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Remnants Lineart

Your more than welcome to colour her :D You dont have to ask permission as I wont have time to reply to you ~!

:bulletblue:Give written credit to me for the lines "Lineart by *DestinyBlue" something like that, so people who who drew it.
:bulletblue:Include the thumbnail to this deviation where posted on DA, or a link where posted elsewhere so others can find it.
:bulletblue:Not for commercial use

I request:
:bulletblue:Please at least attempt to add shadows and highlights, I offer this as a tool for you to learn, if you just flat colour you wont learn anything, think about her character, lighting, mood, and get creative :D

Thanks everyone :heart:
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© 2007 - 2021 DestinyBlue
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Thanks, again, for posting. Here's my coloured version Recovery,


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Thanks, again, for posting. This was used in 17.2. And 17, Celebrating 17 Years of DA. Thanks. :thanks:

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Thanks, again. My coloured was used in Fae NoelThanks for everything! 
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Thanks for posting. This is a wonderful piece. A coloured version of this makes an appearance in A True Blue Christmas.  :thanks:
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This is one of my favourites of yours. Thanks, again, for posting. This was coloured in Fae Escape
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Thank you for posting this. It's really helpful, while trying learning how to colour, with a tablet. It's interesting how the versions are all so different. Everyone has their own style and way of looking at things.

Fall Remnants, the poor faerie, looks like things have been rough.
Hopefully, the wings will heal and fly again, after taking some time to rest and recover, (like your butterflys).
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Paint Your Wings (Remnants, Colour).3.
Thank you again for posting this, and Paint your Wings Lineart by DestinyBlue.
Combining them, showed a painter, curled up, having fallen asleep after losing track of time, while working.
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Maybe I used to much shadow in this one...…
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ty fpr your line art, I'm very noobster coloring and making shadows I'm used to do tribal, so it is like a challenge for me, I hope you like I Painted your line art here---> katatondaimonaeaytoy.deviantar…
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I colored this. Thank you so much for making it available to color, it was fantastic.…
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xxwhitewolffirexx.deviantart.c…  colored it hope you like it i was messing around with brushes and such
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this is le colored:

*runs away*
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Just wanted to let you know that i colored this LineArt here:…
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tell me if you like it!
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i did it but i don't know how to make a link :/
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Go to the top of your page on the photo, and copy the writing in the little bar, ex:
Where you type that in, hold your mouse and go over it, then right click it, click copy, and come to this photo.
Then, click to comment, then, paste.
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