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Sew Closed my Soul

By DestinyBlue
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...So I can't be hurt again.

She gave her heart to someone and they gave it back to her. She's trying to repair the damage, and wants to hide her soul away so no one else will be able to hurt her again.

Second in the seires of drawing of Paige Open my Heart to You by DestinyBlue

While creating this, I was also musing on how it mirrored my artistic situation. I put my heart into my drawings and then offer them on the internet for all to scrutinise, it can be really daunting thing. A lot of the stuff I draw is personal and is never seen by anyone else, so I appreciate the overwhelming support I get when I share with you guys. Sometimes you just want to hide away. This piece isn't born of current guy troubles for me (I have a wonderfuly supportive partner) but from discussions with other people about shared experiences... and bleh, other stuff..

Been enjoying exploring this style more, I know it's another portrait, but I wanted to keep it intimate, like the viewer is close with her and feeling what shes feeling.

Peace, love and picking out stitches,
~Blue x

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I hope you will be ok one day.

The picture and story line is incredible. I can relate to it, did this for years. Instead of creating new pieces I ended up holding on to the old worn scarred pieces. Today those old pieces are no longer. I have new ones and each piece fits and I even found my last piece. Thank you...The story line you wrote that was me and its amazing to go back and read it. (I wrote ur story down) and here me thinking I was the only one. The picture amazing as. I luv ur art.
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Awh I hope her hart gets fix
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Amazing interpretation  !
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I feel that pain daily; at least there are talented artists like you who can reach so many with not just relatable imagery, but the fiery and tortured lives created in them. So beautiful.
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ye thats definitly diabetes
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I wanted to let you know that I found this piece a long time (years) ago. It's always meant quite a lot to me, I even 'google image search' it frequently when I'm lazy. I've lost a lot in the past 10 years... Including my entire family, the last of which, my last little brother on Feb. 6th, just earlier this month. I'm a broken person, but we damaged are the best kind of people.
This picture means more to me than I could ever express in words. Thank you for creating this image.
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Beautiful drawing
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You have a great talent, I like your drawings very much: 3 I hope someday I can draw like you, not exactly like them but yes :)
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beautiful drawing,its hits me really deep
Asuna Wiping Tears Icon 
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I really love this image. It makes me want to write a story about a girl who searched for her wandering heart and stitched it back in with her own determination. What's the characters name? Is there any back story to her? If you're ok with me using it as inspiration, I'll send you the story so you can approve it before i post is on my deviantart account. Regards
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Wow. That has some deep meaning.
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I just wanted you to know that someone has used this image in the creation of a meme, I saw it on FB
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This is adorable and beautiful, even though it's fairly sad
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How I feel now that my boyfriend has left me. I've closed off my heart, and I'm scared to open it again.
Your expression of emotion is first rate. In fact I have yet to see someone who can express themselve as well as you can. Great job!
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naaaaaaw thats cool
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True art I love them all it is so emotional & meaningful, thank you for sharing these beautiful arts!!!
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You are the world's best artist in my opinion, and I'm serious here. The colors and shading makes me feel like I am in the image. I can feel its emotions! Every of your work deserves to be famous all over the internet.
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Your art is beautiful, I wannt to get the tattoo of that heart and the one with the puzzle too, I just think it is so beautiful😃😊😊
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