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Scared of the Light (speedpaint)


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It's been dark so long, the light is blinding. Its sharp harsh white rips my life open and shows, with naked clarity, all that I've been missing. At least the darkness lies to me.

~Just coming to terms with loosing a chunk of my life to mental illness :)

Mental health wise I'm on the up, but at the moment I'm tired a lot, which is frustrating because I want to do things but my limits are still small; accepting and working within them has been a challenge, but I'm getting there :) I just want to jump on board all the things I've been missing out on!
Been doing lots of pencil sketching, and speedpaints, since they aren't too demanding, and I can stay inspired :heart:

This is a 4 hour, polished up speedpaint, from photo reference. You guys said you'd like to see more of my rough work - So here this is! :heart: (please don't judge too harshly XD)

The image is based on a photo I saved some time ago to my hard drive. I have a folder of photos of people who have left kind comments to me, who's photo look interesting, so I save them to draw - Sometimes I don't get round to it, mostly I don't like the drawings I do of people, so I hardly ever share or show them. I usually save the name of the person so I can find them - but I didn't here! So say hello if this looks like you and one of your photos! Thank you, and hope you don't mind! It's a bit weird I know XD (The likeness not great, sorry XD I got the mood of it though)

Peace, Love and Ocular Adaptation,
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I favorited this before I read what it was about. Now I wish I could favorite it twice.