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Walking the butterflys

First full pencil drawing :)

A little fairy girl taking her butterflys out for a walk ... well a fly really XD and all of the circles in the background are different places which I suppose shes walking them in XD

Im pleased with how this picture came out. Tho her face is a bit long.
The wings and the dress were so much fun to design.
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I love fairies!!!!
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Wow, those colours!
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Very nice! I love how you did the colours and designs.
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The wings are beautiful XD I love the dress
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is this all traditional?
how do you do it?
54trustme's avatar
wow i love this pic the colours look great together and my fav is the wings
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I kinda like this style a little better, with the less heavy shading, it looks all arty and stuff.
MunchyCrunchyMan's avatar
I really like your bright pastel color scheme. It reminds me alot of Digimon. Alao your figures are very well draw. I am most impressed:) My stuff isn't as bright as your's, I have never been very good with color, though I would like to ad some. Please check my stuf out if you have the time.
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Very beautiful!
I am so loving the art noveau flavor of this. :+fav: :heart:
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That's really pretty! I LOVE the coloring! *faves*
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Im not a huge fan of the face >_< though I shouldnt be talking I couldnt do much better.but the idea is awesome and the coloring is gorgous ^_^ especially for colored pencils! ^_____________^!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hehe, i want to have a bunch of butterflies that i can take for a walk XD what a fun pic! Good job! ^^
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This ispretty. :3
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you are really good. work more on the faces. and for pretty and cute fairies make tiny wings. hope this help you^-^!
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WOW! This is really pretty. :+fav:
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Very beautiful. The little butterfly leashes are absolutely adorable.
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Love the idea of this one. *stares*
lenoki's avatar
This is so adorable, the colours really caught my eye ;) I love her expression, and you pulled off the pink hair marvelously! :D
Missy-Sparrow's avatar
great I love the colors
Stormfalcon's avatar
I like the atmosphere of the piece, and the colors turned out wonderfully. Nicely done!
poet-of-romance's avatar
I'm sure you've heard all the comments... this is just an amazing piece of work. Love the detailing and the colors used in it. Beautiful. :)
Princess-Amy's avatar
Beautiful.. i like the way you have drawn the wings and background :)
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wow!! wonderful use of colours!! so nice!!! :clap:
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