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Paint your Wings Lineart

You're welcome to colour

My colouring:

Colour however you desire :P Feel free to remove the wings and have her painting whatever you like :)

[Easiest way to colour: copy & paste into drawing program, set the layer mode to multiply, creat

:bulletblue:Give written credit to me for the lines "Lineart by *DestinyBlue" or something like that will do.
:bulletblue:Include a link to this deviation wherever posted online
:bulletblue:Don't use for anything commercial.

I request:
:bulletblue:Please at least attempt to add shadows and highlights, I offer this as a tool for you to learn, if you just flat colour you wont learn anything, think about her character, lighting, mood, and get creative :D
e a new layer underneath and colour onto that]

Line gallery: [link]

Recent lines:
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Thanks, again, for posting. Here's my coloured version Recovery,


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Thanks, again, for posting your line art. 

Paint Your Wings, Again is my version of your line art.


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I colored this <3 I credited you of course
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Thanks, again. This helped with Angelic Friends, a companion piece to Angelic ConfabThanks for everything!
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Thanks, again, for posting. This was coloured in Angelic Confab. :thanks:
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Thanks for posting. This was used in 17.2. And 17,  Celebrating 17 Years of DA. Thanks. :thanks:

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Colour Version of Destiny Blue's Lineart by Jaelle

I colored it!

I loved this lineart so much!!

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It's so pretty! I would colour it if it had no background, just the lines and no white spaces :(
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Hi destiny blue um I'd like to know how to Color in line art?
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:wave: Hi. I read a comment by DestinyBlue, somewhere in her Colour My Line Art Folder, that the best way to colour her line art is either to use layers below [Normal] or above [Multiply] her Line Art, with an art program. Or, print and colour it traditionally. Hope this helps. :nod:
I forget where DestinyBlue said she was on Facebook. 

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Thank you that was really nice of you to respond and it helped
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Thanks, again, for posting. A coloured version of this makes an appearance in A True Blue Christmas.  :thanks:
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