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Rise from Ashes

We will rise from the ashes!
Well.. this phoenix seems to rise from hot chocolate too ❤️

I'm hosting a 20% off sale on everything in my store with code BLUECHRISTMAS until the end of today (plus free shipping)

I'm late as usual. Things have been a little, um, turbulent recently. I've been dealing with bronchitis and it's after effects for the last 3 weeks, as well as other stuff. Which has not been super fun.

Hope you enjoy this sketch I polished up a little. I wanted to create something warm and wintery without using Christmas tropes. The symbol of the phoenix means a lot to me, as I feel I have risen from the ashes and was given another chance in life, as well as on a more literal level - there has been some phoenix related activities in my life recently 😉

Hope your Christmas season is going well! Have you put your tree up yet?

Peace, Love and Living Again,
Blue x
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I love This so much. Hope you are feeling better these days Destiny :)

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I love the colors!!! It's so harmonious!!!

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OMG! This is beautiful

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looks beautiful! I missed your art, good to see you back! Hope you get well soon!

Usagi and Ami Glomp Icon

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...Many Blessings Blue--good to see you back! :)

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Considering all of the art you've made showcasing your emotional struggles, a Phoenix seems like the perfect symbol for you, Destiny. Keep rising up and inspiring others to rise with you.

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This is beautiful! 
heartswave's avatar

love it

the Phoenix is beautiful

hope you're doing well

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Glad to see your drawings again. Take care, we love you Blue
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I've been away from DA for quite a while, but seeing art from you still makes me really happy, even if its (almost?) spring time now.
It's not only beautiful, but meaningful too (and I'd be p confident in saying that goes for the artist too) ^^
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I love it! It has great energy.
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It's amazing, seeing the phoenix fills me with hope for the future; I live in Italy and we are fighting against coronavirus, but there are really bad days and I can only pray that soon, very soon, the situation in my beautiful country will improve. Art, your art in particular, made this day better, thank you! :heart:
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Well, that's what happens when you mix up Phoenix Ashes with Coffee Granules :P

Dumb jokes aside, I'm dissappointed in myself that I didn't get round to faving/commenting on this sooner. It's a really uplifting and encouraging message behind this piece, one that many of us really need, considering that when this was uploaded 2019 was coming to an end. I can only hope that said message reaches a lot of people, yourself included (Instagram hasn't exactly made me motivated to use it, but I have seen your latest news :( ).

Really hope you're doing okay and that this new treatment you're undergoing works for you. :hug:

Love and best wishes, from the scruffy dude who bowed when I met you at MCM London last October :heart:
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This is lovely. ^^
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Adorable! Love the warm colours

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Dissapointed in myself that I didn't notice you'd posted this sooner.

Happy to see you back and posting :D 

Another beautiful work as always. 
Fluffybunny111's avatar

I believe its actually from that hot tee, you know. Sometimes it gets so hot, you cant hold a god damn cup.

Anyways, I'm impressed as usual. I really like your work, just keep it up!

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hi blue! Hug :D (Big Grin)  how are you in 2020 so far?  
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I was pleasantly surprised to discover your newest piece here and my first thought was "Wow, she's back!"
Just looking at your sweet witch and her glorious phoenix fills my heart with a warm and joyous feeling. Thank you for sharing! Love 
I wish you a wonderful New Year full of health, strength, joy and creativity!
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