcmmay3 by DestinyBlue
Here to help you! :love:

Mcmmay4 by DestinyBlue
That's how I roll... prints!

I know it can seem like the conventions just happen like magic, and I pop into a fully formed booth with a stack of prints. But so much work goes on behind the scenes to make on the days go smoothly. I couldn't do this alone, so I want to say thank you to everyone who made it possible, and that includes everyone who stopped by to show their support or buy a print - couldn't do it without you!

I fly out to Australia for Supanova Sydney and Perth soon (check out my page for a full list of the show I'm doing this year) so I'll be back preparing soon, but today I'm chilling, I'm about to have a bath a read a book :heart:

Peace, Love and Preparation,
Blue xx
Y'know I always think I'll be super organised and post about conventions well in advance, but here I am, already one day into the show, posting the map now! 

Hah, such is being self employed and having 101 jobs to do XD

So this is my first show of the year, which is weird, it feels like I've done this 100 times (which I have) but like it's the first time I'm doing it. It's quite nice to feel those butterflies again :heart: :butterfly:

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I'll be at Booth 152, in the south hall, comic village, near the esports :D yes, for all the days, and yes the I'm the one with the blue hair! :D

And here it is: ~~~!

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All lovely and shine and full of glowey art ::D

Sorry for the crappy photo - I brought my nice new camera which was my birthday gift to myself - and forgot the memory card! D'oh! Will try and post a nice shot of myself behind the stall soon ^-^

I've actually got an exclusive piece I'm only selling at this show, to celebrate me getting better, it's my 'update' piece (minus the writing)

Update by DestinyBlueUpdate-shot by DestinyBlue

It came out really nicely! I'm very happy with it :)

Thanks to everyone who dropped by today - it was a great Friday, I really relaxed into it and had fun :heart:

A lot of people brought up my recent postings, and many asked if I was okay speaking about them in person- yes! I am very happy to talk about the tough stuff in real life, I love a good heart to heart, and connecting, sharing and opening person to person means a lot to me :heart: Please feel free to bring anything up, or ask any questions you feel you want to know more about :)

So who's coming to the show?! :excited:

I must say a quick but huge thanks to everyone's support on my episodes 1-3 so far, I've been overwhelmed, and after the show, will get back to you :heart: :heart:

Peace, Love and Pictures,
Blue xxx
Well what a day.... (!) Thank you for all your beautiful, supportive and kind messages blowing up my inbox today, on my day of birth! :heart:

Coincidentally, the first time I ever opened up about my mental health troubles was one year ago today, on my birthday last year. You might (along with half of the rest of the internet) have seen and read my piece on my experience with the beast that is Depression. 

Depression by DestinyBlue

Well today I finished writing and drawing my story delving into my most recent, and darker episode. The reason any I've been gone for the best part of 6 months:

(1/5) Psychotic Depression by DestinyBlue

(2/5) Losing Reality by DestinyBlue
(3/5) Suicidal Ideation by DestinyBlue

I realise it can look easy to open up about, as I have in the past, but honestly, this time, it would be easier to pretend this never happened, to close up and carry on. To not have to face it publicly. I'm just one person trying to get on in life, spilling my darkest guts up to anyone with an internet seemed too much.
But as I slowly get better, and step further from it. I don't see my story being told by anyone else, what I experienced I didn't understand, because I'd never read a story like it. So I thought of a person. One real, flesh and blood, wonder and darkness human; reading my story, what I've gone through, and feeling connected, seeing themselves in my writing, exploring their world through mine. Knowing more about mental illness through my trials with it. and I knew it was worth it. Worth opening up about, worth delving deep back into that hellscape, to explore and untangle it. To connect with others who might have experience the same, and educate those who (thank god) have never experienced anything like this. Writing has helped me make sense of it, it's been a type of therapy. And I am so lucky, with my platform, there probably isn't just one person. There's so many of you. So I made the tough decision to tell this part of my story. All of it. There will be 5 parts in total, we're just at the beginning of the rabbit hole so far, I'll take you through more of it's murky depths in the next few days...

I can confirm, however dark the tale gets (and it's pretty freekin' dark) my story has a happy ending, I am in a place of light and peace at the moment, although it is still a new place, so I'm treading carefully. I wouldn't be able to open up about it if I was still there.

Thank you so much for all your messages of warmth so far. You kindness and openness means the world to me. I read every comment, and even if I don't have enough emotional strength or time to reply to them all, I appreciate each one. I'm glad to hear people are looking forward to reading more, after reading so much already! XD

I've got some lovely art gifts this year for my birthday:DestinyBlue. by LoulabeIIe Happy birthday DestinyBlue by LemonNeko1911 Happy Birthday DestinyBlue by Detective-May

Mature Content

DestinyBlue birthday drawing by xXStarry-SkyesXx
 :heart: Thank you for them and for everyone who took the time to write me a Birthday messages!

I'm going to go to sleep tonight happy, and full of chocolate cake and love.

Peace, Love and Birthdays,