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little roots
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How can I grow if my roots go nowhere?

Everyone elses crown grows to a tree, mine just grow thorns and snowdrops.

Sophie is musing on her identity....
I've never really gone into her backstory with you, though she has an extensive one. Lets just say it's complicated. But regards to this piece; she doesn't feel as grounded as other people as her father never wanted anything to do with her.

Her hair was supposed to looks a lot more obviously like roots, and originally the concept was more clear, but I pulled this into her face, as sometimes you can say more with an expression than with any symbolism :) :heart:

I spent way too many hours on this really, though it was fun to do a more anime proportioned piece, mixed with a painterly style :heart: Lots of things could be better, but oh well ~Onto the next drawing! XD

Peace, love and exploring your past,
~Blue xx

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I like how you use the colour uWu

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The way you use colors has me lost for word~
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^ ^ Marvelous ^^ 
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TheKetchupPastel|Hobbyist General Artist
This is great, Blue! I love the colors! :D
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whiteseal13|Student General Artist
This is sooooo great!!
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...Beautiful imagery! An instant fav!

...Keep up the good work Blue. :) 
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oOThreeEyedCatOo|Hobbyist Digital Artist
“16.k fav.”
Seriously? SO MANY FAV I CANT—
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love your art !! looks very goodHeart 
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CMarianne|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cute! Love the use of colour Nod 
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Simply Stunning. I love how the face looks.
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I love it ! So glad I bought it and had to meet you at Japan Expo two years earlier kaomoji set 1 9/19   Bling!3   
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absolutely beautiful.
i love it & all of your work.
you are extremely talented <3 
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Amazing lovely face *o*
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She is simply gorgeous and yes, I couldn't help but give you a fav for it. I think everyone has those moments in their life where they are unsure where their roots are and where they're going. So on top of the gorgeous picture, the story behind it touches.
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notmor|Hobbyist Photographer
wow such a lovely sweet portrait :)
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sailoraya|Student General Artist
I used it as my profile picture here and i credited you :) www.facebook.com/aya.abdelmegu…
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Shara2431|Student General Artist
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linx200|Hobbyist Digital Artist
you should make a youtube channel and make speed paint <3

:3 ~ linx "lilac" 
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I love the way you use the color! :D
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kaladriaqt|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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i cant draw hands
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Kanato113|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love your artwork you are so talented.
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andreas-ok|Hobbyist Photographer
Beautiful. I love the contrast between the vibrant colors and the slightly sad look in her eyes. Amazing.
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