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Now when I uploaded the lineart a lot of people asked who these characters were,...well there is a clue in the name... 'pheonix'... rising from the ashes and all that ;)
These are my old characters! Ones I had long forgotten about, I decided to do a big picture re-creating some old designs.

Trinity and Destiny (the one at the top and the one with the white-ish hair) were the first characters I ever created. I remember watching digimon and thinking 'ohh I'll make my own characters' though when I drew them they wern't very manga styled XD (Check out the originals link)
Jy (black and yellow one) was an old design I am still evry fond of... probubly still one of my best outfit designs!

Originals Drawings: (top to bottom)
Bip:… Rework:…

Destiny and Trinity are actually doing the 'moves' I originally gave them 'Thunder Ball' and Neon Lightning'
The Destiny character is actuly my namesake... I used to RP as her long long ago

Okay; onto the actual picture.
MAN I have no idea how long this took! My computor tells me I started it in May 2006... however I think its even earlier than that! Its been 6 months on and off for colouring this one... true I've done other projects inbetween but i've constanty done little bits to this :)

Im pretty pleased with the image... with any picture that was drawn a while ago mistakes creep out at you that you wouldn't/couldn't see or fix before, so I know there are quite a few things not spot on. But I am very pleased with how i've done the characters... esecially when I look at the originals! Jy has always been a fave desgn of mine and it was so much fun doing her here, Bip looks just adorable... maple looks a liiiittle strange but I have to say her eyes were a triumph, I do love the way the colours all blend in them ^^ Desting looks funky and enjoyed re-designing her outfit (her original was pretty unusuable ;)) Trinity, though I like how she looks, shes not like id imagine the original Trinity, the original trin was very classically beautiful, but my version here looks pretty in a different way ^^; just if I did her again she would look different...

peace and love to you all x
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These charas kook amazing! <33333