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This is the third in my BaBieS series. The other being:
FRuiT BaBies: FRuiT BaBieS by DestinyBlue (DD)
DeaDLY SiN BaBieS: DeaDLY SiN BaBieS by DestinyBlue

I feel I should start off by saying this isn't some deep comment on the nature of society, its just a fun observation of the different social groups that seem to form prodominently arround teenagehood :D
Also these BaBies here are just one instance of each group, no not all geeks wair glasses and not all punks have mohicans, please no one take this to seriously XD

So which socal group do you comply with most? And who is your fave? ^0^

I have to say for the most part when I was growing up I didn't really have a group, I was a bit of a loner really mainly because I was badly bullied. but i'm a big science fan so i'd be 'geek' followed closley by 'artsey' :P ...Otakus creeping in there aswell XD

Feel free to pop this on facebook and tag your friends in it, alls I ask is credit and a link back to my DA in the description :) This is also very wallpaper friendly so go ahead :D

Much :heart: as always guys!
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You say Taylor Swift, I say Metallica. You say Lady Gaga, I say Disturbed. You say Miley Cyrus, I say Avenged Sevenfold. You say T-Pain, I say Iron Maiden. You say Ke$ha, I say Rise Against. You say Justin Bieber, I say Fuck you. You say Flowers, I say Slipknot. 92% of teens have turned to pop and hip-hop. If you are part of the 8% that still listens to real music, copy and paste this and share. DON'T LET ROCK N ROLL DIE!!!
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I'm artsy raver and skater
MariTheSadPuppet's avatar
Am i all except cheerleader and punk
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immortalinsanity246Hobbyist Writer
Artsy Otaku Emo for me.....Myabe we can add a little bit of Geeky in there...
immortalinsanity246's avatar
immortalinsanity246Hobbyist Writer
What is the emo holding?
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Otaku 4life.
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Aggie-tanStudent General Artist
artsy g33k and otaku XD
I-has-a-Rawr's avatar
I-has-a-RawrHobbyist General Artist
artsy raver and hippie. all me, lol
Mai-Suki's avatar
Mai-SukiHobbyist General Artist
i am otaku cheerleader artsy and goth( i always thought goths were cute )
cIutterfish's avatar
OMG the geek looks EXACTLY like me
and I am one XD
This is awesome
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JolycieStudent General Artist
Artsy oh yus
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IsyloveHobbyist General Artist
I am emo , skater,artist,punk,otaku
lightbleueyes's avatar
lightbleueyesStudent General Artist
Artsy emo I think! xD :) Amazing job! :)
koutsuki-Iwahara's avatar
koutsuki-IwaharaStudent Digital Artist
artsy geek otaku ^//^
ElderCall's avatar
ElderCallStudent Artist
Emo otaku
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GoodnightpipHobbyist General Artist
I'm a weird mix of artsy (though I think most everyone on this website can say that) , goth and otaku :iconsmile-luplz:
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MooseyKageHobbyist General Artist
 I'm and artsy otaku, weird combination. 
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crazycorgiloverHobbyist Digital Artist
eep im emo babie!
digitalfart's avatar
digitalfartHobbyist Digital Artist
Well way more artsyartsy
digitalfart's avatar
digitalfartHobbyist Digital Artist
Raver is defintly me
STEPHAN0-MAT0's avatar
STEPHAN0-MAT0Hobbyist General Artist
Lol if you know about pastamonsters and BEN drowned the stoner reminds me of him >w<
gracemy-grace's avatar
Hippy, most definitely me
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RainbowSofieHobbyist General Artist
Geeky Otaku Artsy? That's kind of me . XD

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