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Paint your Wings

By DestinyBlue
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Sometimes you have to find strength in yourself and the resolve to hold your head high despite pressure no one else can know. Sometimes you have to paint your own wings.

I like channeling things that happen in my life into my art. It's a very hard time for me at the moment. So I suppose this helped in some way... I've had to paint my own wings...

I hope you enjoy :)

Peace, love and washing paint off yourself,
~Blue x

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Oh my, that looks so cool. I love the color of the halo and wings. They look so good.

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Great work💖💖
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She looks like Starfire!

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It is a wonderful work. I want to see your work in the future.
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Love the concept! Very meaningful and relatable! Thank you for sharing.
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Reminds me of Fluttershy 
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... and you will learn to fly"

Wonderful work :3
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This looks lovely and the colouring is beautiful to look at. You made the colours work well off of one another. I love this!
I couldn't help them at the time...i was too far i did what i could and told them "i can't get there but you'll be're stronger than i am"
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There's no need to paint your wings. You are already an angel. 
Thumbs Up 
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You're me new favorite artist
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This is amazing, I assure many other people can relate to your work !

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Was quickly reminded of the radium angel in The Shining Girls, if that's anywhere near the mark.
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Reminds me of when i like to draw in (And During LOL) school and feel free from what I'm going through
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So inspired ... the idea is like the drawing : Great
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