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Saving at Oeilvert

Aw, this was done bafore I had any real graphics software on an Oekaki board :)

Supprisingly the first FF fanart I've ever done! This one is of a few of the group from FFIX. vivi, garnet and Zidane and of corse that lovley moogle ;)
I quite like the idea of how games in FFIX were saved; with a moogle writing it all down, and I thought it would make a great picture so I decided to draw a scene where they were saving. The location just had to be oeilvert, because although its not the mot significant or memorable place in the game, I think its one of the most beautiful and I totaly wanted to draw that wonderful window.

30 hours or so spent on this

Old enough for critique to not really be neccesserary... I can see the mistakes!

If you would like to use this picture on an FF website or fanart section please contact me first. Thanks!

Linart available here:… Your welcome to colour ad of my lne works

Update: ahh, my first submission to DA, where it all began *tiny tear*
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This is older than me :0