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Night Maker

By DestinyBlue
For most people night falls, but Paige makes the night rise. Cutting her curtains with hallmarks of the dark. Craving to create that quiet, forgotten time: the night. Where she most likes to exist. Where she can see better because it's dark.

Paige is a night owl, which I'm sure a lot of artists can understand ~I certainly can! Came up with this idea at 5am when the sun came back through the curtains after I stayed up all night drawing XD

Tried to play with colour in this. I wanted the suns light to actually be cool and cast a blue, and the candle light to be more illumination and warm, as Paige likes that more, which is why her insides glow like a candle (see my other drawings on Paige below) I don't think it looks quite as good as I'd hoped, but I wanted to explore colour and texture. Think I probably could have presented the concept better... but oh well, I'll keep on trying :)

Peace, love and destroying curtains,
~Blue x:heart:x

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~Paige's Story~
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I don't know if this link will work but apparently there's a game called Tapcolor using this artwork.

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Just had to go through 20 pages worth of comments to make sure I had not already commented on this before at some time in the past, and it seems I had not, otherwise everything I'm about to say here would be just a repeat.

I was thinking as I was looking at this upload that an alternative name for this piece could be 'A Sky full of Stars', after the Coldplay song of the same name [I'm a fan of them, I don't know if you are yourself Alice, and I know the band do have their haters, but hell, haters gonna hate and all that, I ignore the Coldplay haters, I enjoy their music and that's all that counts !!].

I was actually listening to the song while just looking at this upload on my screen. It really suits the upload to listen to the song whilst looking at this upload…

I was also looking at another couple of uploads whilst listening to two other Coldplay songs. I was listening to 'Something just like this' while looking at the girl with the airplane wings, and one of yourself while listening to what I guess is the classic Coldplay song, 'Fix You', which if I'm honest after the song ended, and thinking of you while listening to the song and looking at the picture of you at the same time, after the song ended, I gave two of my fingers a kiss and pressed them onto the screen against your cheeck, kind of like sending you my love as your friend as we approch the end of the 2010's and the birth of the 2020's, which I hope will provide you with a lot of joy, happiness and stability in the next 10 years of the decade to come shortly.

sg iconsize Something Just Like This…

Find my Way by DestinyBlue Feeling Better by DestinyBlue Anyhow, like I say, I don't know if you like Coldplay, and it's fine if you don't, so please don't worry about not listening to the songs if you don't wish too . . but yeah, when I saw the upload above my comment, I thought 'A Sky Full of Stars' would make a nice alternate name :) xx
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I think Paige is my favourite OCs of yours! :heart:
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I love how she look like such a free spirit
Ghost-Freak's avatar
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When I first saw your art year or two ago ( honestly I am so horrible with estimating time,it could have been 4 yrs ago) It was mesmerizing. To actually experience art in such a way was love at first sight. The thing was it was not known who the artist was? Unfortunately the person that had posted it on IG did not Credit you as the artist 😡. Myself as well as 30 + ppl were very curious as to who had created this magical piece of art?
I was scrolling through " We❤️ Heart " and Boom 💢💣💥💞 there it was with your name!!! Since then I have been a Huge fan.
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your amazing artwork. It's an Unbelievable gift the way your artwork is so much more than a picture, it's the emotion that is felt when I am looking at your art...
Love & Light
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I love the stars!
Sakuradreamer7's avatar
Wonderful picture. It's like I can feel the atmosphere that emanates from it...
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love the colours and the atmosphere
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This one is my favorite one of your draws I just want to say I love your draws so much!
PalominoPalette's avatar
Only wish I could draw as well as this! Great work!
chromosaure's avatar
Love it like every thing else you draw you got skills!!!
AhsokaTano1611's avatar
My words have failed at these, pictures
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Very nice! My favourite colors.
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I like the color use. Not everything is about detail; if you put too much it can distract form that main idea-especially in conceptual work. I understood most of it but did not catch that the star was a cutout until after I read your description. You could have her peeling the last one out of the cutain or have it more closed & the rays of like  a little more graphic vs digital drawing (does that make sense to you? If not, I can try to explain better.).
I like the night better than day because the day is is just so overwhelming sometimes and i at night i can just relax and not worry some times i just stare at my ceiling and listen to my clock tick
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Such beautiful stars!
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So pretty! I love the colors you choose for all of your works, so vibrant! If you don't mind me asking, what program and brushes do you use? Super curious! Keep up the amazing art! I love it! :heart:
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Amazing colour techniques!
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Sometimes she sat on her window seat at night, looking at the stars and pondering everything that happened, one night, as she sat, a star fell, streaks of blue, red, violet, and black trailed after the star, which made its way into her heart, she fell asleep,the next morning, she decided she understood now, the flowers, trees, people, she understood the reason for everything, she understood why her boyfriend dumped her, why her mom was a drug addict, the thing was, she had been pondering suicide, the star made her understand more than she wanted too, but she didn't end her life, she continued and it eventually came out ok, the star was a burden and a curse, and she wore it well.
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Your a good writer!
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