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Just to let you know I'm out of psychiatric hospital again.

This time for good I hope :)

I know I haven't really gone into my experiences or detail with this currently episode of mental trouble. It's all a bit raw and weird at the moment, I'm just putting the pieces of what's happened together myself. I've been open about my about my experience with depression and anxiety, which are horrible monsters, but I haven't needed hospitalization because of them. Unfortunately this episode has seen a new monster rear it's ugly head: Psychosis.

Psychosis is where your lose touch or contact with reality. You interpret things differently to 'normal', like seeing, hearing or believe things that aren't actually real or there. My creative brain got a little -too- creative, and I couldn't tell what was real and what was not anymore, I experienced hallucinations and delusions. It's been rather frightening and upsetting. I will tell you exactly what that monster looked like properly later. It's all a bit raw right now.

Thank you for your messages during this difficult time. I read them all. It's probably best I didn't reply, as I was pretty incoherent at points. I hope to be back drawing and interacting normally soon :)

I really really really really want to be better for good, and I'm working hard on it, putting on lots of metaphorical plasters ;)

I wasn't so happy with the face of:  Fix Me by DestinyBlue So I improved it a bit, and cropped it so the message is clearer. Not sure which one I like more though... What do you think? 

Peace, Love and Reality,

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