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Never Seen Stars

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The night is thick with light; like every night since she was born. A neon ooze contaminates the sky, and drowns the stars.
She could tell you every constellation, their ages, moons and stories: But she has never seen one star.
She's learned so much about them, and desire to see them burns inside her, like a million tiny suns.

This drawing is for the travelers, for those who want to see beyond their own four walls.
I know I try to travel as much as I can with my work, and chose conventions in places I would like to see. I thought I'd seen stars till I went out outback Australia, where the sky drips with them. While there I learned many people from Australia have never seen snow, which makes sense when you think about it :) (being English I've barley seen sun ;)) Mm, I know there's still so much more I want to see and experience. 

Where do you want to go, and what do you want to see? :heart:

I'm not content with a lot of elements in this, but sometimes you just have to let it go #thankselsa

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I-am-Ayla-CatStudent Digital Artist
In some parts of Australia we don't see the stars. I'm just waiting for the day I do get to see them.
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Reminds me of Caroline, the way the hair goes and the shape of the face... very talented and very cool work bruh!
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DarkUnknowHobbyist Digital Artist
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DarkUnknowHobbyist Digital Artist
Excuse me, this is an art sharing site. Not a site for enjoying organs
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TheTeenageArtestStudent Traditional Artist
Cool! I love all your art!
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MissWellertHobbyist General Artist
For years it's been one of my favourites drawings of yours <3
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EverydaysHalloween79Student General Artist
Your art is amazing! Seeing it gives me this happy feeling in my chest!
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bu çok güzel 
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RissaLeyHobbyist Digital Artist
I love your artworks so much <3
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danihealyfictionHobbyist General Artist
Your artwork is phenomenal!
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chevygirlx517Hobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE your use of color! Amazingly talented you are!
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This is so cute and beautiful. You are such a great artist!
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Hi, my daughter and I met you and were so blessed to be able to collect some of your precious work at the Perth Western Australia supa nova. From reading some of your comments I'm not sure if you realise just how much your wonderful personality can change and enhance people's lives. Even though you were flat out on your stall you still took the time to talk to and encourage my sweet girl when all she has had from her art teacher and staff at school is criticism. She is now completing her yr 12 art degree and has the confidence to follow her own path. A few words,an amazing smile and a hug and you have turned her around to start believing in her own talent again. Please if you believe nothing else you have an amazing talent not just as an artist but as a person capable of reaching inside of others and helping them to find their own light. Thank you so much Blue, from a mum and huge fan of your touching work I love them all. Jo 
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XxLady-CarnagexXHobbyist Artist
Can you people please stop! 
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0shiny-umbreon0Student General Artist
What's the point of putting that if you aren't supposed to read it?
< <
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karatbearStudent Digital Artist
SnowySparkles, please stop posting these sorts of comments. I'm really just trying to enjoy the art that this wonderful artist is posting. plus, I've read 3 seconds into these, stopped, and I'm still alive today. these simply make people annoyed, because they're not true, and they're a bit too dark. I mean no disrespect, but please, put into consideration that you too have read the comment YOU posted.
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