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For most people night falls, but Paige makes the night rise. Cutting her curtains with hallmarks of the dark. Craving to create that quiet, forgotten time: the night. Where she most likes to exist. Where she can see better because it's dark.

Paige is a night owl, which I'm sure a lot of artists can understand ~I certainly can! Came up with this idea at 5am when the sun came back through the curtains after I stayed up all night drawing XD

Tried to play with colour in this. I wanted the suns light to actually be cool and cast a blue, and the candle light to be more illumination and warm, as Paige likes that more, which is why her insides glow like a candle (see my other drawings on Paige below) I don't think it looks quite as good as I'd hoped, but I wanted to explore colour and texture. Think I probably could have presented the concept better... but oh well, I'll keep on trying :)

Peace, love and destroying curtains,
~Blue x:heart:x

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~Paige's Story~
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Oh i sure can understand. If I didn't have school I'd sleep at day lol